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It’s time to CONFRONT MeetKevin!

Actually, I’m just kidding.

Don’t sue me bro!

Anyone who knows Kevin and his YouTube channel, knows he has made a career out of posting “CONFRONTING” videos which really are just friendly interviews.

So I write this article with the same spirit….

But yesterday something happened and we need to talk about it.

First, I need to apologize to Kevin for one thing, but secondly I’m not apologizing for another thing.

Let me explain….

So over the weekend, Kevin hosted a big event in Las Vegas focused mostly on economics and investing.  It was a TREMENDOUS event, very well done!

And at that event, Cathie Wood was one of the guests.

And in the spirit of being a good interviewer, Kevin asked her a question: essentially, who is she voting for in this election.

The clip has been deleted (which is the reason I’m writing this article) but many big accounts saved it so I’m not going to repost it but I will show you their posts.

But it was actually a really great 2 minute clip, where Cathie gives a very thoughtful answer, which basically said “if I’m voting purely on economics, it’s Trump” which received thunderous applause.

Great question, great answer, great clip — right?

I thought so.

Which is why we published an article covering it:

BREAKING: Did Cathie Wood JUST Announce She’s Voting For DONALD TRUMP?

We were one of the first to cover it, and soon all the big accounts followed, posting their own versions of the clip.

Basically, it went viral.

But then Kevin deleted the video and posted this:

I have deleted a clip of @CathieDWood
discussing who might be better for the economy as President. #Trump or #Biden Here’s why.

First, I’d like to say that Cathie has one the purest, greatest hearts ever. She is a deeply genuine, kind, and honest person. That doesn’t mean innovation always goes up! 🚀 But she is a woman of great integrity and is transparent with her long-run vision. She is a true American, she is righteous, she is virtuous. I respect her greatly. We can all learn a lot from her.

She is also a woman of principles, context, and nuance. I am not speaking on behalf of Cathie. My team had an impression from what we heard, but she asked me to mention that her beliefs are more nuanced. As such, I deleted our video clip.

I believe this means there’s more to a vote than economics.

So while I can’t speak for her, I believe I have messed up. I believe I ambushed Cathie with my Joe vs. Donald question and I may have unintentionally created an impression she didn’t intend to create. I regret this and I am sorry.

This has been the first educational finance event I’ve conducted since February 2020, also in Vegas! And I worry I’ve offended Cathie.

Cathie: I hope you will forgive us. We love and appreciate you. We look up to you. We learn from you. We are saddened we have disappointed you.

Stay tuned for our full interview and complete context.

Wow, that's a lot of words!

But here's where both my apology and my standing firm come in.

I posted this in reply:

Now, first my apology....

Perhaps I should not have phrased it that way.

Perhaps I didn't need to call it a "real pussy move".

So while I stand by the sentiment that taking it down is EXACTLY what's wrong with America right now (more on that in just a moment), I probably didn't need to call it a "real pussy move".

So to my good friend Kevin, I truly do apologize for that phrasing.

I regret this and am sorry.  I hope you will forgive us here at WLTReport and me in particular. We love and appreciate you. We look up to you. We learn from you. We are saddened we have disappointed you.

But here's where I'm going to also push back....that video never should have been taken down.

It didn't need more "context"....

It was not a soundbite, it was a 2 minute clip that provided perfect context and in fact was a really thoughtful answer that was not misunderstood by anyone.

Unless you are clinically braindead, everyone in America right now knows that "if I'm voting based on the economy, it's Trump."

There is simply nothing wrong with that statement.

But do you know what is wrong?

When a man has been so (wrongly) vilified by the Mainstream Media, attacked relentlessly for 8+ years with no end in sight, with fake news story after fake news story that are later proven to be 100% fake (hello, Russian Collusion, to name one!) and even though they are quietly retracted years later, the damage is done in the moment and cannot be undone....

When lawfare and two fake impeachments are thrown at this man, whose only crime is loving this country and wanting to see it made Great Again.....

When a man is slandered day in and day out....

When the statute of limitations is changed in New York to prosecute one man alone, and when the best and brightest legal minds go on TV and say we don't even understand what crime this man is charged with.....

When the J6 defendants are persecuted into many committing suicide and dying in jail for the crime of merely WALKING peacefully on the People's House, the Capitol Building, and committing no other crime other than their presence there, and they are hunted down 4 years later surveillance cameras and hauled into Court and then prison.....

When ALL of this happens so that even if you do like and support Donald Trump you have been so scared into not stating it publicly for fear that they will go after YOU next.....that's when our Country truly has fallen.

And sadly, that's what it feels to me happened here.

Cathie gave a smart, nuanced, and accurate answer that no one was faulting her for, and while I have no idea what happened behind the scenes it looks and feels as though someone did not want that answer to live on the Internet.

It's a very sad day in America when a smart financier like Cathie Wood cannot simply give her opinion on who she thinks will handle the economy better.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again once more right now....

When all the good people are silenced into not ever saying anything nice about President Trump or that they think he would do a good job, then the only voices are the corporate Mainstream Media that are VERY good at repeating their narrative.

And eventually, just like in George Orwell's Animal Farm, when there is only one narrative being told, and when all other voices are firmly silenced, then eventually the truth dies out and no one even remembers it anymore.

So should I have called it a "pussy move"?

No, I regret that.

But we have lost our boldness in this country.

Good people need to start speaking up and speaking TRUTH!

Good doctors...

Good teachers....

Good YouTubers....

Good financiers....

Good accountants....

Good lawyers....

You get the idea.

When they've silenced all the good people, they've already won.

And that's a very scary thought for the future of this country.

Be bold.

Be brave.

Speak out.

Speak up.

This is a moment for heroes to arise, not for good voices to cower and delete videos.

That's my take.

Or as Kevin has said hundreds of times before, "That's my POV and I'm sticking with it.  You don't have to like it, but it's my POV."

@ALX still has the video on his profile,  you can see it here unless he takes it down in the future.

Now please, will someone please tell me what is possibly wrong with this?

If you ask me, nothing at all.

Two great Americans.

A great chat.

A wise and thoughtful answer.

And Kevin, let's be friends again!

Nothing but love for all you do, my words were not chosen well.

Keep up the great work.


Kevin just posted this video explaining more behind why the video was deleted.

It appears my response was even more out of line to direct any disappointment to Kevin.

He made the honorable decision.

My disappointment lies, apparently, based on all we just learned in this video, with Cathie Wood.

Is she really so afraid that she's going to lose liberal investors in her fund just for saying what she said?

Our country is in big trouble folks, this is not the America I remember.

I thought the free and open exchange and debate of ideas is what America was founded on....

Not a club that bullies others into submission if you dare put even one toe over the line they have established.

So sad.

And once again, apologies to Kevin who I believe got caught between a rock and a hard place.


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