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BOOM! BOMBSHELL Hits Disney: VP Exec Exposes Illegal Discrimination, Refusing To Hire White Males


The industrial media complex is refusing to report on this story.

You see, James O’Keefe has produced one of the biggest stories of his career.

And this was only part 1 of the story. (Stay tuned for part 2 next week).

He exposed the hiring practice over at Disney, and this information came straight from the Senior Vice President at The Walt Disney Company.

They’re not considering any White males” to be hired.

Turns out Disney’s unofficial catchphrase is: “pale and male is stale”.

So much for them being against Whites being a ‘conspiracy theory.’

James kicked open the doors for lawsuits galore.

The lawyers are probably lining up!

It’s Christmas morning for them!

Could this be the stone that takes down the giant Disney?

I went to CNN Homepage.

Did a search for Disney.


Did a search on Yahoo’s homepage.

Again, nothing.

Did a Google search.

Nothing from the big outlets.

The only familiar site listed that I see is The Daily Wire.

And InfoWars also reported on it.

Wonder why the big media sites aren’t reporting on the biggest story of the day?

But truth is spreading despite the media blackout!

Elon Musk blasted the video out to his 138M followers.

EndWokeness posted it too, and so far has 62.7M views.

And that doesn’t count the 6M views from the original post from O’Keefe himself.

Even Rep. Matt Gaetz spoke about the bombshell report at a Turning Point Action event:

Do you realize how much Disney is bleeding financially?

Failure after failure at the box office.

Their streaming service, Disney+, is also doing terribly.

They just released The Acolyte series, full of LGBT agenda and DEI, and it became the single worst received Star Wars production that has ever been made in it’s franchise history. (And none of us fans even consider that to be part of Star Wars. We’ve rejected it).

And now this.

The Daily Wire reports:

If you’ve been watching any significant amount of Disney content over the past few years, there’s a question that’s probably crossed your mind at some point.

As you gazed upon the two lesbian mothers in the kids’ show “Young Jedi Adventures,” or the nonbinary Jedi in “Tales of the Empire,” or the gay kisses in “Lightyear” and “Rise of Skywalker,” or the communist lesbian witches in “The Acolyte,” or the prominent trans character in “Baymax,” or the nonbinary “Lake” character in “Elemental,” or the gay moment in “Endgame,” or the purple gay cyclops police officer in “Onward,” or the first-ever biracial gay cartoon character in “Strange World,” you may have caught yourself thinking: What the hell is going on inside this company, if this is what they’re producing as entertainment for tens of millions of people?

How dysfunctional are the inner workings of Disney, if they’re so fixated on sexuality and race that they have to ram so-called “marginalized” identities into every orifice of their films and streaming shows? What would it be like to actually work at a place like this?

We don’t have to ask those questions anymore.

Yesterday, James O’Keefe — formerly the head of Project Veritas, and now the CEO of O.M.G. media — provided an exclusive window into the inner workings of Disney. One of O’Keefe’s undercover operatives recorded an intimate conversation with a senior vice president at the company named Michael Giordano. And it’s simultaneously an incredibly shocking piece of footage, as well as everything you’d expect it to be.

InfoWars adds:

According to the exec, he’d personally been on the receiving end of such discrimination, being passed up for jobs and being told, “Nobody else is going to tell you this, but they’re not considering any White males for the job…there’s no way we’re hiring a White male.”

Giordano also told OMG journalists the company uses “code words and buzzwords” in efforts to circumvent discrimination laws, and he also claimed the company gives bonuses to executives who hire and retain DEI hires.

Additionally, the exec revealed the company at one point also passed on a DEI candidate because they didn’t look black enough.

The video ends with O’Keefe confronting Giordano face-to-face and chasing him down the road for an interview.

Hollywood in TOTO adds:

There’s much more in the clip, but for those who follow Film Threat and/or conservative activist Christopher Rufo, the information isn’t technically new.

Film Threat, founded in the 1980s by Chris Gore, has been chronicling Disney’s DEI agenda and its punitive impact on its content via The D-Files. The Alan Ng-led series lets former and current Disney employees spill internal secrets about the company, from how it essentially chased away some veteran animators to its diversity-at-all-costs plan.

The term, “Pale and Male is Stale” became an unofficial catchphrase behind the scenes, according to Film Threat.

Independent news sites like also have tracked Disney’s actions in this arena. YouTube standouts like Nerdrotic and The Critical Drinker track the company’s woke transformation, gaining millions of views.

Rufo added his contribution to the efforts.

The conservative activist, a one-man wrecking crew targeting DEI policies, uncovered secret Disney footage that showed company employees bragging about its Culture War mission.

Latoya Raveneau, an executive producer for Disney Television Animation, said that company showrunners were “super welcoming . . . to my not-at-all-secret gay agenda.”

Consumers can agree or disagree with Raveneau’s approach, but it’s newsworthy.

These reports all hail from outside traditional media circles. The reports speak truth to power about one of the country’s most influential companies.


Someone over there is awake.

They told James to look into BlackRock.

How ironic that 1 year ago to the exact day, James released a video about BlackRock.

Remember, they “don’t want to be in the news. They don’t want people to talk about them...”



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