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Is Stevie Wonder Actually NOT Blind?

DISCLAIMER: No, I have not lost my mind!  Stick with me on this one….

First of all, I want to say I don’t know what is true here and what isn’t.  But I’m a reporter and I find this absolutely fascinating to report about because not just one person but THREE very famous celebrities have gone on record saying Stevie Wonder is NOT blind and that he can see just fine!  Or at least fine enough to drive a car!

I’ll just let you watch for yourself and then we’ll discuss it.

Watch here:

Backup here if needed:

But it’s not just the celebrity stories….

Check out this clip where you can see Stevie reaching out to catch a falling microphone.

Come on man!

So….what do you think?

I’ll say this….growing up I always thought it was pretty crazy that you had two musicians in a similar style of music (Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder) both blind.

Stranger things have happened but that always struck me as odd.

What if Stevie wasn’t blind at all but just saw how it seemed to benefit Ray Charles in his career?

Look, I have no idea what’s true here I’m just reporting on what many celebrities have said and then asking questions.

What do YOU think?

It’s actually been kind of a crazy week for reporting on “conspiracy theories”.

Did you see this one?

Wait….Is It Possible The Challenger Space Shuttle Astronauts Are Still Alive?

Wait....Is It Possible The Challenger Space Shuttle Astronauts Are Still Alive?

Buckle up my friends....we're going down a DEEP rabbit hole on this one!

I have no doubt this is going to stir up a lot of debate and passionate opinions, and that's ok!

That used to be highly favored in America.

In fact, Free Expression and the Open Debate of Ideas was so cherished by our Founding Fathers it was enshrined in our First Amendment.


Because the truth dies in secret.

But it LOVES having a big giant spotlight shined on it!

So that's what we're going to do.

In this article, I'm going to show you some videos and present some claims people are making and I'm not going to tell you what to believe....

Heck, I don't even know what I believe on this topic!  Because it's wild!

But I'm going to lay out all I have and we can all sort through it together.

I'm also not just going to show you TikTok videos or what some random people say online.

No, I'm going to show you what was just presented to the Brevard County Commission during Open Comment on May 21, 2024.

An official proceeding.

Presented calmly and with impressive detail.

And do you know what really caught my attention the most?

It wasn't the claims made by the man in the video I'm about to show you, claiming the Challenger Astronauts are still alive.

No, that was interesting but what caught my attention more than anything else and told me this might be worth paying attention to was the absolute seething anger the Commission Members responded with.

Disproportionate anger.

Irrational and emotional responses.

The exact same type of irrational and emotional and disproportionate responses that I see bubble up from some people whenever the idea of Flat Earth is brought up.

I'm not here to tell you what to think about that either, but I do know that the wild anger that often arises in response is something I find strange.

If I walked up to you and said there's a Purple Haired Monster that lives in my house and only comes out at night time, you'd laugh and think I was an idiot or needed to be committed to a mental institution....but you wouldn't be ANGRY at me.

Same thing goes for the claims this man is making about the Challenger Astronauts.

If he's looney and should be committed, then he should just be dismissed and ignored, but watch the anger that flows out.

Go ahead and take a look here:

Wow, right?

More here:

Quote from the Tweet (not necessarily my opinion, I am just quoting):

We Have Been Lied To About EVERYTHING

Testimony: Challenger Astronauts Allegedly Alive

“I think we all remember the Challenger explosion that took place in 1986 that tragically took the lives of all seven astronauts on board. It launched not too far from where we're standing here today.

Well the interesting thing is a couple decades later this thing called the internet came about and someone allegedly found almost all of those astronauts alive and well, many using the same exact names.

As you can see here, we have Challenger astronaut Judith Resnick and also a Judith Resnick Yale Law Professor. Michael J. Smith, the pilot of the Challenger astronaut, and also professor at University of Wisconsin, now retired, Michael J. Smith.

Commander Dick Scobie, who is now president of cows and trees.

Now if you'll notice, (See video for pictures) they all have the exact same faces 30 some odd years later, the same exact name, and they are the same age. Now we all have a doppelganger out there, right? No big deal. But to have the same face, the same age, and the same exact name is extremely rare.

So where I could only find one case in the last 120 years. And we're supposed to believe that three people from one space flight have exact lookalikes have the same age and same exact names, this, ladies and gentlemen, is beyond statistically impossible.

Miss Resnick was questioned at Yale by a journalist and she panicked and ran from the camera. Why?”

I transcribed a very small potion of this testimony. Watch this video, this is nuts. NASA is laundering our money and feeding us lies.

Here are images of the people they say are currently alive with the exact same names as those who reportedly died on the Challenger.

You can decide for yourself, do they look similar?

There's a lot more to this....

Watch this two-part video series here:

More here:

Next I found a great interview where Ivory Hecker goes deep on this topic.

This is really a must-see, look at everything they uncover here:

Backup video here:

I reiterate that I don't know what is true here, but I have a lot of questions!

What do you think?

Once you realize you've been lied to by your Government (and NASA) on one thing, so many other possibilities suddenly open up.

Perhaps "Conspiracy Theories" are not all that much of "Theories" after all in many cases?

Remember Chemtrails?

I remember posting about chemtrails 10 years ago, and people said I was nuts!

Not true!

Tin foil hat!

That's stupid! even the "Legacy Media" admits them:

“Legacy Media” Now Tacitly Admitting Chemtrails?

Oh, and the Tennessee Senate just passed a Bill banning them.

But hey, you can ban things that don't exist, right?


Asking for a friend....

JUST IN: Tennessee Senate Passes Bill Banning Chemtrails

So we were 100% dead on right about Chemtrails.

Then we have the Moon Landings....

Ahhh, the grand-daddy of them all.

Did we really land on the Moon in 1969-1972 a bunch of times and then just decide to never go back again for over 50 years?

Does anyone really beLIEve that?


Ok, I'm already in for a penny might as well be in for a pound....let's do this:

What Will It Take For You To Finally Admit That We Never Went To The Moon?

What Will It Take For You To Finally Admit That We Never Went To The Moon?

Time to discuss something a little off the beaten path, but our mission first and foremost around here is to print the TRUTH.

And there's been a lot of talk about landing on the Moon recently, so I wanted to discuss it.

Simply put?

I don't believe we landed men on the moon in 1969-1972.  Not even close.

I mean, just look at that picture up's laughable!

That's literally wrapped in aluminum foil and you're telling me they flew that thing all the way to the moon and then got out in their golf cart dune buggies and tooled around a bit on the surface of the Moon?

Oh, and don't forget Nixon called them from this phone:

Yes folks, let that sink in for a minute....

Nixon called the Moon, in 1969, from a landline!

Meanwhile, it's 2024 and I can't get Wifi to work in my house half the time!

But that's not the main reason why I am convinced we never landed on the Moon.

Take this for example....

Here is Buzz Aldrin being asked what the Moon smelled like:

So it smelled like a bar-b-que huh Buzz?

And how exactly did you smell that?

From inside your PRESSURIZED Space Suit?

Oh wait, no I bet it was inside the PRESSURIZED Lunar Lander?

Give me a break.

Another lie.

But there's a lot more and I wanted to show you this video....

My friend Rob Skiba made this, cramming as much as he could into a short 8 minute video.

Listen as NASA themselves tell you we've never been to the Moon...

Here are just some of the highlights of notes I took while listening:

NASA admits we "destroyed the technology" to get to the Moon.

In 2017 direct from NASA: "this is the BEGINNING of human beings being able to leave low-Earth orbit."

"Right now, we can only fly in low-Earth orbit, that's the farthest we can go."

NASA now has to deal with the Van Allen Radiation Belts, and they don't quite have a solution for those yet.  But they flew through them just fine in 1969.  Why? Because they didn't know about them yet!


Watch here:

Backup here:

I've gone into this in great depth before....

If you want more, read this article for my interview with the Moon Man himself, Bart Sibrel:

MOON MAN: Bart Sibrel EXPOSES The Moon Landings

About the only reason to still believe we landed on the Moon in 1969-1972 (and then never went back for over 50 years) is because you emotionally attached to it and haven't really looked into the evidence at all.

It's one of the biggest, and earliest in modern times, lies our Government has told us.

A lot more resources down below....


UPDATE: Did India Fake Its Moon Landing?


Joe Rogan: Why Can’t Billionaires Replicate The Moon Landing?


MSM: “Why Landing On The Moon Is Proving More Difficult Today Than 50 Years Ago…”


BREAKING: Japan Lands On The Moon! See It Here!

Love to get your thoughts!


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