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REPORT: Trump’s Commander-in-Chief Powers Were Revoked by Military Brass On January 6th

A wild report is circulating that confirms what many have suspected since January 6, 2021….

There was indeed a coup that occurred, but it was not by patriotic Americans against the famed “Capitol Building”.

What utter nonsense.

No, the coup appears to have been high level military brass against a sitting President and Commander in Chief.

At least, that is, according to new reports and testimony from Colonel Earl Matthews.

Take a look:

Here is what the Daily Mail had to say in their stunning report which broke the story:

Donald Trump’s authority as commander-in-chief was ignored by senior military leadership on January 6, 2021, claims the chief legal advisor for D.C. National Guard on that day.

Colonel Earl Matthews came forward as a whistleblower to the House subcommittee reviewing the January 6 Select Committee’s investigation.

He sat down with two weeks after the public hearing to explain what he saw happen that day.

He claims that Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, and then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, were plotting to disobey any orders handed down by Trump because they ‘unreasonably’ assumed the then-president was going to break the law and try to use the D.C. National Guard (DCNG) to stop certification of the 2020 presidential election results.

A lot has been made about the breakdown in military and administration communication when it came to the timeline of deploying DCNG to the Capitol.

But Matthews claims senior military leadership was solely focused on getting the heat off of them and putting it back onto Trump.

The Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, Matthews claims, was more than happy to lean into this narrative and blame the entire ordeal on the then-president.

But Matthews says that senior military leadership essentially stripped the president of his authority as commander-in-chief by preemptively planning to go against orders because they didn’t like the optics of uniformed soldiers at the Capitol.

‘I think a very plausible argument can be made that through no fault of his own, President Trump’s command authority over both the D.C. National Guard and the U.S. Army itself had been surreptitiously curtailed by the senior leadership of the Army on January 6, 2021,’ Matthews told

He continued: ‘Army leadership had unreasonably anticipated an ‘unlawful order’ from the President, an order that the President had no plans to issue, and were preemptively seeking to curtail his discretion to issue such an order.’

Matthews, who was the Staff Judge Advocate of the DCNG during the riot, was on the consequential and highly discussed phone call the afternoon of Jan. 6, 2021 with McCarthy, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and other senior leadership.

U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund pleaded during the call for the DCNG to help law enforcement in responding to the Capitol riot. And DCNG Commander Maj. Gen. William Walker had prepared his troops to deploy.

Sund said at a congressional hearing, and Matthews reiterated in his interview with, that Army Staff Director Walter Piatt and Chief of Staff for Operations Charles Flynn were part of that discussion, despite the latter claiming under oath he was not on the call.

Matthews said on the call Flynn and Piatt seemed ‘almost disinterested’ in Sund’s concerns and displayed no urgency toward getting the National Guard to the U.S. Capitol to respond to rioters.

‘Flynn and Piatt displayed what I would characterize as a nonchalant attitude during the roughly 25 minute call,’ the Colonel claimed.

Additionally, he said the two Army leaders ‘didn’t like the optics of the Guard coming to the Capitol,’ even though Piatt said under oath to Congress that he never mentioned ‘optics.’

‘Both Piatt and Flynn were obsessively focused on what they considered the bad optics of military personnel at the Capitol during the certification of the election,’ Matthews told


If Col. Matthews’ testimony is correct, it feels more like treason than a “court martial”.

But we will have to see where the dust settles.

Here is Col. Matthew’s full testimony:

Grok was a bit more cautious with the news, giving these details:

Full text copied below if this is easier to read:

The claim that “Military Brass Stripped Trump of His Power as Commander-in-Chief on J6” is based on a whistleblower’s account reported by the Daily Mail and The Gateway Pundit. Colonel Earl Matthews, in these reports, alleged that army leaders ignored Donald Trump’s authority and plotted to block orders to deploy the National Guard to the Capitol on January 6. The reports suggest that the army leadership, including Mark Milley and Ryan McCarthy, took these steps under the assumption that President Trump would issue unlawful orders, despite no evidence that Trump planned to use the National Guard to interfere with the certification of the 2020 presidential election results.

It’s important to note that this claim is controversial and contested. Critics argue that the Constitution and laws of the United States designate the President as the Commander in Chief, and such authority cannot be stripped without following legal procedures. The President’s authority as Commander in Chief is a constitutional power that is not easily revoked.

Therefore, while there are claims and whistleblower allegations suggesting military brass attempted to circumvent Trump’s authority during the events of January 6, the factual and legal basis for these claims remains a matter of significant debate and contention.

I’m no expert, but a Colonel is pretty high up, right?

Watch more here from the VNN:


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