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Bill Gates Working on “Flying Vaccines” Via Mosquitoes?

In testimony to the Pennsylvania State Senate, attorney Thomas Renz said Bill Gates is working on engineering “flying vaccines” via mosquitoes.

“Your [Pennsylvania’s] mRNA bill in food is a critical thing, but I want to alert you to the fact that it’s not just food. The title of this presentation by the good Professor H (Hiroyuki Matsuoka) is production of a transgenic mosquito as a flying syringe to deliver protective vaccine via saliva.

Gates Foundation has been funding all sorts of genetic engineering of mosquitoes, and there’s a lot of talk about using mosquitoes and mosquito bites to help vaccinate certain populations,” Renz said.

“I don’t have proof that that’s viable yet, but I know they’re working on it. Okay. So I’m not suggesting that the mosquitoes that Bill Gates is working with to engineer down in Florida are injecting anyone with anything.

What I am suggesting is that I have absolutely indisputable evidence that they are working to make sure that they can inject you with something,” he added.

Watch the clip provided by The Vigilant Fox:

Five people acquired malaria in Florida and Texas.

It’s the first “locally-acquired” malaria cases in the United States in twenty years.

In response, Florida issued a statewide malaria alert.

The NIH shared Hiroyuki Matsuoka’s transgenic mosquito experiment in 2010:

We are producing a transgenic mosquito, a flying syringe, to deliver a vaccine protein to human beings via the saliva the mosquito deposits in the skin while biting. The mosquito produces a vaccine protein in the salivary gland (SG) and deposits the protein into the host’s skin when it takes the host’s blood. We chose circumsporozoite protein (CSP), currently the most promising malaria vaccine candidate, to be expressed in the SG of Anopheles stephensi. To transform the mosquitoes, plasmid containing the CSP gene under the promoter of female SG-specific gene, as well as the green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene under the promoter of 3xP3 as a selection marker in the eyes, was injected into more than 400 eggs. As a result, five strains of GFP-expressing mosquitoes were established, and successful CSP expression in the SG was confirmed in one strain. The estimated amount of CSP in the SG of the strain was 40 ng per mosquito. We allowed the CSP-expressing mosquitoes to feed on mice to induce the production of anti-CSP antibody. However, the mice did not develop anti-CSP antibody even after transgenic mosquitoes had bitten them several times. We consider that CSP in the SG was not secreted properly into the saliva. Further techniques and trials are required in order to realize vaccine-delivering mosquitoes.

Bill Gates has funded all sorts of devious experiments with genetically-modified mosquitoes.

Bill Gates-funded Oxitec released genetically-modified mosquitoes in Florida and Texas.

Even Snopes admits it.

From Snopes:

Bill Gates is not himself releasing mosquitoes into the wild. However, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation did award grants that funded biotech company Oxitec’s work to develop genetically modified mosquitoes that may help reduce the spread of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases in certain locations around the world. In April 2021, it was announced that Oxitec would release approximately 150,000 mosquitoes across six locations in Florida. However, the company told Snopes that this particular project was not funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A multi-year research project to genetically modify Aedes aegypti, a mosquito species that is known to carry and transmit infectious diseases to humans, was slated to move from the lab to the fields of Texas and Florida in mid-2021. Under the project, thousands of A. aegypti were altered to make their reproduction more difficult, thus slowing and eventually preventing the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika, and dengue fever. But when the internet caught wind that Bill Gates may have been behind the project, posts circulated on social media that questioned the real motivation behind the project.

Labiotech has more on the Bill Gates-funded Oxitec biotech company.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has partnered with Oxitec for the development of a new strain of genetically-modified mosquitoes that can help reduce the spread of malaria in America.

In its latest effort to free the world of malaria, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has joined forces with Oxitec, a British company that genetically engineers insects to fight the spread of diseases such as Zika, dengue or chikungunya, as well as to protect crops from plagues.

Oxitec has developed a self-limiting technology that selects against female mosquitoes — the ones who bite and spread disease. When male mosquitoes carrying Oxitec’s self-limiting gene are released, they mate with wild females. The females of their offspring will die before adulthood, while the surviving males can mate again with wild females. The self-limiting gene can survive for up to ten generations, after which no genetically-modified mosquitoes remain.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency gave the green light for Bill Gates and Oxitec to release their GMO mosquitoes in the United States.

First Coast News presented this report in 2022:

In fact, Bill Gates is releasing GMO mosquitoes in multiple countries.

The world’s largest mosquito factory, located in Medellin, Colombia, produces 30 million GMO mosquitoes per week.


Bill Gates wrote a piece on Medellin’s mosquito factory in 2022:

Inside a two-story brick building in Medellín, Colombia, scientists work long hours in muggy labs breeding millions and millions of mosquitoes. They tend to the insects’ every need as they grow from larvae to pupae to adults, keeping the temperature just right and feeding them generous helpings of fishmeal, sugar, and, of course, blood.

Then, they release them across the country to breed with wild mosquitoes that can carry dengue and other viruses threatening to sicken and kill the population of Colombia.

This might sound the beginnings of a Hollywood writer’s horror film plot.

But it’s not.

This factory is real.

And the mosquitoes being released don’t terrorize the local population. Far from it. They’re actually helping to save and improve millions of lives.

Let’s not forget this flashback either.

FLASHBACK: Box of Mosquitoes Vaccinated Subjects In Malaria Trial


FACT-CHECK: Bill Gates Said Vaccines Can Reduce World Population By 10-15%?

Time for a Fact-Check!

Did he really say it?

Did he really mean it?

Let's dig in...

In what is perhaps the most stunning quote we've ever heard from a man who has said many stunning and horrific things, this one goes right to the top of the list.

Here is Bill Gates, a man with no scientific training of any kind, giving a Ted Talk about how he wants to roll out his vaccines world-wide and he thinks if he does a "really good job" he can decrease the human population by 10-15%!

He even says it may need to "approach close to zero!"

Don't believe me?

Just listen for yourself:

Sounds pretty clear to me, what do you think?

Ok, here's one more:

To be fair, let's give the other end of the spectrum....

This young lad, Dylan Nolan thinks he just "misspoke":

With all due respect to young Dylan, I think you may be a bit young and naiive sir.

But you're entitled to that opinion!

Backup here from Bitchute:

[iframe src="" width="100%" height="360"]

And to those who think Gates just misspoke, here is a compilation of ALL the creepy things he's said about depopulation:

Did he just misspeak?

Or is the Bible right when it says "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"?

I think you know the answer.

Guess it's working?

Oh, and you might as well make a few billion along the way too, right Bill?

Why not?

Bill Gates Admits To GROSS Vaccine Profit

This is tone-deaf, even for Bill Gates.

Or as some of you have dubbed him: "Kill Gates".

Because he seems hell-bent on Killing humanity.

But even for him, this is pretty wild.

We found a clip of Bill Gates bragging about how he's made OVER a 20-t0-1 return on vaccines!

Gee, I didn't know you were supposed to profit off of saving lives, but congrats Bill!

I mean, enjoy Hell, but congrats!

And here:

Now those clips of Gates talking felt edited to me so I searched for the original interview...and I found it!

The clips WERE edited, but just for time, not for content.

The clips are 100% accurate.

But here's the deal...

The clips are from 2019, a year before COVID hit.

Gates may be one of the richest people but he isn't the smartest man in the world, and he probably didn't think that bragging about insane profits on vaccines would be a bad idea.

I mean, to be honest, this was a very bad idea to admit even in 2019 but after COVID?  It really hits bad.

Here is a backup of the CNBC clip in case they take it down once they realize how bad of a look it is:

And a backup on Rumble for safe-keeping:

Oh, and here he is talking about how they really goofed up on COVID...

How it wasn't nearly as dangerous as they thought.

You mean like WE TOLD YOU from Day 1?



I also want to ask why he's speaking like he's in charge of running the world.

Who appointed him World Ruler?

Why should he have any involvement in an (alleged) public health crisis?

He's not a doctor...

Not a scientist...

Not even really a computer scientist...

He's just a dork.

Speaking of Bill Gates, have you seen this?

Here's his next "venture" 👇

Bill Gates and DFID Working To Put The Poison Vaxx In Cattle!

Want some mRNA steaks?

Would you like your steak well done?


Medium rare?

I'm a medium-rare guy at a steakhouse, and at a non-steakhouse you have to go rare because they always overcook it.  That's your pro-tip of the day.

But no matter what you choose it's about to also come with a side of the mRNA poison vaxx!

How wonderful!

And soon it won't matter at all because if they can't inject them all with mRNA, they'll just be gone anyway!

Have you seen this?

Number Of Beef Cows In The U.S. DROPS To The LOWEST LEVEL Since 1962 — Food Crisis Intensifies


And who do we have to thank?

Why, Bill Gates of course!

Or as some of you have dubbed him, "Kill Gates" as an homage to his penchant for bringing death and destruction seemingly everywhere he goes!

Just ask all the little African children he jabbed.

But I digress, that's a different story.

Today I want you to see how proud he looks announcing his new partnership with DFID to jab all our cattle and inject them with the toxin mRNA vaxx.

Because: "science".



More here:

And longer video here:

Look, I don't know about you but I don't want mRNA in my meat.

I want to eat big, beautiful Black Angus RED MEAT the way God made it!

The very fact they're trying to poison the meat tells you all you need to know.

Meat must be very good for you.

Especially meat without antibiotics, without growth hormones, without chemicals....and definitely without mRNA!

But thanks to "Kill Gates" and his friends like Klaus (Anal) Schwab, that kind of unadulterated meat is becoming harder and harder to find.

Why do the big companies pump the cattle full of all this crap?

In Bill Gates' case, I think he truly believes in a depopulation agenda.

For all the rest?

It's business, baby!  Big business!  Toxic Big Business!

These big companies raise the cattle in stalls with no space in between them.

The result?

One cow gets sick, they all get sick!

So to keep the operation going, they are constantly pumped full of hormones and antibiotics....and then guess what goes into your body when you eat them?

Guess what goes into your kids bodies?

Ever wonder why kids are starting puberty at younger and younger ages?

Couldn't be related to them eating meat pumped full of cow steroids, could it?

But enough about the problem....

I NEVER leave you with just the problem.

You better know I've got the solution!

I'd like to introduce you to Black Angus beef, pasture raised on hundreds of thousands of acres.

Free roaming with plenty of open air between all the cattle.

Grass fed.

No hormones and no antibiotics.  Never!

Oh, and it's CHEAPER than Omaha Steaks!

BOOM, who loves ya baby!

The only "catch"?

It's Invite only.

Good thing you know someone that has the invites....(me!).

If you'd like to find out more and get a FREE personal invite, just go here and tell them Noah sent you:

It's the real deal, and because they don't raise the Black Angus like the big companies do, they may have the SHUT OFF invites if they grow too fast.

So if you want in, let me know soon.

It's all part of something bigger I've just started working on.

Let me fill you in...

When I started this website back in 2015 I started it because I was on a mission...

I wanted to get the truth out to as many people as possible.

The truth that wasn't being covered anywhere else.

I started with literally 0.

Zero experience...

Zero money...

Zero backers...

Zero readers...

Zero of any of you!

Along the way, we've built a massive community of people who love America and want to see our country become great again.

We now average between 4 and 6 million readers EACH MONTH!

And we're growing again, pretty quickly.

More importantly, the MISSION is growing!

But we've also faced major opposition.

Oh it hasn't been easy by any stretch of the imagination.

We were DELETED from Facebook after having 1.5 million people Follow and Love our Page!

Just day, gone!

We've been censored on almost every platform out there, emails sent to Junk or just "disappeared" despite people signing up over and over.

Speaking of email, we've had two email companies ban us because they went Far-Left.

So it hasn't always been easy...

But we're on a MISSION and mission always wins out in the end.

And today I want to tell you about an expansion of that mission.

From Day 1, our mission has been about getting the truth out to as many people as we possibly can.

But after being deleted, banned and censored by almost everyone out there, I realized pretty quick that we need a Parallel Economy!

We need to stop sending our dollars to the corporations that hate us and want to see us gone!

Remember the Georgia Guidestones?

They literally told us they wanted to reduce us from 8 billion people on the Earth down to only 500 million.

No big deal, right?

Just an elimination of 94% of all people living right now.

And yet we continue to shop at their big stores and send them our money, because until now we've had little choice.

Well, today that changes.

And today my mission EXPANDS...

And I'm SO excited!

Allow me to introduce you to the solution.

It's time to "Make The Switch" and change where you send your dollars each month.

What if I told you instead of sending your money to Jeff Bezos and Costco and Walmart, you could shop at the LAST pro-America, freedom-loving, American designer, manufacturer and shipper of all the stuff you buy each month!

Oh, and what if I told you the products are BETTER and often CHEAPER?

Yes, for real.

And what if I told you this is the best kept secret you've never heard of before, but that this company has been doing this for the last 37 years?

And their founder was once placed on Barack Hussein Obama's list of the Top 10 most "Dangerous Conservatives" in America?

(a list I one day hope to make myself!)

All of that is real and I'm so excited to tell you about it and I hope you'll join the MISSION with me.

Here's a quick summary of this company that I'm so excited to now be partnered up with on this mission:

Sound good to anyone else?

Me too!

The reason you've never heard of them is because it's Invite Only.

I can get you in, but you can't just go sign up.

They only want people on the same mission to join and they're happy to say "no" to the Far-Left Libs!

They've been doing it for 37 years and it's been working great.

Oh, and did I mention the products are non-toxic and don't have all the chemicals and crap like Red Dye 40 that all the Big Corporations put in their products to weaken you?

To wear you down?

To make you -- and your family -- sick?

Because then when you get sick you'll buy their drugs!

Sorry folks, I don't play that game and neither does my family.

We're talking the LAST all natural, grass fed, no hormone, massive beef cattle ranch in the United States....

Sound good?

We're talking Fluoride Free Toothpaste, chemical free cleaners, Deet-free mosquito repellant!

What novel concepts, right?

Stop sending you money to these 11 corporations that do NOT have your best interest at heart:

It's an ILLUSION of choice.

There's only one pro-American, American made and manufactured, chemical free, toxin free, hormone free, company left....and I'm teaming up with them to FIGHT BACK!

Who's with me?

Watch this:

As I said, it's Invite Only and the invite is completely free!

In fact, I've assembled a team of patriots who will personally get you invited and signed up....if you want in.

It's called "Patriot Switch" and I think the name says it all.

Folks, we don't have many strongholds left.

This is one.

And I'm all in.

If you'd like to find out more and get a FREE personal invite, just go here:

Tell them Noah sent you and I promise you will get a personal call, text or email.

Don't freak out when you do.

And make sure you tell them you are interested in the Black Angus beef!

I know I tend to get concerned when I get messages from numbers I don't recognize, but if you request a Free Invite (Link here: you WILL have someone from my Inner Circle reach out to be ready!

These are awesome people and I think you'll love getting a chance to talk with them.

And they'll help get you all set up.

Who's with me?

- Noah

p.s. Since everyone gets personal attention, we will take these in the order in which they come in.  So if you are excited, ask for your invite now or you might be far down on the list.  I have a great team, but they can only do so much and they'll work on a first-come, first-served basis.

Request a free Invite here:



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