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Arrests Incoming? “They’re Gonna Be Cheating….and We’re Gonna Be Watching!” The 2024 Plan Explained

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: “What does 2024 matter?  They’ll just rig it and steal it again!”

Fair question.

I have a couple thoughts on that and then I want to share what President Trump said recently.

My first though has always been I truly believe we already caught them in 2020.

I believe the evidence is safe and secure, but we had to let things play out.

It’s why President Trump has told us MULTIPLE times that we had to have “The Pause”:

President Trump Once Again Explains Why “The Pause” Was Necessary

Simply put, if President Trump had presented the evidence in 2020 right after the election, it would have looked like a Dictator trying to stay in power.

And I believe it would have sent our country into a Civil War.

So I believe he had to let it play out....

Record all the evidence of the steal live and in realtime from that SCIF (and tuck it safely away, perhaps via Space Force?) to use for a later time.

Let the country see how truly bad things could get under Biden, and how quickly they would devolve....

And then win 2024 in a landmark fashion.


Just as he won in 2016.

Then once he's back in office and has won fair and square, then he releases all the evidence of the steal in 2020.

At that point, no one can accuse him of trying to stay in office like a Dictator.

He will have left for 4 years....a huge chunk of the Country will be red-pilled by Biden's failures....and then he will have won fair and square in a LANDSLIDE in 2024.  All completely above board and by the book.  And then he rolls out the evidence he's been saving of the 2020 steal and then he exacts justice.  Not vengeance, but JUSTICE!

That's how I've always seen it playing out.

But that's just me, your humble correspondent.

Now I want you to listen to President Trump very carefully in this short clip and tell me if you basically hear that exact same thing in his own words:

Backup here:

It's why I've never understood the argument about "fix 2020 first" vs. "win in 2024".

There is no distinction!

It's all one and the same and we're gonna do both at the same time!

Listen to your President and what he says above....don't you dare sit this one out!

Every single one of you needs to get out to VOTE TRUMP in November and bring 2 or 3 Trump friends with you and we need to send him the biggest landslide victory in history!

That's how we do it....and then the fun really starts.

I'm Noah and I approve this message!

Please share.


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