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UPDATE: Airport Executive KILLED In Shootout With Feds, Reason For Deadly Exchange Revealed

The ATF and the FBI are adept at murdering Americans and nothing else.

WLTR recently reported on the tragic slaying of Bryan Malinowski at the hands of ATF agents, and now the reason for the shootout that resulted in his death has been revealed.

Agents of the ATF raided Malinowski’s home to serve him a warrant for ‘illegal’ arms sales—the Constitution of the United States and the law of God say there is no such thing.

Malinowski is alleged to have made secondary arms sales, something which is outright permitted by the laws of the United States, not that the law of man is any indication of what is right or moral.

However, it must be said that Malinowski did nothing wrong. All he did was purchase firearms second-hand and proceed to sell them again.

It is not the state’s business to regulate the sale of firearms. We survived in this country for 200 years without such tracking and did not have the problems we have today.

It matters not if a gun is used in the service of a crime, which is what the ATF claims about some of the weapons Malinowski sold, because guns are not artisanal objects—they are mass manufactured.

Serial number or not, anywhere between hundreds to millions of copies exist for every make and model of firearm. How can tracking them by serial number actually deter crime?

Additionally, ballistic forensic ‘science’ is a crapshoot at best. Law enforcement officials want you to believe that this shell science has validity—it doesn’t.

In reality, when someone shoots a gun at another person, law enforcement officials have little idea how the shooting actually occurred, or which particular gun it was shot out of.

Again, multiple copies exist of all mass-manufactured firearms, and this alone throws the whole “beyond a shadow of a doubt” out the window in jury proceedings.

Moreover, 3D printing is now an entrenched reality. People can print firearms in home that contain no serial number at all.

What happened to Malinowski was murder, pure and simple.

Never, in any case, should armed thugs of the state raid a private residence and kill the occupant over sham paperwork for sham, unconstitutional laws. Here’s what we currently know:

Right Angle News Network speculated that this may be tied to the Clinton political family:

“The ATF reported that agents, attempting to execute a warrant, were met with gunfire from an individual within the premises, later confirmed to be Malinowski. They were attempting to serve him the warrant shortly after 6 a.m.

Details regarding the nature of the warrant and the ongoing investigation were not disclosed by the ATF, state police, or federal prosecutors. And the Clinton number goes up yet again.”

The Washington Post claimed:

According to the unsealed and partly redacted affidavit from ATF, Malinowski bought more than 150 guns between May 2021 and February 2024, which he resold without a license.

The unsealed affidavit was first reported by local media on Thursday.

Six of the weapons were recovered after being linked to a crime, while three others were purchased during undercover operations.

Malinowski bought the guns legally but checked a box confirming they were for his own use, the affidavit said.

One individual remarked: “Bryan Maliownski was being investigated for “dealing in firearms without a license” which is a private sale and “unlawful acquisition of a firearm” which he acquired firearms also in a private sale. To simply put this in short terms, the AFT is saying that private sales are illegal.”

NBC News issued this statement from the Malinowski family:

“Our family has endured an unspeakable tragedy and one that is almost impossible to understand,” the Malinowski family said in a statement Thursday.

They also said their prayers were going out to the agent who was injured.


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