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Trump Explains Why He Agreed To CNN Debate Moderated By ‘Fake Tapper’

It’s pretty clear that when Donald Trump shows up for Thursday’s debate, he’ll face opposition not only by Joe Biden, but by the CNN moderators asking the questions.

Jake Tapper, for example, has a history of relentlessly attacking Trump, including with outrageous comparisons to Adolf Hitler.

But Trump remains undeterred, willing to step into enemy territory in order to share his message with voters ahead of November’s general election.

During a recent conversation with Byron York of the Washington Examiner, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee opened up about why he agreed to the CNN debate.

As the Daily Wire reported:

York noted how “Trump said it was the result of what he believes was failed gamesmanship on the part of the Biden campaign” when asked how the debate came together.

“What they did, I’m pretty sure, is that they approached me with a debate that I couldn’t take,” Trump said.

The former president noted how Tapper and his fellow anchor, Dana Bash, were selected as moderators. Trump went on to list other rules that CNN has announced for the debate on Thursday evening.

“No audience, sitting down, originally sitting down, a dead debate, turn off the mics when you’re not speaking so I can’t interrupt him,” he said.

“They knew I wouldn’t accept that because it was CNN, Dana Bash, Jake Tapper, and I like an audience and probably he doesn’t, who knows?” Trump continued.

He added, “They thought they would present it, I would say no, and they would say we can’t debate because Trump said no. So I said yes before they even gave me the terms. So he got roped into it.”

Despite having the deck stacked against him, plenty of Americans are confident that Trump will make quick work of Biden later this week:

CNN is clearly preoccupied with silencing those who dare criticize the debate moderators for their seemingly obvious bias against Trump.

And Tapper isn’t the only moderator facing such backlash.

Trump remains confident about his ability to take on Biden and the moderators, as evidenced by his preparation style.

According to the New York Post:

Former President Donald Trump is opting for “policy discussions” with close allies and advisers to get ready for Thursday’s showdown against President Biden — eschewing more traditional debate prep in the belief he doesn’t “need” more rehearsing.

Campaign spokesperson Danielle Alvarez told The Post Tuesday that the 45th president, 78, hasn’t gone in for practice Q&A sessions or mock debates featuring a stand-in for Biden — and isn’t even employing a preparation podium.

“He just hasn’t done that, and very candidly, doesn’t need to do that,” Alvarez said. “He does several tough interviews a week. He keeps a very rigorous campaign schedule.”

It’s worth noting that even failed 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is expressing concerns that, despite the favorable setting, Biden doesn’t really stand a chance of holding his own against Trump.


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