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Why Did Al Roker, Maxine Waters and Shaq All FREEZE On Live TV?

Stay with me folks, this is a wild one….

But like I always say, I don’t create the news, and I often don’t have all the answers for you, I just report the news and we can all decide what we think is happening together.

I’m going to show you three videos of three celebrities who appear to simply FREEZE UP on Live TV.

No, the clips aren’t edited as best I can tell.

You can see other people in the frame still moving and still talking, but the frozen person just sits there with a frozen expression on their face.

Kind of reminds me of when Katy Perry “malfunctioned” and she seemingly had to click a button on the side of her head to “restart” herself.

Watch for yourself — this guy calls it a “Clone Malfunction” and I can’t say he’s wrong:

That’s weird!

But maybe not as weird as the three instances I’m about to show you.

First I’ll give you a summary from Grok, which appears to be getting more “woke” these days.  Grok is very aware of all three instances, but claims it was just “jokes”:

There are several videos circulating online that show Al Roker, Maxine Waters, and Shaquille O’Neal appearing to freeze or become unresponsive during live television broadcasts. These videos have sparked speculation and theories about the reasons behind these occurrences.

  1. Al Roker: The video of Al Roker freezing on live TV dates back to 2012 when he was a co-host on NBC’s Today show. In the video, Roker stands still and appears unresponsive for a brief moment. However, Roker later explained that this was a prank he played on his co-hosts and the audience. He was simply standing still and holding his pose as a joke, and it was not due to any health issues or technical malfunctions.
  2. Maxine Waters: The video of Maxine Waters freezing on live TV is from a 2017 interview on MSNBC. In the video, Waters appears to pause and lose her train of thought momentarily. Some have speculated that this was due to a teleprompter malfunction or a technical issue. However, Waters has not publicly addressed the incident, and there is no official explanation for her brief pause.
  3. Shaquille O’Neal: The video of Shaquille O’Neal freezing on live TV is from a 2019 episode of Inside the NBA on TNT. In the video, O’Neal appears to freeze and become unresponsive for a few seconds. However, this was later revealed to be a prank orchestrated by his co-hosts as a joke. O’Neal was in on the prank and was pretending to freeze.

Ok, now I’ll show you these and let you decide on your own if they are just “jokes”.

I report, you decide!

Maxine Waters…


Al Roker…

What do they have in common?

They’ve all “frozen” on live TV.

No movements.

No blinking.

Just frozen.

For a long time.




I have no idea.

I really don’t.

All I know is this is NOT normal.

For all the doubters…just take a look and then YOU tell ME….

Here is Maxine:

And here is Al Roker:

And just in case you think the video is edited in any way, it’s not.

Here is Anderson Cooper commenting on how strange it is:

Here is Shaq (the first time):

And here is Shaq (the second time):

In case you think it was just video editing, it’s not.

Because they even try to joke about it.

So they all saw it live and in realtime.

And they all thought it was very weird.

Here’s one more:

And in case those get taken down, I have a backup.

Watch all of them here on Rumble:

What do you think is going on here?

Of course, I can’t end this article without the King of All Freezes….Mitch McConnell.

So Katy Perry, plus Shaq, plus Maxine Watters, plus Al Roker, plus Mitch McConnell brings our list to five.

Are there others I am not aware of?

How big does this list go?

Oh wait, I know, I know….sorry Grok — Mitch McConnell was just pranking us with a “joke” right?

All just big goofs?

Just a bunch of jokes?

Bunch of practical jokers!

I know that’s what Mitch McConnell is best known for, you can’t take that guy anywhere without him trying to pull a practical joke on someone!

[sarcasm alert!]

Read here:

BREAKING: Mitch McConnell “Freezes Up” Again For About 30 Seconds…Very Alarming

This is a Breaking News Alert…

Sen. Mitch McConnell has just “frozen up” again.

Ok, who forgot to reboot Mitch this morning?

Turn him off and turn him back on again, should fix it!

It’s actually no laughing matter, it’s incredibly frustrating that we have people this old and this gone allegedly “representing us” in Congress.

I’m sure it’s also very alarming to his family, but at this point I have almost no sympathy for them.

You want him to have some dignity and privacy?

Get him the Hell out of Congress!

Stop gravy-training him!

The family gets no sympathy from me.

Get this guy and Diane Feinstein and all the rest of them OUT OF CONGRESS!

And take Joe with you!

Watch the latest incident right here:



Please tell us what you think:

NATIONAL POLL: Should Mitch McConnell Be REMOVED From Congress?

For reference, almost the exact same thing happened about a month ago.

You can see that here:

Mitch McConnell “BOT” Freezes Up, Shuts Down Mid-Sentence?

No, I’m not going tinfoil hat on you…

I’m not saying Mitch McConnell is dead and has been replaced by a robot.

We don’t go there here at the WLTReport.

Not my thing.

I’m just saying if he was dead and replaced by a robot that suddenly short circuited and shut down mid-sentence it would look exactly like what just happened at this press conference.

This is real.

I can’t explain it, I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what exactly “this” is….

But I do know it’s real.


We never take joy in medical conditions suffered by anyone, but Mitch is about as much of an unsympathetic figure as you can get.

Did he sell us out to China?

Treason doesn’t engender much sympathy in my book.

How soon until someone memes this into Mitch short-circuiting while his “bot” waits for new instructions from China?

Other angles:

NBC News has also confirmed the event:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell suddenly stopped speaking during a weekly Republican leadership news conference on Wednesday afternoon, appearing to freeze, and then went silent and was walked away.

McConnell, R-Ky., had been making his opening remarks when he stopped talking. His Republican colleagues asked if he was OK, and Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming escorted McConnell away from the cameras and reporters.

Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa made a sign of the cross as if she was praying for McConnell.

A few minutes later, McConnell walked back to the news conference by himself. When asked about his health, he said he was fine.

McConnell’s office didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

Please tell us what you think:

NATIONAL POLL: Should Mitch McConnell Be REMOVED From Congress?

And for the record, if you’re like me you can’t see this and not IMMEDIATELY think of when the Pelosi bot has a similar short-circuit….

Remember this?

PELOSI: Stroke or Another Glitch? You Decide…

Nancy Pelosi suffered another extremely bizarre moment on TV recently.

You go ahead and watch and see what you think….

Is this a healthy, sane, normal person?

Is this someone who should be leading CONgress…..or someone who should be in Assisted Living?

You decide:

It wasn’t the first time the Pelosi-bot has malfunctioned on live TV.

This next one is one of my favorites of all time.

Remember this one?

This clip had been banned from YouTube and I thought it was lost forever until I finally just discovered it again today.

This is the infamous and absolutely classic moment when Nancy Pelosi went on live TV and malfunctioned.

She appeared to “restart” midway through the interview.

“Good morning…..

Sunday morning…..”

If you’ve never seen it before, it’s truly one of the most astonishing interviews you will ever seen.

If you have seen it before, please enjoy again and bookmark this so you can watch any time you want.

Watch here on Rumble:

And this will probably be deleted right away, but here’s a backup on Twitter:

My favorite reply:


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