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WATCH: More DEBATE Outrage – Keith Olbermann Demands CNN Be ‘Literally’ Burned Down

This may be the most unhinged response to yesterday’s debate.

On his pod cast, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, he stated:

“The decision to not fact check any one of those lies by CNN was one of the most immoral decisions in the history of the free press in this country.”

“Literally, I am suggesting that at some point tonight, CNN should… go off the air in shame. Fire everybody. Seal off the buildings. Make sure everybody’s out and burn the godd*mn place to the ground.”

Now while most of us would probably rejoice at the site of CNN’s building up in flames, and it’s been foretold that place will close down, this is an odd take.

This is very telling on how freaked out so many liberals feel right now.

I suppose liberals expected CNN to make Trump look bad.

Well, that didn’t work.

The whole world saw just the opposite.

And Olbermann’s response was that he want to CNN burnt to the ground.

Well, we ironically welcome you to the club.

He basically is saying that since CNN didn’t bully Trump, like he wanted, he’s accusing CNN of bullying Biden.

Classic projection.

Fox News reports:

Ex-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and CNN host Abby Phillip had an unusually sharp exchange Wednesday after Phillip said “nobody” wants President Biden or former President Trump ahead of a likely 2024 rematch.

Phillip was bashed online by some pro-Biden commentators for her comments, and the far-left Olbermann was particularly incensed.

“CNN has to address the reality that [Phillip] has been an absolute disaster and that this foot-in-mouth editorial is the first thing she’s gotten noticed for since her show debuted,” Olbermann wrote.

“As Nikki Haley put it — and I think it’s actually such a smart way to put it — I think the first party to let go of their 80-year-old might be the victor, but who’s going to be the one to move first?” Phillip said on CNN Tuesday. “I think that’s where we are as a country and that’s why this is kind of an intractable problem.”

“Nobody wants Trump, nobody wants Biden, but nobody wants to be the first to walk away from either [candidate],” she added of the two parties.

Phillip shot back at Olbermann, who left MSNBC in 2011.

“Or, you can come to terms with the reality of your irrelevance and stop being a nasty social media troll,” Phillip told Olbermann. “But that’s entirely up to you.”

Another commentator, Joanne Carducci, torched Phillip for her comments.

“You’re a journalist — and you said that the reality is that ‘nobody’ wants Biden? Nobody? What’s your metric for defining ‘nobody’? Because I know a great many people who do in fact want Biden,” Carducci, who posts under the handle “@JoJoFromJerz,” wrote.


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