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Elizabeth Warren Rattled By John Deaton, Panders For Votes By Promising To Legalize Pot

To be fair here, I completely agree with Elizabeth Warren—it is time to legalize marijuana nationwide. Legalize all drugs.

The drug war has been a massive failure. More people die of legal prescription drugs every single year in America than all illicit drugs combined. Opioids are legal, and alcohol is legal.

What is lacking is not more control from government bureaucrats, what is lacking is personal responsibility.

What I don’t agree with is the reason behind her impassioned plea. Elizabeth Warren isn’t suddenly talking sense for the sake of justice and logic—she’s doing it to pander for votes.

It seems that pro-crypto attorney John Deaton’s recent bid for her Senate seat has rattled her, and rightly so.

Deaton is a man of justice and common sense. Compare this to Warren, a corrupt banking sector crony who thinks she’s Pocahontas.

Warren doesn’t simply lack education in crypto—she lacks what we all want: relevancy. The 75-year-old Senator is still stuck in the 19th century and cannot see that her sun has set, the world has left Warren behind.

Here’s her latest attempt to pander for votes in the face of Marine Veteran and attorney Deaton’s formidable challenge:

Fox Business reports that the Senator is now imploring her donors to send campaign funds ASAP:

According to an email to donors viewed by FOX Business, Warren, a Democrat who has held her seat for more than 10 years and is considered among the most powerful and progressive voices in the upper chamber, is asking supporters to “rush” donations in order “to prepare to compete against funding from powerful special interests, Wall Street, and the GOP.”

The prominent crypto attorney announced on Tuesday: “Our campaign is now accepting donations made in cryptocurrency. I hope you will chip in and support our efforts to retire Elizabeth Warren. Please spread the word.”

Politico had more on John Deaton, a self-made man:

Deaton is a dad to three daughters, a testicular cancer survivor and a former Marine who opened a law firm in Rhode Island representing asbestos victims.

He’s renting a house in Swansea that is now his primary and full-time residence, and is selling his Barrington, Rhode Island, home for $2.5 million, according to real-estate listings and Jim Conroy, a political adviser to former Gov. Charlie Baker who is consulting for Deaton.

He also plans to loan his campaign $500,000 to start, POLITICO first reported.

This is what has Warren so rattled:

Meet The Man Who Is Going To Unseat Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren just got a Republican challenger to her Senate seat….and she’s noticeably shaken up.

Please meet attorney John Deaton.

Deaton made a name for himself in the crypto community, representing SEC holders against a crooked and corrupt SEC, headed by Gary Gensler.

Now he’s set his sights on bigger targets, Elizabeth Warren herself.

Warren has been in the Senate since 2013 and Deaton believes it’s time to send her packing.

I agree, and I am putting my full support and endorsement behind Deaton.

Here was his announcement on X:

John Deaton is a U.S. Marine veteran, cancer survivor, father to three daughters, trial attorney, author and someone who overcame impossible odds to build a life for his family and become a champion for other underdogs.

Having overcome so much, John believes it is time we elect someone to the U.S. Senate who understands the struggles of everyday Americans.

Watch this:

Fox News has the following details:

Massachusetts’ famously anti-crypto senator, Elizabeth Warren, is frantically rallying her donor base to help her fight off a GOP challenge to her Senate seat from a pro-crypto attorney seeking to unseat her in November, FOX Business has learned.

According to an email to donors viewed by FOX Business, Warren, a Democrat who has held her seat for more than 10 years and is considered among the most powerful and progressive voices in the upper chamber, is asking supporters to “rush” donations in order “to prepare to compete against funding from powerful special interests, Wall Street, and the GOP.”

The email was sent following reports, including social media posts from FOX Business, that crypto attorney John Deaton had moved to Massachusetts from Rhode Island to take on Warren as a Republican.

Deaton officially announced his Senate campaign on Tuesday morning.

Elizabeth Warren John Deaton Massachusetts Senate
John Deaton officially announced his Senate campaign on Tuesday morning. (Getty Images/John Deaton campaign)
In response, Warren sent a follow-up email to donors referring to Deaton as a “well-funded Republican,” who she says is “trying to stop us from taxing the wealthy, regulating big banks, and making our government work for working people.”

She closes by asking for donors to “pitch in $28 or anything you can” to her re-election campaign.

Warren’s prior email, sent out last week, notes Deaton as a “big cheerleader for crypto interests.”

“Ever since I began speaking out about protecting consumers from crypto scams and making that industry follow the same basic regulations as banks and all other financial institutions, the crypto lobby has put a target on my back,” the email read.

A former U.S. Marine judge advocate and an asbestos lawyer by trade, Deaton has achieved folk-hero status in a corner of the crypto business for his criticism of the Securities and Exchange Commission in its lawsuit against cross-border payments company Ripple Labs for engaging in what it alleged to be illegal sales of the cryptocurrency XRP to fund the development of its business.

Deaton, himself an investor in digital assets, has developed a strong following on X for his opinions on crypto and what he sees as the federal government’s unfair approach to regulating it. Deaton believes the SEC was overstepping its legal authority when it declared all sales of XRP, including those made by retail investors on crypto exchanges like Coinbase, illegal unregistered securities when it sued Ripple in 2020.

In 2022, he was granted by the presiding judge in the case the position of “amicus curiae,” or friend of the court, where he represented 75,000 global owners of the XRP token. Deaton owns XRP as well as a handful of other crypto tokens.

Deaton’s involvement helped make the Ripple case one of the most talked about in the worlds of crypto and securities law. When a judge ruled in July that sales of the XRP token in the secondary markets did not constitute securities, Deaton was hailed for his work on the case, fighting for the interests of retail investors whose holdings in XRP, some significant amounts, were frozen for the duration of the three-year lawsuit.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to fight for change, and for the people of Massachusetts in the United States Senate,” said Deaton. “Washington, D.C., is broken, and in more than a decade in office, Elizabeth Warren has done nothing to fix it — in fact, she’s become a big part of the problem.”

Warren, for her part, is widely considered unbeatable by many in the world of politics. A law professor who was elected to the Senate in 2012, Warren is known for her progressive policies, favorable among the Democratic Party, including creating a wealth tax, rallying against the political and economic influences of Wall Street and corporate America as well as big tech.

I am not part of John’s campaign or any PAC or SuperPAC, I simply want to see Warren OUT of Congress.

To that end, I’d love to get your support for Deaton.

You can do so here:


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