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LEGACY MEDIA: Get Ready To See Demon Faces!

The Legacy Media wants you to know about something called Prosopometamorphopsia (PMO) or more commonly known as “Demon Face Syndrome”.

I’m not making this up.

I want you to understand right upfront in this article that this is not some weird conspiracy theory….this is the Legacy Media running with the story and telling you all about it.


I have a big theory on that, which I’ll explain in just a minute.

But first, watch this as Fox tells you all about a man who sees Demon Faces — not just hallucinations, but real people whose faces morph into looking like demons as he looks at them:

Here is CNN telling you all about it:

For 59-year-old Victor Sharrah, the terrifying symptoms began on a winter day in Nashville.

“I just woke up and was sitting on the couch watching TV when my roommate came into the room, and (looking at him) I’m like, ‘What am I seeing?’ Then his girlfriend walked in and her face was the same,” Sharrah told CNN.

Each of the once-familiar faces had a grotesque grimace, elongated eyes and deeply etched scars. When turned to the side, pointy ears suddenly appeared, he said, much like those of Spock, the Vulcan first officer on the USS Enterprise in Star Trek.

“I tried to explain to my roommate what I was seeing, and he thought I was nuts. Then I went outside and all of the faces of people I saw were distorted and still are,” Sharrah said.

“It’s like staring at demons,” he added. “Imagine waking up one morning and suddenly everybody in the world looks like a creature in a horror movie.”

Sharrah has a rare condition called prosopometamorphopsia, or PMO, in which parts of the faces of other people appear distorted in shape, texture, position or color. Objects and other parts of a person’s body, however, typically remain undisturbed.

“I helped create a computer-generated 2D picture of what I see in faces, but there’s so much more to it,” said Sharrah, speaking about research on his case that was published in the “Clinical Pictures” section of The Lancet Thursday.

“What people don’t understand from a picture is that the distorted face is moving, contorting, talking to you, making facial gestures,” he added. “It does kind of distance me from other people a bit. I try not to let it because I know what it is, it’s PMO. Yet I still feel like I’m not getting as close to people as I used to.”

Ok, so here’s the part I find most interesting….

Why is the Legacy Media suddenly running with this story?

Why do they want you to know that some people see Demon Face?

It couldn’t be (gasp!) predictive programming, could it?

Look, I’m not saying anything is going to happen on April 8th with this Eclipse, but let’s just say hypothetically if you had this really strange Eclipse happening, NASA shooting three rockets INTO the path of the Eclipse, and you just so happen to flip CERN back on that very same day (which many people believe is trying to open a portal into another dimension where these creepy crawly things might live)…..if you thought you might soon be summoning demons, what would be a really good cover story?


Demon Face Syndrome.

How convenient!

Watch more here if you want to go down that rabbit hole:

Oh, and if you happen to see this guy (👇), do not be alarmed!

You almost certainly do not have PMO, you are just seeing a man who many believe has already been inhabited by a demon.

Creepy SOB:


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