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BREAKING: Vivek Confirms He Will Be In Attendance At Thursday Night’s Debate!

This is a breaking news alert!

President Trump revealed earlier this week that his VP choice will be in attendance at Thursday night’s big debate.

So speculation has been swirling about who it will be, and whether we will get the full announcement on Thursday night or just a whittling of the field to those confirmed to be in attendance.

My initial top choice was Kari Lake.

She seems cut from the same cloth, a Trump 2.0.

But she never seemed to be in the running, focusing instead on her Senate Race.

And boy will she be an asset in the Senate!

So then we looked at the rest of the field and I honestly don’t see a lot of people I like, at least not for VP.

I see plenty of fine Republicans, but no one that has that same DNA as Trump and Lake…..except and until Vivek came along.

Initially I was not sold, he was saying all the right things but he felt like Obama 2.0.

But then the more we learned about him, the more I started to really like him.

And it wasn’t just what he said, it was what he DID.

He was a fearless leader, doing what he thought was right and not answering to anyone else, definitely not to pollsters.

He leads just like Trump.

And he’s the only candidate out there who I can firmly say is America-First MAGA.

And that’s what President Trump needs….and “insurance policy” that if they take him out somehow, the backup is just as much of a badass — if not even more so!

Not to say Vivek is better than Trump, but he does have perhaps even wilder platform issues, like shutting down 90% of the Federal Government!

I think Vivek has Javier Milei vibes, some of what are even more extreme than President Trump.

And that’s what we need in a VP for this second term.

We need a wild man!

We need an Executive who can actually get stuff done!

We need a righthand man!

Not another milquetoast Mike Pence, and with all due respect to Doug Burgum, I agree with this Tweet from the Hodgetwins 100%:

So with that in mind, I was so excited when I saw this news just break….

Vivek is going to be there on Thursday night!

So those are my thoughts, but I want to hear from you…

Tell me what you think:

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There is a lot of information floating around right now, and some of it is almost certainly disinformation leaking to keep everyone off the scent.

So which report is right?

We’ll find out soon enough.

Just yesterday, this was the scoop — which did NOT include Vivek:

Trump Narrows VP List to Three Finalists

Right before a rally in Philadelphia, Trump had announced that he had already made up his mind.

Looks like he’s picked his VP.

But who could it be?

Reports are coming in that the list of contenders for this coveted number two spot has been narrowed down.

The three possible candidates are:

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

Ohio Senator J.D. Vance.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

That’s it, apparently.

Hey, where’s Pence on that list?

For those that don’t know, the first one pictured above is Doug Burgum, then J.D. Vance and Marco Rubio.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Anticipation over selection over who President Trump will select as his running-mate reached fever pitch over the weekend as the 45th President proclaimed just before a rally in Philadelphia he had already made the pick in his mind.

Now, reports have emerged that the list of contenders for the coveted number two spot has narrowed.

NewsNation has learned Trump has finalized his list to three candidates: North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. CNN and NBC have also revealed the same three names are finalists on Trump’s list.

Trump’s original list also included Senators Tim Scott (R-SC) and Tom Cotton (R-AR), Representatives Byron Donalds (R-FL) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY), as well as former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson in addition to the three finalists.

NBC further reports that the choice will likely come down to Burgum and Vance. NBC notes that Burgum has made a massive impression on Trump, particularly with his loyalty, looks, and wealth.

Another point in Burgum’s favor is that his understated demeanor means there’s no risk of him outshining the 45th President. Trump wants workhorses to help advance his agenda, not folks looking to rush to the cameras.

Moreover, Burgum will also be in attendance at Trump’s debate with Joe Biden this Thursday according to NewsNation. This is potentially significant because Trump has said that his pick would be at the showdown.

It is unknown at this point whether Vance and Rubio will be in attendance as well.

Here’s Doug Burgum recently on CNN:

Sounds like Burgum really helped turn around his state.

Who’s your choice, even if not on this list?

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