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Secret History of the Slave Trade, Why DON’T They Teach This At Schools?

Over a century of blame has been put on ‘the White man’ for the cause of slavery.

But is that just another one of the many lies we’ve been told?

If it wasn’t true, would the liberal educational system and their blue-haired teachers admit their mistake and apologize?

Would they kneel before us like we saw them do for BLM?

What brings this topic to the light is the focus on Juneteenth.

You see, on Monday, Biden was at a concert to celebrate a holiday called Juneteenth.

What’s Juneteenth anyhow?

According to Wikipedia in 2005:

Juneteenth is an Black celebration on June 19, the day in 1865 that news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached slaves in Galveston, Texas—two years after it was issued. Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration of the end of slavery in the United States. The proclamation was read on the docks of Galveston by Union general Gordon Granger and news quickly spread throughout the state, sparking impromptu celebrations which were continued on the June 19th anniversary. These gatherings evolved into political rallies and later into formal celebrations planned far in advance by Juneteenth committees. June 19, 1865 was a Monday but now Juneteenth is celebrated on the third Saturday of June.

It’s now a federal holiday because of Biden, as of three years ago.

Current Wikipedia states:

The day was recognized as a federal holiday in 2021, when President Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law.

Juneteenth became the first new federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr. Day was adopted in 1983

And if Juneteenth is on June 19th, why is there a concert for it on the 1oth?

Is it because they want to treat it like it’s a major holiday?

Do they have 4th of July concerts on June 28th?

Does the White House throw an Easter event 10 days before Easter?

This sort of build up usually only surrounds Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Gateway Pundit reports:

This is why Joe Biden’s handlers usually hide him for several days after he returns from an overseas trip.

Joe Biden completely fell apart Monday evening at the Juneteenth concert.

On Monday evening, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris hosted a Juneteenth concert featuring Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle on the South Lawn of the White House.

Just one year before making it a federal holiday, Joe Biden had no clue what Juneteenth was and he actually confused it with the Tulsa Massacre.

81-year-old Biden returned to the White House Monday evening after a 5-day trip to Paris, France, and immediately made his way to the South Lawn for the Juneteenth concert.

He looked exhausted.

Biden slurred through his speech. He completely fell apart.

“She know long! She knew suhlongasuhijeruhhnied, our freedom can never be secured!” Biden said.


It’s hard to fact check that statement. Ha!

I wonder if this year they’ll acknowledge the full history of the slave trade?

For starters, why don’t they talk about who stopped it?

They like to lay the blame of this on Whites but history tells a different story.

Let’s take a quick glance over what the Establishment tends to play down and omit.

That should be enough to start questioning the narrative they constantly beat over our heads.

But first, did you know it was our Navy that was patrolling the seas, trying to put an end to the slave trade?


A guest on CNN points out that reparations should be paid for slave from the kings of Africa that sold off their people.

And that the descendants of those stopping it should be paid reparations.

I guess Lemon didn’t fully know his slave trade history.

So then, the BIG question…

Who ran the slave auctions?

And who owned the slave ships?

And who dominated the slave trade?


I wonder why we’re not taught this history at our indoctrination schools?

Or shown the full story in Communist Hollywood movies?


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