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OJ Simpson Died Owing MILLIONS To Family Of Murder Victims Nicole Brown And Ron Goldman

As the WLT Report covered earlier, OJ Simpson died on Thursday at the age of 76.

At the time of his death, Simpson still owed more than $100 million to the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

After being found not guilty in a criminal trial for Brown and Goldman’s murder, Simpson was found liable in a civil trial for the murders of Brown and Goldman and was ordered to pay $33.5 million, but with interest and non-payments that number has ballooned to well over $100 million.

An attorney representing Goldman said he would attempt to collect the money that is owed from Simpson’s estate.

Here’s what The Daily Mail reported:

OJ Simpson died owing his murder victim’s family more than $100 million – and they say they’re still going after the money.

Simpson, who died in Nevada on Wednesday age 76, was found liable in civil court for $33.5 million for the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson in 1997. The Goldman family has been pursuing the growing debt ever since.

An attorney for Ron’s father Fred said due to Simpson’s failure to pay, the debt with interest has ballooned to over $100 million, and said he will be ‘going to work on’ collecting anything they can from Simpson’s estate, even after the Juice’s death.

‘We have to start over here,’ said debt collection attorney David Cook. ‘We’re going to work on that. There might be something out there.

‘We’ve had this problem for a long long time,’ he added. ‘It could be in a trust, it could be probate. It could be all gone.’

Per Voz:

Even after his death from cancer at the age of 76, the case that OJ Simpson starred in for the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown continues to be of interest to the public. Even more so now, since the former NFL star died owing more than $100 million to the victims’ families after a civil court in 1997 found him responsible for both crimes despite his earlier acquittal in the most famous trial of the ’90s.

Speaking to the British tabloid Daily Mail, one of Ron’s father’s lawyers, Fred, explained that as a result of OJ Simpson’s non-payment, the debt with interest amounted to more than $100 million, a figure much higher than the initial sentence. of the civil court that had ordered the former American football player to pay $33.5 million.

The lawyer, David Cook, told the English media that he would work to collect everything they could from Simpson’s estate, even after the death of who was once one of the national sports stars even when he was accused of the murders of Goldman and Brown.

“We have to start over here,” Cook told the Daily Mail. “We’re going to work on that. There might be something out there (…) It could be in a trust, it could be probate. It could be all gone.”

Cook explained to the tabloid that OJ Simpson had long avoided paying because he filed for bankruptcy.

In fact, according to court filings dating back to June 2022, the former NFL star has only paid $133,000 since 1997, when the debt totaled more than $96 million.


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