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Biden’s 10-Year Gift to Ukraine, Sending You The Bill

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Do you think we’ve given enough billions to Ukraine?

Joe Biden doesn’t.

But aren’t you tired of the constant voting to send them more money?

Well, Biden agrees with you there!

That’s why he wants a bill that will send Volodymyr Zelenskyy basically limitless funding for 10 years.

That takes care of that pesky voting month after month.

A nice little gift to the Ukraine war effort. A gift that keeps on giving for a DECADE.

A ‘blank check’ to the military-industrial complex. “Do what you want with it.”

What exactly is happening in Ukraine, that the Biden Admin is so determined to protect it and send them all of our dough?

Could it be the child trafficking going on?

Or the fact that Ukraine is trafficking the organs of their own troops?

And of course, you know who’s paying for this ten year gift.

That’s right. The American taxpayers.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Biden commits U.S. taxpayers to 10 years of ‘blank check’ funding of war in Ukraine: War’s ‘dark side’ includes organ harvesting and child sex trafficking.Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Zelensky are planning to sign a deal for long-term US military assistance for Ukraine, a country whose government we now know is involved in the trafficking of children for sex and harvesting the organs of its own soldiers for profit.

If that sounds too sensational to be true, read on. The evidence is hiding in plain sight.

The deal commits U.S. taxpayers — we the people — to 10 years of arming and training the Ukrainian military, and feeds the military-industrial complex that holds sway over the majority of our elected members of Congress in both parties.

There is one small kernel of good news: Because the deal is a so-called “executive agreement” and not a formal treaty, it can be undone by future American presidents.

CNN previewed the deal, reporting:

“An annex in the agreement will lay out how the Biden administration plans to work with Congress on the implementation of the security commitments, specifically the long-term funding that will be needed to support Ukraine’s defense.”

So, we taxpayers are basically underwriting the defense of a foreign regime. I wonder what our Founding Fathers would think about that?

It seems the Biden Administration is determined to continually send billions to Ukraine and protect them above all.

Could it be they’re trying to protect the all the trafficking, and organ trafficking occurring over there?

How many Deep State secrets does that country hold?

Two years later, and this video is still relevant:


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