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THIS Is Exactly Why We Need JudoNoah — Launching Soon!

Last week I announced my stealth new project….

It’s called JudoNoah.

You can read about it right here and I will also republish the entire report down below:

Introducing! Let Me Explain….

But right now I want to show you EXACTLY why we need this so badly.

Because the censorship is out of control, and only going to get WORSE as we head into the November election.

Let me show you an example...

Thank you so much to a reader for sending me this secret update from Facebook.

Take a look at this and then I'll explain what you're seeing here:

So here's what happened....

This reader (who's information I have blurred out) tried to share our article to Facebook.

It was this article right here:

Must See Video Shows How They Manipulate You With The News

Nothing at all wrong with that article, except for the fact that it makes the Legacy Media look very bad!

And of course the Elites can't have that!

They can't lose their primary method of brainwashing you!

So what do they do?

They flag my article for "Going against Community Standards".

Of course they can never say what "Standards" we violated, because we didn't violate any.

Our article is perfectly fine.

But we're going to beat them at their own game and that's why we're launching JudoNoah!

Here's how it works:

Introducing! Let Me Explain....

Hi friends,

Noah here and I've got something very exciting to show you today...I think you're going to love the new thing I'm doing!

It's a brand new project I've been working on that is going to allow us to make a HUGE impact before the election!

It's called and I'll tell you what that means in just a moment...


First I have to give you some background.

Some of you have been here long enough that you will remember all of this, but some of you might be too new.

Basically, me and Facebook have a rocky history....

It's a Love/Hate relationship.

I loved being on Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg hated me being on Facebook.

So we decided to compromise, and by that I mean Mark Zuckerberg kicked me off Facebook.


Each time, I had created a community of 1.5 MILLION people!

In fact, most of you reading this were probably in one of those communities, given that we have about 5 million monthly readers here and 1.5 million x 2 = 3 million people.

Why is that frustrating?

It's not about's about YOU!  It's about US!

You see, they didn't just delete ME....they deleted all of you!

You all signed up to follow what I was posting, you enjoyed it, found it entertaining and educational, but Mark Zuckerberg decided he knew better than you.  He knew that you shouldn't be allowed to see what I post, so he inserted his will in place of yours and POOF -- I was gone and so was my connection to you!

The other reason it matters is how many votes did President Trump get in 2016?  63 million, I believe is the official tally.

And how many votes did he get in 2020?  Arguably somewhere north of 80 million or much higher if the truth were known.

But how much is 5 million compared to 63 million?

It's actually a pretty decent chunk!

And THAT, my friends, is why I believe I was deleted.  Twice.

Because we were having way too big of an impact on the national discourse.

Simply put?




And Mark Zuckerberg and all his Big Tech friends can't have that.  Can't allow it!

The first time I was kicked off and the first 1.5 million people went POOF - GONE was right before the 2020 election.  It was the Summer of 2020, I still remember it vividly.

Funny timing isn't it?

The second time we built up a SECOND following of a new 1.5 million people was just last year.

But here's the deal....

I don't like losing and I really don't like quitting.

It's just not in my DNA.

I also want to do everything I can to push President Trump over the edge (legally of course) in the 2024 election, and so I'm jumping back in the fight.

You see, Facebook is still the #3 most used website in the USA:

I love Twitter and I think Twitter will eventually overtake Facebook, but right now there are still MORE people on Facebook than there are on Twitter, so I am going where the people are.....back to Facebook!

I am still on Twitter and very active over there, so make sure you're following me on there too:

But I'm going back to the Lion's Den, and I'm now BACK on Facebook!

And here's the thing....

Einstein is often credited with saying that the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

If I plant soybeans, and a soybean crop comes up year after year after year, it would be "insane" of me to plant soybeans and expect to see corn grow.


So if I've been deleted from Facebook twice, what makes me think this time will be any different?

There's where JudoNoah comes in!

We're getting smart and we're getting TACTICAL!

And just like in Judo, we are going to use the enemy's energy against them!  We're going to go right into the Lion's Den and use their platform to elect Donald J. Trump once again!

In judo, the principle of using an opponent's aggression against them is central to the philosophy and technique of the sport. This approach is encapsulated in the Japanese term "ju," which means "gentle" or "yielding." Here's how it works in practice:

  1. Absorbing the Attack: Judo teaches practitioners to not meet force with force but rather to use an opponent's energy to their advantage. When an opponent attacks aggressively, a judoka (a practitioner of judo) will often yield rather than resist. By moving in the same direction as the attack and maintaining balance, the judoka can manage and redirect the force.
  2. Redirection: Once the attack is absorbed, the next step is to redirect the opponent’s momentum. This is done through skilled footwork and body positioning. For instance, if an opponent pushes forward, instead of pushing back, a judoka might step to the side, pulling the opponent past them or turning their push into a spin.
  3. Leverage and Balance: Using leverage is crucial in judo. Techniques involve grips, holds, and fulcrums, allowing a smaller or weaker individual to off-balance and throw an opponent effectively. By understanding the mechanics of movement and balance, a judoka can manipulate an opponent’s body into positions that compromise their stability.
  4. Execution of Techniques: Judo techniques such as throws, joint locks, and pins are then applied at the moment when the opponent is most unbalanced. The timing of these techniques is critical; they must coincide with the peak of the opponent’s committed movement and loss of balance to be most effective.
  5. Efficiency and Control: The ultimate goal in judo is to execute these techniques efficiently, using minimal effort to achieve maximum effect. This is often seen in competitions where a seemingly effortless move can neutralize a much larger opponent’s aggressive attack.

Ok, so now let's get specific....

Let me show you two posts they flagged the last time I got banned.

You're really gonna get a kick out of these.

Here's the first one they flagged me for:

You know what they said?

It's a meme!  But they "Fact-Checked" the meme and they claimed President Trump never said this exact quote so I was publishing "Fake News".

Never mind the fact it's a MEME for goodness sake!

Memes are intended to convey ideas!

They literally fact-checked a meme!

It would be hilarious if it weren't so frustrating.

Not to mention the fact that there are no quotes around these letters, so even the meme itself is not claiming he actually, literally, verbatim said this.

In reality though, it's even worse because he has said it, multiple times.

But they didn't care.

All appeals denied.

Never even reached a human.

And here was the next one:

“You Stab ‘Em, I’ll Slab ‘Em!”

It was a major news story covered by Local WSOC:

A man is hoping a billboard that reads “You stab ‘em… I’ll slab ‘em!” will catch voters’ attention as he pushes to become the Catawba County coroner.

That billboard is along one of the busiest roads in Newton, Business 321.

But as Channel 9’s Dave Faherty learned, the county isn’t even looking for a coroner.

Attorney Shell Pearce showed Faherty the general statutes set out by the state he says allows for each county to have a coroner. But in 2020, the General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to abolish the office of the coroner in the four remaining counties that still had one.

“With the rising number of fatalities, drug overdoses, criminal activity, things like that — it doesn’t make sense that the coroner should not exist,” Pearce said.

So this man had a brilliant marketing campaign looking to bring awareness to the rising local crime.

What did Facebook think?

Facebook flagged ME and claimed me posting about this news story was "inciting violence".

Absolutely nonsense.

I appealed multiple times, but all were rejected.  I don't even think a real human being ever looked at them.  Just computers.  Just algorithms.  Just AI.

So here's what we're gonna do this time...

We're going to deploy some JUDO and we're going to beat the computers at their own game!

Time to go covert and fly under the radar....

Since we can never win by arguing our case because there is no actual human to talk to, we are going to fly under the radar and simply not get detected.

Here's how....

You see, one thing about computers is they're really good at some things but they're really bad and dumb at others.

Never underestimate the power of the human brain.

On Facebook, we will only post articles from a new site we are creating called

That site will be identical to except for one important detail....

The headlines of each article will be altered just a bit so that the computers at Facebook that scan them won't detect anything.

Imagine this article looks like this on but Facebook would flag that in a heart beat for "inciting violence" because it says FIGHT BACK:

How You Can FIGHT BACK Right Now (Peacefully and Patriotically, Of Course)

So on, were we deploy martial arts, that headline will instead read like this:

How You Can F*GHT B*CK R*ght Now (Peacefully and Patriotically, Of Course)

Nice, right?

See, your brain can read that just fine, but the Facebook computers?  Nada.  A big strikeout!

And we fly ever so beautifully right under the radar on our way back up to 1.5 million followers making a huge difference in the 2024 election!

Here's one more example:

WATCH: Maxine Waters Predicts Violence, Mass ‘Killings’ If Trump Wins In November

Even though that's Maxine Waters in a direct quote, you know Facebook is going to flag that one too.

So instead of it looking like that, it will be identical except it will come from and the headline will look like this:

WATCH: Maxine Waters Pred*cts Viol*nce, Mass ‘K*llings’ If Tr*mp Wins In November


Once again, your brain can read that just fine, but the computers can't.

The computers see nothing wrong.

It's a beautiful thing!

So...the last piece to the puzzle is I need your help.

1️⃣ Please click here to Like/Follow my new page, it's called JudoNoah and it looks like this:

I just created it a few minutes ago, and we already have 13 followers.

I think we can be up to 100,000 pretty quickly.

But I need your help.

2️⃣ When you see posts from me on Facebook after you're following the Page, please LIKE and SHARE them to help us grow faster.  

I have no doubt once people see we're back they will be happy to get connected again.

So there you go!

We still have 4 critical months to go between now and the election and I'm ready to give it everything we've got.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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