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BLEXIT Couple Warned by Liberals About MAGA

So in Detroit, there was a BLEXIT event occurring.

That’s a conservative campaign founded by Candace Owens to encourage blacks to quit the Democratic Party.

One black couple was on there way there when a well-meaning but misguided liberal intervenes.

The person felt the need to issue a dire warning about the “White MAGA folks” waving American flags.

But here’s the kicker, they were headed to the event.

These days, folks, reality has a way of delivering the ironic punchline for you.

And I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing more unusual moments like this as we get closer to 2024 Election day.

Gateway Pundit reports:

As people gathered in Detroit last night for a BLEXIT event, at least one “white savior” tried to warn a Black couple to “be careful” with all the “White MAGA folks” in town carrying American flags.

Irony alert….the couple was headed to that very event.

Social media influencer @locdinwithzaza_ shared her experience as she was walking to the event with her husband.

locdinwithzaza begins, “So me at Darrell were walking to the BLEXIT event right? We’re walking across the street and this White woman comes up behind us and firstly she asks us, ‘Oh, is it always crowded down here?’ Cause we are in Detroit…never been to Detroit before.”

“But the first red flag was her assuming that we’re from here. I’m assuming because, you know,  we’re ‘Negroes.’”

“Then, she proceeds to tell us, ‘Oh, you guys know Trump is here, you better watch out. I’ve seen a lot of White MAGAs walking around with the American flag. You know…you guys….be careful guys!’”

locdinwithzaza then turns to her husband and asks, “HATE CRIME! How’d you feel about the hate crime?”

I find it interesting that they don’t just say ‘a liberal came up to us’ but a White liberal.

If a Mexican liberal or Asian liberal came up, would they call out their race and still be saying it’s a ‘hate crime’?

Also, ‘hate crime’ is a liberal term.

There’s no such thing as ‘hate crime.’

Like this story here, a man said some ‘mean words’ (like they claim about Trump saying words) and he was arrested for hate crimes??

Arrested? This isn’t the USSR!

That’s against the Constitution:

And here’s the clip of the conservative couple calling ‘hate crime’…

Some people are questioning even having a Brexit event.

They’re saying that they thought the GOP wasn’t about identity politics?

Though it was nice of Candace to wear a White Lives Matter shirt, to show her support.

By the way, guess who started the whole ‘hate crime’ narrative?

The corrupt ADL.


The term ‘Hate crime’ is meant to silence and politicize.


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