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SAVED From The YouTube Purge: Klaus Schwab Admits It All On Video

This video has been deleted all across the internet.

Gone from Twitter…

Gone from YouTube…

I’ve even heard of some being deleted off Bitchute.

But after hours of searching I was able to find it.

It’s the “super edit” of all things said by that creep Klaus Schwab.

Or as some of you have nicknamed him: “Anal Schwab”.

I like that one.

But this really is no laughing matter.

Complete with even the evil German accent, this guy is like someone wrote a super-villain for a Hollywood movie and he somehow got loose in the real world.

Who says these kinds of things?

If you have ever doubted that they want to create a mass genocide of the human population and “reduce the population to 500 million” (see Georgia Guidestones) look no further that what this guy is saying publicly.

He probably thought we’d never piece it all together.

They like to “hide in plain sight”.

Too bad we’re paying attention now and millions of people have now been Red Pilled.

Can’t hide in plain sight any longer.

Folks, let me say it plainly: all the events you see playing out right now on the world stage are not random chance.

They’re not just due to some “bad actors”.

They’re staged in advance, carefully crafted.

Listen to what he says in this video: the change is crafted!

He also admits how he controls cabinets and governments all over the world!  Just like we’ve told you!  All caught on video!

They plot all this evil, all the sickness, all the wars….all to bring about the “change” they want.  The “chaos” they want.  It’s all deliberate.

And you and I pay the price.

Watch it safely here on Rumble:

Even more here:

EXPOSED: Klaus Schwab Admits To “Penetrating The Cabinets” Of Most World Governments

I have been looking for this video for a long time and finally found it today!

It’s from 2017.

It’s that super creepy Klaus Schwab bragging so proudly on camera about how he “penetrates the cabinets” of most major world governments.

But that’s not all.

He goes on to name every single person who he placed in power.

Ready for the list?

Merkel (Germany)

Putin (Russia)

Trudeau (Canada)

Argentina’s President

Macron (France)

He says over half of Trudeau’s cabinet has been “captured by the World Economic Forum” which is Klaus Schwab’s very creepy, unelected, “elite” group he uses to control the world.

He then confirmed that not only does he control the Presidents of Argentina and France (Macron) but he says he controls over half their cabinets as well.

And he says it all with that super creepy, Adolph Hitler style German accent.

If you were casting an evil villain in a movie, they’d say it was too over the top and too unbelievable if you picked this creepy looking guy and gave him the most textbook German accent you could find.

But that, my friends, is Klaus Schwab.

I saved the video on Rumble, watch here:

Here’s more:

It’s not a conspiracy when they admit it!


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