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BREAKING: Python Swallows Woman Whole — Devours Mother of Four

I have famously said I find Florida to be a terrifying place.

The alligators roaming the streets and eating elderly women and small dogs who get just a bit too close to a pond…

The massive boa constrictors slithering around…

Ron DeSantis….

No, I take that last one back, that was just a joke.

Ron is a good guy.

Not an Alpha Male and a very poor choice to run against President Trump and violate Rule #1 of the 48 Laws of Power (see book by Robert Greene), but a good guy and good Governor.

But I’ve just found a place more terrifying that Florida….and it’s called Indonesia.

Because apparently you can simply get swallowed whole, fully clothed and all, but a giant killer python and then you’re dead.

Actually, I assume you’re not dead immediately.

I assume it’s a horrible, slow death literally inside the belly of the beast.

How awful!

Fox News reports the following details:

A missing woman was found eaten alive by a massive python after locals cut her body out of the snake in Indonesia.

Farida, 45, went missing on Thursday night. Her body was discovered inside the reticulated python Friday by her husband and residents of Kalempang village in South Sulawesi province, a local official said, according to AFP.

The search for the missing mother of four began after she failed to return home Thursday night, village chief Suardi Rosi told AFP.

Her husband “found her belongings… which made him suspicious. The villagers then searched the area. They soon spotted a python with a large belly,” Suardi said.

“They agreed to cut open the python’s stomach. As soon as they did, Farida’s head was immediately visible.”

The missing woman was found fully clothed inside the massive snake, which was reported to be at least 16 feet long.

Her husband, identified as Noni, expressed regret that he let his wife go out on her own. “If I had been with her that day, the snake would not have dared to touch her,” he said, according to ViralPress.

“I feel sorry for the suffering she went through. I am sorry for our family,” he said.

Such incidents are incredibly rare, but not unheard of in Indonesia.

Last year, residents of Southeast Sulawesi’s Tinanggea district killed a monster 26-foot-long python, which was found strangling and eating a local farmer, according to AFP.

Watch here:

And from TMZ:

The death of a mother of four in Indonesia looked like something out of a grisly horror flick … ’cause the woman was eaten alive by a massive snake!!!

The all-too-real story happened Thursday when the female victim named Farida was making her way through the forest to get to a market near her house in Kalumpang, an agricultural province in the Mamuju Regency of West Sulawesi.

During her walk, the snake reportedly slithered up to her and sank its teeth into her leg before wrapping itself around her body and strangling the life out of her.

Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the serpent swallowed her entire corpse, starting with the head.

Naturally, her husband, Noni, got concerned after he hadn’t heard from her in a while and rounded up some of the locals to go look for her.

The next day as they continued their hunt, they found a 20-foot python in a wooded area with its stomach protruding, which was all caught on video.

More video here:

In an unrelated story, check out this woman feeding “sticky rice” to a croc in Tailand:

How long until she becomes the food?

Seems unwise to me, but at least she has that safety blue apron on!

Now back to Florida:

Florida Man Wrestles 8 Foot Alligator On Public Street With Bare Hands!

God Bless Florida man….

You people truly are a different breed and I love it!

I find Florida to be a terrifying place, with your prehistoric dinosaur lizards just walking all over the place, living in every pond, and ready to eat you at any moment….I don’t know how you people live like that.

So I’m in awe of Florida Man and your constant bravery in wrangling these prehistoric beasts.

Here’s the latest one….

No big deal, just a man wrestling an 8 foot alligator in the middle of the street with his bare hands….and winning!

Watch here:

I love alligator stories, I could cover them all day long.

If I ever retire from covering the political news, I may shift this website into entirely alligator coverage only.

I’ve got a lot of material….

Anyone remember when this happened?

Philadelphia Phillies Fan Attempts to Enter Stadium With Emotional Support Alligator

And it's not just alligators of course....

Florida Man also wrestles with Boa Constrictors.

No big deal, just wrapping up a massive BOA CONSTRICTOR!

WATCH: Florida Officer Removes Massive Boa Constrictor From Middle Of The Road!

Or how about this one?

Hell of a way to go:

Homeless Woman Gets Eaten By MASSIVE Alligator


Man's Arm Amputated After Gator Attack

Longtime WLTReport readers know I am somewhat obsessed by alligators.

In an "I think they're terrifying" way.

I don't know how you Florida people do it.

How do you live with these lizard dinosaurs crawling around in every pond and body of water in your state?

Here's the latest....

Watch this for more:

From Fox News:

A 10-foot alligator attacked a Florida man near a pond outside a bar over the weekend, biting the man’s arm so severely that doctors were forced to amputate the limb, officials said.

The encounter unfolded early Sunday morning behind Banditos Bar in Port Charlotte, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said.

The 23-year-old man was taken by helicopter to Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Myers, where his arm was amputated, said Todd Dunn, a spokesman for Charlotte County Fire and EMS.

The victim, later identified as Jordan Rivera, spoke to WBBH-TV from his hospital bed on Monday, telling the station that despite losing an arm, he was happy to be alive.

"I didn’t lose my life, I lost an arm, it’s not the end of the world, you know," Rivera said.

Rivera said that he had little memory of what happened, telling the station that he recalled the bathroom lines were long, and he had gone outside to relieve himself when he suddenly fell.

"I ended up in the water," he said. "And that’s literally the last thing I remember."

Another bar patron, Manny Hidalgo, told the Daily Sun that he heard the man screaming from the pond area and went outside looking for him in the darkness.

"He was yelling and swimming toward the shoreline," Hidalgo said. "I ran and dragged him up onto the sand. I was scared to get close to the water because it was dark out."

Rivera was pulled to safety, but the alligator had torn a chunk out of his right arm. Doctors amputated his arm just above the elbow.

I feel so bad for this man!

Want to know what's even worse?


Horrific Alligator Attack On 85-Year Old Woman Caught On Camera

WARNING: readers may find this very distressing. 

This is a tragic and horrific story.

I love the FREEDOM of Florida, but I'm not sure I would want to live there.

I'm both fascinated and terrified of all the alligators living in that state.

Every pool of water, no matter how small or shallow it may look, is very likely to house an alligator.

How do you people live around these things?

Its terrifying!

Sadly, one woman paid the ultimate price walking her small dog right along the shoreline.


Ugh, it just makes me sick.

This poor 85-year old woman taking her small dog out for a walk never suspecting it would be her final day.

And what a tragic and horrifying way to go.

I feel so bad for her and her family.

It was all captured on video:

From Fox News, the alligator is said to have weighed 600 to 700 pounds!

A video has emerged showing the moments before a 85-year-old Florida woman was fatally attacked by an alligator while walking her dog in a retirement community.

Gloria Serge was by a retention pond behind her house in Fort Pierce, Florida, on Monday when the 10-foot-long alligator crawled up from the water and first tried to attack her dog.

The surveillance footage shows the reptile swimming in a direct path toward Serge’s dog before it rises out of the water and scampers up the embankment in pursuit of the animal.

The elderly woman was taken to the ground with the alligator then biting her feet, and then she was dragged into the water. While the woman's body was recovered from the retention pond, the dog survived.

"Please hurry!... It’s a huge gator. It’s huge, I don’t have anything to give to her," a neighbor is heard saying in a frantic 911 call released by Fort Pierce Police.

"It’s too late. Oh, my God," the woman is later heard saying.

"Did the gator pull her under?" the dispatcher asks.

"Yes," the neighbor screams.

"Alright, you don’t see any of her body, nothing sticking out?" the dispatcher says.

"Nothing, she’s gone," the woman replies.

The alligator, which is reported to weigh between 600 and 700 pounds, was trapped and killed by a nuisance gator trapper.

And now the video.


Watch here:

Backup here:

Absolutely awful thing to happen.

But just one question for the Reporter interviewing the neighbor....

Bro, what kind of question is: "Do you wish you would have gotten to her sooner?"


That's your question?

FacePalm. 🤦‍♂️


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