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Trump Calls for Christian Day of Visibility

It was Easter Sunday when the Biden decided to declare that it was the perfect day to declare Trans Visibility Day.

What a joke.

They have a whole month.

Sorry, let me correct myself.

I was just informed they have 2 months now.

In fact, they have over TWO HUNDRED DAYS. (See calendar below)

That’s right.

Over 200 days.

Nearly 55% of the year is dedicated to promoting, celebrating and worshipping their queer lifestyle.

They’re so oppressed!

In Canada, they have a whole season:

These people won’t be happy until it’s a 24/7 celebration, apparently.

So, Trump boomerangs on them and declares November 5th to be Christian Visibility Day.

Fox News reports:

Former President Trump vowed to create a “Christian Visibility Day” following President Biden’s declaration of “Transgender Day of Visibility,” which happened to land on Easter Sunday this year.

“And what the h— was Biden thinking when he declared Easter Sunday to be trans visibility day?” Trump asked his supporters during a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Tuesday. “Such total disrespect to Christians.”

The presumptive Republican nominee for president promised that Nov. 5 would be “Christian Visabiliy Day” if he is elected.

“And on November 5th, it is going to be called something else. You know, it’s going to be called Christian Visibility Day,” Trump said to thunderous applause.

Trump’s comments came after President Biden celebrated “Transgender Day of Visibility,” which is recognized March 31, and this year fell on Easter Sunday.

Biden has faced backlash after his annual day to honor the transgender movement fell on Easter Sunday, one of the most important and holiest days for Christians, as they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I think when President Trump takes power back we should do the same as our enemies and push for more days that honor our history and heritage.

Christian History Month.

March Martyr’s Month.

Honoring Matrimony May.

Nationalism November.

European Heritage Month.

Straight Pride Month.

Attacks on Marriage Awareness Week.

What else?


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