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Is THIS Exactly How The Compromise Members of Congress? (Warning: EXPLICIT)

A post is going viral on Twitter claiming that Bernie Sanders raped a boy on video tape 30 years ago….

The post has 1.3 million views already and growing fast.

I want to be very clear at the onset of this article to say we have absolutely NO EVIDENCE to corroborate that claim.

Am I clear on that?

Because that’s not the most interesting part of this viral Twitter post to me.

I don’t care if it’s true or not with regard to Bernie Sanders.

I’m even going to assume it’s not true.

But what’s really interesting to me is that what is described here is how I imagine things ACTUALLY happen.

It’s the age old question…..

We all wonder what happens to people who seem to be really good people with common sense who love America…..what happens to them when they get to D.C. and suddenly change all of a sudden for seemingly no reason?

I think this can explain it.

Let me just show you the post that is going viral and then I’ll break it all down.

When I was a child, I was brought into a basement to be… violated.
While I was being raped, a man was dragged downstairs, and was told to rape a boy that was bent over in front of him, or they would the man and his family, who were lined up along a wall, where there was also a man behind a camera on a tripod.

Someone else came up to him, and told him
“If you don’t do it, they will kill your family, and nothing can undo that, but if you do it, it’ll be fine, because that boy is used to it, and no one has to die”

To date, that’s the hardest I’ve ever seen a grown man cry.
That man is currently sitting in Congress.

There is a system of bribery and blackmail controlling the upper echelons of society.
The question is if someone “Did the deed” with a smile on their face because they knew their fortunes would improve, or if they did it with a tear in their eye because they didn’t want to hurt the child.

The only way we will be able to expose it is if the blackmailed and the children come together to name those who forced us.

Screenshot here in case it gets deleted:

Ok, I told you it was wild!

She later confirmed in the Tweet thread that she was talking about Bernie Sanders:

Ok, now once again I want to say I cannot confirm this.

This is what this Twitter account is claiming.

But I want to set aside the Bernie Sanders name and just discuss this in general.

Because I think this is EXACTLY how these things happen.

I think there are a few different categories of how they entrap and blackmail people in Washington.

I think the first category is the people who have very loose morals and ethics and who find themselves in these compromising situations by their own doings.

They get caught on tape having sex with minors not because they were entrapped but because it’s just who they are and they take the opportunity when it presents itself.

A despicable group.

The second category of people I think are the ones who lust for fame and power, and they are willing to basically sell out — to sell their soul — for money and power.

Another shameful and despicable group.

But it’s the third group of people that I think is the most fascinating and probably the most prevalent.

And it’s what is described in this post.

The people who are actually compromised against their will.

Go up and read that post again.

She describes a situation where the person is told to either rape some boy or girl they have never met or their whole family will be raped and killed.

Sound extreme?

Sound impossible?

I don’t think it is.

I actually think this is probably what happens very frequently.

So what do you do?

What choice do you make?

And don’t pretend to sit there and tell me you’d “do the right thing” — because there IS no “right thing” here.

There’s only bad and worse.

And so you choose bad and end up on tape raping some small child and then they hold that over your head for the next 80 years.

To do whatever they tell you to do….

To say whatever they tell you to say….

It’s why people who seem good in the beginning suddenly turn rotten once they hit D.C.

I’m NOT claiming anything specific with regard to any specific people, but we’ve seen it time and time again, haven’t we?

Paul Ryan.

John Roberts.

I could sit here and name 100 names.

People who were rock solid until they got deep into D.C. and then turned nasty.

Does this explain it?

We tend to think of these people as blackmailed for things they choose to do, but what if they are compromised against their will?

I want to reiterate one more time that I am not making any allegations against anyone specific and I do not have any confirmation that this has occurred with regard to Bernie Sanders or anyone else, but I ask you this…..does it make sense?

Does it make MORE sense than assuming all these people just turn against their established character once they rise to power in D.C.?

I think it explains a lot.

Wouldn’t it be great if they all banded together and just came out and told the truth all at once together?


The truth will set you free.

Maybe it’s time to tell it.


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