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STUNNING: AI Used To Recreated Hitler’s Speeches In English, In His Voice [Extreme Warning]

This article comes with an EXTREME WARNING.  Very sensitive content.  Some readers may want to not go any further.

But for everyone else, the truth dies in darkness but thrives in the light.

So I am thrusting a big, giant spotlight onto this topic, even as controversial as it may be.

Another disclaimer: absolutely nothing in this article should be taken as supporting or rationalizing Hitler or anything he did.

Ok, now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s dig in.

Because even just on a purely technical level, this is truly stunning.

Have you ever wondered how Hitler rose to power?  How did he captivate a nation?

Isn’t that the first question we all have once we learn about Hitler in school?

It was for me.

So let me get this straight, this guy says he wants to wipe out an entire race of people, and somehow all the people in the country go along with it and support him?

Never really made any sense.

But what if history isn’t exactly what we’ve been told?

NO, I AM NOT DENYING THE HOLOCAUST, so don’t bring that nonsense around here.

But the history books are written by the victors.

What if the situation was much more complex and much more layered than we were taught in school?

I think we’re about to find out.

And I think the people who wrote the history books never counted on AI existing and being used for something like this.

But it’s here.

Basically, here’s how good the AI has gotten….it can take a source video of someone speaking in a foreign language and it can edit both the visuals and the audio so that the person is speaking in English instead.  It can sync up the face and mouth to look perfectly natural.  And not only that, but it will make the English be in that person’s own voice with their own speaking style and accent.

Truly stunning!

We saw the first example of this a few days ago with Argentina’s Javier Milei:

MUST SEE: Argentina’s President Milei At The WEF (In English With His Own Accent)

Absolutely incredible and mindblowing!

Well, it didn't take long for someone to take that technology and apply it to Hitler's famous speeches of the WW2 era 1940s.

Dom Lucre was one of the first to post the videos to Twitter.

This short 7 minute video may turn a lot of heads.

I'll give you my analysis down below, but first listen to this -- this is Hitler on January 30, 1939, just 7 months before WWII would break out:

Backup here:

More here:

Ok, now my analysis....

The first thing that jumped out to me was the same thing that jumped out to many people commenting: at least in this speech, Hitler's beef didn't seem to be with the Jewish people just for the sake of being Jewish, he seemed to specifically call out the "Jewish Financiers" that start all the wars:

I'll give my disclaimer once again: NOTHING in this article should be read as rationalizing or defending anything said or done by Hitler.

But....anyone else struck when you heard that by how much things seem to have not changed in our day?

We still have these international Jewish financiers like the Rothschilds financing all the world wars!

It's wrong and evil and demonic to hate a certain people group, especially the Jewish people who are God's own chosen people, but it's not wrong to hate a group of people who keep financing all the world wars!

And they're still at it....



They're doing their best to stoke up as many wars in as many places as possible!

Ok, the second thing that jumped out to me was how he laments the "Democracies of the West" imposing sanctions on them and interfering with their Country.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that because it sounded almost VERBATIM of what Putin told Tucker Carlson a few weeks ago.

I'm not saying Putin and Hitler are good people, or even trustworthy people....

I'm just saying what I heard from Putin and what I just heard in this AI-recreated speech of Hitler, was a leader of a country saying the West is interfering in their Nation, trying to cripple them, for unknown reasons or at least bad reasons, and they just want to be left alone.

I'm not putting a value judgment on it, and certainly history has not remembered Hitler fondly and it may remember Putin the same, the books are not written on that yet, but at least when I listen at face-value, I don't hear a power-hungry dictator frothing at the mouth to invade as many countries as possible when I listen to Putin or Hitler in these clips....what I hear is someone being poked relentlessly and crippled to the point where their people don't have food to eat, and eventually what happens when you poke a bear enough?

I'm not making excuses for either man, but to circle back to the beginning of this article I will say this: after listening to these clips, suddenly the question of how did this man rise to power becomes a little clearer.

Whether true or not....

Whether genuine or not....

Whether GOOD or not....

You can at least now start to see the narrative that was told within Germany that caused him to be supported.

Was it all one big act?

Lie after lie to seize power?

Very possible.

But there's WAY more here than what we were taught in school, that much is evident by listening to these recordings.

If you'd like to hear a longer speech, here's another:

And if you'd like the entire database, they seem to be stored here (at least for now):

Ok I'd love to hear what you think on this very sensitive, very dicey, very controversial topic....

I've done my best to cover it fairly and openly and without any sort of sensitivity to perhaps the most evil man in history, and I hope I've done a good job.

But I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments.

At the very least, isn't this technology WILD?

What will we have next?

All the ancient philosophers rekindled by AI and holding fireside chats?

Debates with our Founding Fathers reanimated and "brought back to life" to debate the issues of our day?

It's an absolutely crazy time we live in!

And one more thing....

Speaking of the "Jewish Financiers".....does this article below explain a little more about what is going on?

The Devil always loves to lie, steal and destroy, doesn't he?

That's his job description.

The other thing he does is he creates counterfeit versions of anything God creates.

So isn't it natural that he'd try to counterfeit the Jews?

Are these "Jewish Financiers" perhaps not Jewish at all?


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