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Speaker Trump? It’s Back In Play, Here’s Why…

Could we STILL possibly see a Speaker of the House Donald Trump?

Before Kevin McCarthy was elected, rumors of a Speaker Trump were flying fast.

Then McCarthy got in and it looked like that ship had sailed.

But then McCarthy was ousted and it looked like we might once again get Speaker Trump.

But then Mike Johnson was appointed (after 17ish votes).

Fast forward to today and it looks like we might get a third bite at the apple as Johnson is under siege for passing an absolutely absurd $1.2 Trillion spending bill:

The House Just Passed a Ridiculous $1.2 Trillion Spending Bill — Here’s The FULL LIST of Republicans Who Betrayed You

A motion to vacate the chair has already been filed, and if history teaches us anything it's that it might not be successful on the first vote, but it might ultimately happen, thanks to patriots like Matt Gaetz and MTG:

Motion Filed To Vacate The Chair, Remove Speaker Mike Johnson

So now speculation is rising again of a Speaker Trump.

Wouldn't that be incredible?

Of course he will still be voted in as President in November, but what about from now until then?

Here's why it actually makes a TON of sense.....below is a report I initially ran last year, so you may notice a few things that are dated to that time period, but all underlying thoughts remain 100% valid.

Please read and see what you think -- do we make it happen this time?

3rd time's a charm?

#SpeakerTrump Is Trending On X, Here's Why It Makes A Ton Of Sense And Goes DEEP!

I first told you about this a year ago...

It seemed like a longshot and still does, but then again so did Trump defeating 17 other primary contenders and then knocking off Hillary Clinton to win in 2016.

It's always a longshot....until it's not.

And after Steve Scalise failed and Jim Jordan failed, THIS is trending right now:

Was this the plan around?

If it's true that we're watching a movie, then perhaps all the drama around the Speaker of the House situation is just a great story arc playing out and slowly paving the way for President Trump to step in...

Perhaps they need to "make it look good".....make it look real.

Give it a little drama!

We've covered the potential for Trump to become Speaker many times here, but today I want to focus on some different angles we haven't really dug in to before.

Because the more you peel back the onion here, the more you realize this not only makes sense but this solves a TON of problems all at once!

And it seems like the perfect little prologue to Trump returning as President in 2024.

Imagine the progression that might some day be recorded in the history books when the dust settles and all is truly known?



How do you take a Constitutionally-limited 8 year term and stretch it out?

This seems like a pretty brilliant way to do it!

All while letting Joe Biden seemingly preside over the complete collapse of the country -- inflation, wars, border invasion, etc.

You red pill the people by letting them see how truly bad it can get, and how quickly it can get there, under something like a Biden/Harris administration, while still retaining much control (Continuity of Government) in the background.

Now let's dig in deeper to understand what else is at play here that you've probably never heard of...

This comes to us courtesy of a post from my friend Defender Of The Republic, who reposted a Telegram Post and a Rumble video from Ivan Raiklin, speaking at the Reawaken Tour.

I know some of you love the Reawaken Tour and some are very skeptical of Clay Clark, but please set that aside for now.

That's not the purpose of this post and please don't get sidetracked by it.

Here is the post that DOTR shared:

Allow me to explain what you're seeing here.

The man in the front with his back to us is Ivan Raiklin, who is the speaker in the video I'm about to show you.

Here he is presenting his information to Lara Trump and Eric Trump.

In other words, Trump's inner circle most definitely now has this information!

And now to the video:

Speaking at Clay Clark's Reawaken event at Trump Doral hotel in Miami, Ivan lays out why we need the head of the Republican Party to be Speaker of the House of Representatives. Huge support and applause from the crowd

Watch as he lays out all the things a Trump Speakership could immediately do -- it's way bigger than just getting Trump into Congress or getting him Third In Line for the Presidency.

One quick spoiler: Kash Patel is involved and would immediate have Subpoena and Law Enforcement power.

And you'd better believe he would use it "liberally"!


Watch here:

Backup video here if needed.

I have a feeling the whole Scalise / Jim Jordan thing is just a distraction...

I could of course be wrong, but I don't think Speaker Trump is off the table, not by a long shot!

Here's a lot more on how it could all work:

The "Grey Area" That Could Allow Trump To Still Become Speaker!

By now you've no doubt heard that it's becoming more and more likely that Trump could actually become Speaker of the House.

I'm not saying it WILL happen, but I'm saying it's possible.

Some people have tried to pour cold water on that idea recently, citing to something called "Rule 26" which says House Republicans must "step aside" if indicted for a felony:

A lot of Trump haters have been shouting about this all day saying "See!  Trump can't be Speaker!"

And yet, that's not quite true.

First of all, that's not a law, it's apparently a rule that can be voted on -- and changed -- at any time.

In other words, if there was a strong enough vote to actually vote President Trump into Speaker, that same vote could modify this rule.

So it's not "set in stone".

But here's the even bigger part....

It's a "grey area" in the first place, because Trump as Speaker would not BE a "member of the House" so it's unclear if the rule would even apply to him in the first place!


Listen to this:

Incredibly enough, President Trump has not declined the job and has indicated he may be open to it....

President Trump: "If I Can Help Them [With Speaker], I Would Do It

Yesterday we floated the idea that President Trump COULD become Speaker of the House and that COULD potentially set off a chain of perhaps very carefully planned events?

I'll provide all those details below.

Then last night Hannity reported Trump was in talks about it and was open to it.

Then today President Trump was asked directly about it and he answered.

You can watch the clip below, but he says some very interesting things....

He says:

A lot of people have been calling him...

He will do what's best for the Republican Party and the American people...

We have some great people in Congress...

He says he's focused on the Presidential race...

But then he says "if I can help them during the process, I'd do it"

Other people could do a great job too...

"I'll do whatever is necessary to help"

Watch here:

He's already got one nomination:

CONGRESSMAN: "I Nominate Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the House"

Yes, folks this is real.

Real in the sense it comes from a real sitting member of Congress, Mr. Troy E. Nehls.

Bravo sir!

It's not a formal motion, but you gotta love this guy getting this out on Twitter just hours after McCarthy got thrown out on his butt!

From his Twitter bio, Troy is a congressman from TX-22, a Member of the FreedomCaucus and proudly serving on the Judiciary and Transport GOP committees.

Here's what he just posted to X:


So, is that just a funny Tweet?

Just a nonsense post?

I don't think so.

I posted this just a few hours ago:

Donald Trump -- Speaker Of The House?

All the drama today is about Kevin McCarthy, but I want to shift away from him for a minute and talk about what happens if he is vacated as Speaker of the House.

Does this pave way for the absolutely wild theory we told you about last year?

We've reported on this before, and it looked dead in the water with McCarthy appointed Speaker, but is it suddenly back in play?

Oh my!

Look, I'm not saying this is GOING to happen, or even LIKELY to happen, but it IS POSSIBLE to happen!

And it's suddenly back on the table!

And it lines up perfectly with what Trump just told us last week -- remember this?

President Trump: “…In Less Than 5 Months, We’re Going To Defeat Biden…”

Ok, so here's how the plan/theory goes...

About 2 years ago, we first started telling you about the plan to bring back Trump before 2024.

I'll copy the FULL story down below so you can see what we've been telling you longer than anyone else...

But here's the short summary.

You don't have to be a Member of Congress to be appointed as Speaker of the House.

It's true, look it up.

From the almighty ChatGPT:

So, the theory that we published here was that President Trump could be appointed Speaker of the House, then Biden and Harris removed...and then who steps right into the Presidency?


When I first posted the theory, people scoffed.

No one would ever vote for Trump, won't happen they said!

Others said even if that happened, there would be no way to get rid of Biden and Harris.

But now?

Don't forget folks....we still have a little thing called the Brunson Brothers case (Brunson v. Adams) which could remove 383 Members of Congress plus Biden and Harris in an instant!

That is STILL pending in the Supreme Court and is not finished yet.

In fact, it seems as though the SCOTUS is just waiting for the exact right time to hear it.

Things that make you go "hmmmmmm"....

And as to Trump getting votes?

Well, he's already got one.

Take a look:

I am truly becoming such a huge Matt Gaetz fan!

"Fan" isn't the right word.

The man is earning my strong admiration.

President Trump once famously said "I'd love to lose everything for a period."

Why...he was asked.

The answer: "Because then I'd really know who my true friends (and allies) were."

Well sir, you're learning right now and Matt Gaetz is confirming he's a true friend and ally, and a man who truly understands what the MAGA Movement means.

He was last year, and he's proving today he still is.

One of the few left!

So sad to see Jim Jordan, Byron Donalds and MTG all siding with McCarthy today.

Mr. President, keep Matt Gaetz close by your side.

People are loving it:

And now I have to ask the question...

Is the plan we first told you about two years ago actually playing out before our very eyes?

The "movie" hasn't been so good up to this point, but I have a feeling you're going to LOVE how this thing ends.

Here was my original post with much more details on how it would all work (and how interesting as I go back and re-read this, Matt Gaetz was all over it from the very beginning -- hidden in plain sight):

Did The Plan To Reinstate Trump (Before 2024) Just Come Into Focus?

About a year ago, I brought you a wild theory...

At least it was wild when I first suggested it.

But then Matt Gaetz talked about it and President Trump gave it a tacit head nod saying "that's interesting!"

More on those details below in just a minute.

But suddenly today as the election results are still coming in and it appears as though the Republicans will almost certainly take the House and very likely the Senate too, suddenly this plan popped back into my head...

And suddenly a couple of the big pieces now seemed to be falling in place.

Because in order to execute this plan, you need a Republican House and a Republican Senate.

And we just may have those very soon!

Based on everything I'm seeing, I think it's very likely we get 51 or 52 in seats in the Senate.

So please allow me to lay out the plan again and now that we see the pieces moving into place, I'm curious what you think now?

Can you see it all coming together?

Buckle up and enjoy this read, it's really good...👇

Last year, I brought you the story of a brilliant plan to reinstate Trump as President -- before 2024 -- and to maybe get him 10 years in office overall!

Parts of the plan had been shared online before, but when I published my article this was the first time I'd heard a few of the pieces come into play and I thought it was brilliant.

I'm going to repost the plan below in case you missed it.

The most common feedback I saw in response to my article was that it will "never happen" because Trump has been told about it and said he wasn't interested.

Well, I didn't buy that then and I don't buy that now.

Never felt right to me.

And today I got my confirmation, and it came from Matt Gaetz and President Trump at Trump's most recently rally.

Matt Gaetz laid out the plan live at the Rally with President Trump standing right next to him.

He did the condensed version, so be sure to read below in my article to get all the absolutely brilliant details of how this will work, but Gaetz laid out the plan and Trump is standing right there....

So what does Trump say when he takes back the mic?

"Wow, that was interesting!"

With a twinkle in his eye.

It's almost like they both put it right out there for all you to see, isn't it?

He didn't deny it...

Didn't try to shrug it off...

Just says "that's interesting" with a huge smirk on his face.

Watch here:

And now if you want to know the full details, please keep reading.

This is from my original post about 2-3 months ago.

Yes, I know everyone has heard of the idea/plan that Trump could become Speaker of the House and then impeach Biden and Harris and take over.

I always dismissed it as nonsense.

Trump is not even running for Congress and being in Congress would be beneath him.

Foolishness, I thought.

But that was until I heard the extra pieces to the plan this week.

I had NEVER in my life even heard some of this was possible, but I researched it and it turns out it IS possible!

I live and breath this stuff all day long and I had no idea of some of these details, so I have a suspicion it will be new to you as well!

Let's dig in, shall we?

Let me introduce you to Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes, who has just explained in under 3 minutes how President Trump could VERY well become President again before 2024.

Let's start with her short video and then scroll down for my analysis:

Ok, so basically here's the summary if you're not able to watch the video.

We have record numbers of members of Congress retiring or not running for re-election.

That plus the disaster of the Biden Regime has the Republicans set to have a massive red wave of new seats in Congress.

So many seats that they could easily conduct an impeachment of Biden and Harris.

Now here's where it gets interesting...

What if massive fraud is uncovered JUST BEFORE that red wave happens?

What if it becomes crystal clear to even CNN and MSDNC that Biden and Harris stole the election?

What if the evidence is so irrefutable, the entire country knows it?

Well, you could try to have the election unwound and decertified, but as we've seen that seems to be an incredibly long process with unclear legal precedent.

But what if there were a much quicker and easier way?

What if you simply impeached Biden and Harris?

If you had a red wave, you could do it in a few days, especially if it was on the heels of clear evidence showing they cheated.

No decertification.

No constitutional problems.

Just immediate impeachment and removal.

And here's where it gets really fun...

Who is third in line to become President?

The Speaker of the House.

So what if Trump were appointed as the Speaker of the House by that same red wave?

I previously thought this was far-fetched because he isn't running for any seat in Congress, nor would he want to.  It's below a President.

But here's where it gets even MORE interesting...

Did you know you don't have to be a Member of Congress to be appointed Speaker of the House?

It's true!

I had no idea, but I looked it up and IT. IS. TRUE!

Oh my....

Are you seeing the pieces fit together yet?

Oh baby!

From Wikipedia:

And again here:

So now you have a process that could play out in a manner of days and Trump suddenly is back in the White House as President -- without Pence too!

Now, here's one last piece...

What if this was the plan all along?

As we've suspected all along and written about extensively here at WeLoveTrump, I believe a sting operation was launched on November 3, 2020 and I believe they captured all of the cheating live and in real time.

I believe they've had it for almost a year and a half.

But they can't release it until the Red Wave of 2022 is done and the rest of the plan is ready to go.

Then you roll out what I described above and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Think the delay has been long?

It's unfortunately been a critical part of the plan.

Here's the last and best part: I believe if Trump takes office like this, the remaining time until 2024 does not count against him, so he gets that time and then wins in the biggest landslide ever in 2024 to serve a total of 10 years in office.

And you had better believe these next 5 years will be unlike anything you've ever seen or even heard about in your lifetime.

I believe he had to lay low in his first term.

I believe the first term was all about catching the election fraud in process so that the decades of election steals in America would finally come to an end.

Yes, he did some great things along the way but I believe the entire first term was mostly about getting into power so he could catch the election fraud in process.

You didn't REALLY think he was caught off guard, did you?

You didn't REALLY think he didn't have a plan, did you?

Of course not.

They launched the most extensive and detailed sting operation we have ever seen and he watched it all live from his SCIF in the Eisenhower Building.

And they have it ALL recorded.

All of it.

The plan was more brilliant than any of us ever expected!

Since I expect that YouTube clip will soon get deleted, I found a backup here on Rumble:

And before I go, here's a bonus for you...

Here is Matt Gaetz talking about it:

From CNN:

At a rally in Georgia on Saturday night, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced former President Donald Trump. And said this:

“Give us the ability to fire Nancy Pelosi, take back the majority, impeach Joe Biden and I am going to nominate Donald Trump for speaker of the United States House of Representatives.”

To which Trump responded: “Well, that was interesting.”

Yes, it was!

Chatter about Trump being nominated as speaker has been kicking around in right-wing circles for some time now.

Gaetz has previously pledged to nominate Trump for speaker and said that he has spoken to him about the idea – although he gave no indication of whether the former President would be interested in the job.

In November, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said that he “would love to see the gavel go from (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump. You talk about melting down – people would go crazy.”

Trump himself has also, in a general sense, entertained the idea too.

in June 2021, the former President told conservative radio talk show host Wayne Allyn Root that the idea of becoming House speaker was “very interesting.”

Here’s the reality: 1) Trump could technically be elected speaker since there is no constitutional requirement that position be held by a member of the House. 2) There’s also no way he is going to actually be speaker.

On that second point, Trump seems to be moving steadily toward a second run for president in 2024, and a pit stop at the labor-intensive job of speaker of the House is just not in the realm of possibility.

Here's more from Matt, just this week:




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