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Why Is General Flynn Calling For “One Religion”?

General Flynn is very perplexing to me.

I want to like him…

I see all the people who put him high up on a pedestal.

But the more I look and listen, the more I can’t quite figure out why they like him so much?

The more you listen to him talk, you realize there’s no substance there.

The most painful was his 2-hour interview on the PBD Podcast where even Patrick Bet-David started getting frustrated an hour into the interview and called him out for not really answering the questions or giving any substance of any kind.  It was just vapid blabbering.  Nothing concrete, nothing actionable, just vaporware.

But the other thing that really confuses me about this guy is his interaction with faith and religion.

This guy speaks at a lot of Christian events but the more he talks the more he demonstrates he really has no understanding of Christianity at all.

Here’s the latest, where he is calling for “one religion”:

Backup here if needed:

Ok, so here are my thoughts and questions after watching that….

First of all, what in the world is he talking about saying that Matthew wrote about the United States in the Bible?

Did you catch that part?


Bro, have you ever READ the Bible?

I’m sorry man, but Matthew did not reference the United States.

But what the Bible does talk about is in the end times the Antichrist (or more accurately the Beast and the False Prophet, two parts of the Demonic “Trinity” described in the Book of Revelation) working to establish a “One World Religion”.

Spoiler alert: it’s not a good thing!

So when I hear someone pushing for a “one world religion” or “one religion of the United States” that’s a major red flag for me.

Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying I think all religions are equal and all good.  Sorry, far from it.

There is one true God in Heaven and as much as you may want it to be true that everyone can believe whatever they want and that there are “multiple ways to Heaven” that’s not what the Bible teaches.  The Bible teaches there is ONE Way.  The Way, The Truth and The Life.

But even God himself did not IMPOSE religion on everyone.  He lets people choose.

So what do you think?

Is Flynn onto something here?

Do we need a “One Religion of the USA” or is that a really, really bad idea?

But now let’s go deeper, because this is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Flynn and Religion.

I am honestly looking for help and feedback on this next part:

Can Any Christian Gen. Flynn Supporters Help Me Out Here?

Noah here and I have an honest and heartfelt plea I’d like to put out there…

This is not an attack on Gen. Flynn, in fact that’s why I’m putting this out there.  I’m asking what I’m missing or how this is deemed ok.

And I’m specifically asking Christians who are big time Flynn supporters, because I know there are a lot of you out there.  I see you all over the place.

And I want unity for our party right now, so I’m asking for your input.

In fact, this is what I published to Twitter this morning:

We need unity right now behind Donald Trump but I’ve never been able to figure this out about Gen. Flynn…..

Are there any Christian Flynn Supporters out there who can explain to me how/why this is ok?

Seems really demonic and blasphemous to me….🤷‍♂️

I know some will say “he’s just a baby Christian” but this wasn’t a slip of the tongue. This was a very well researched, well performed, exact copy of nearly ever word of a Demonic Channelling of an evil lady named Elizabeth Claire Prophet from 1984. That level of detail does not happen by accident. He didn’t just misspeak or goof up. This was a very intentional demonic incantation at a Christian gathering.

I’m looking for unity, but I need someone on the Flynn Team to explain this to me….


So if you don’t know what you’re looking at, allow me to explain….

This is General Flynn from Hank Kunneman’s event in 2021 I believe.

You can watch the video for yourself and then I will explain my concerns (if they aren’t obvious from the video):

So some big red flags here…

First we have Flynn praying TO Angels.

I know some in the Catholic tradition think that’s ok, and they also pray to Mary.

So set that aside.

But then you have him also invoking the “7 Rays” which comes from a very demonic, definitely non-Christian, movement called “Theosophy”:

The concept of the Seven Rays is most prominently featured in the teachings of Theosophy, a spiritual movement that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This idea has also been incorporated into various esoteric traditions, including certain New Age beliefs. The Seven Rays represent seven distinct aspects of divine energy or consciousness, with each ray having its own unique characteristics, qualities, and purpose. These rays are thought to emanate from the Supreme Divine or the Absolute and manifest through various levels of reality, influencing spiritual evolution, human psychology, and the natural world.

Here is a brief overview of each of the Seven Rays according to Theosophical teachings:

  1. The First Ray: Often associated with the color blue, this ray represents will or power. It is characterized by qualities such as leadership, determination, and courage. It is considered the ray of rulers and pioneers.
  2. The Second Ray: This ray is associated with love and wisdom, often depicted in yellow or gold. It embodies qualities of compassion, understanding, and inclusivity. Teachers and educators are believed to be strongly influenced by this ray.
  3. The Third Ray: Represented by the color pink or sometimes green, this ray is the ray of active intelligence and adaptability. It is linked with creativity, mental agility, and the ability to manifest ideas in the material world. It is the ray of thinkers and philosophers.
  4. The Fourth Ray: Often associated with the color green or emerald, this ray represents harmony through conflict. It is characterized by the drive towards beauty, artistry, and balance, yet it also encompasses the necessary conflict that leads to growth and evolution. Artists and mediators are believed to be influenced by this ray.
  5. The Fifth Ray: Associated with the color orange or sometimes blue-green, this ray is the ray of concrete knowledge and science. It is related to the precise and analytical mind, focusing on facts and logical understanding. Scientists and researchers are said to be under this ray’s influence.
  6. The Sixth Ray: Represented by the color red or indigo, this ray is the ray of devotion and idealism. It is characterized by strong beliefs, dedication, and the pursuit of causes or ideals. Religious leaders and activists are often associated with this ray.
  7. The Seventh Ray: This ray is associated with the color violet and represents order and ceremonial magic. It is linked with the ability to bring about change, organize and administer, and the blending of spirituality with materiality. It is the ray of magicians and those who work within the boundaries of the material and spiritual worlds.

These rays are thought to influence individuals, groups, civilizations, and the unfolding of cosmic events. The Seven Rays concept provides a framework for understanding the diversity of spiritual expressions and the evolutionary process of consciousness.

Ok, so this is CLEARLY not Christian, very anti-Christ actually.

Then last of all you have the very strange source of this “prayer”.

Whenever I have asked about this in the past, the most common response is “Flynn is just a baby Christian, he just misspoke or didn’t really know what he was saying — but he was trying!”

Sorry folks, I don’t buy that.

This wasn’t just a slip of the tongue.  This was a carefully planned and practiced speech.  And it’s nearly word-for-word identical to a Demonic incantation performed in 1984 when a woman named Elizabeth Claire Prophet claimed to be channelling a demon in 1984.

In the video above, that’s what the cut scenes are.

The Flynn “prayer” is compared to the ECP channelling of 1984 and they are nearly identical.

So this wasn’t just an inexperienced baby Christian getting a few things goofed up.

This was an intentional copy of what is clearly a demonic channelling event.

I saw one explanation in my Telegram Group today saying it was just someone who put it on cue cards for the General and he didn’t even know what it was.  Fair enough.  I haven’t heard that theory before, but makes sense.  To which I replied:

The best explanation I can come up with is something I have often said about Trump:  “We’re not electing a Pastor, we’re electing a President.”

Now I absolutely think President Trump is a Christian and honors God and Jesus Christ.

See this for example:

But is that how the Christian Flynn Supporters reconcile this?

Essentially, we don’t care what his faith is we just think he’s a good patriot?

If that’s the rationale, I can understand that.

Or is there something else I am missing?

Let me hear ya Team Flynn, what am I missing?

If you’re a Christian and a Flynn Supporter, how do you get past what happened in this video clip above?

Oh, and one more thing….are you ok with Flynn wanting a “One Religion”?

From the AP:

The thread of Christian nationalism runs through many of Flynn’s events. At one fundraiser, a preacher prayed over him saying that America would stay a Christian nation and that Flynn was “heavy armaments” in the Lord’s quiver. At the Christian Patriot’s Rally at a church in Northern California, Flynn was presented with an assault-style rifle on stage. In Virginia in July, he said pastors “need to be talking about the Constitution from the pulpit as much as the Bible.” In Texas last November, Flynn told a crowd “this is a moment in time where this is good versus evil.”

“If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God, and one religion under God, right?” he said.

Christian nationalism seeks to merge the identity of Christians and Americans, so that to be a “true” American is to be Christian — and a certain type of Christian. The ideology pushes the idea that the United States was founded on biblical principles and has a favored relationship with a Christian God, said Samuel Perry, a sociologist at the University of Oklahoma who studies conservative Christianity and politics.

Hmmmm, I assume the implication here is Christianity as that religion, but in my experience whenever anyone is pushing a One World Religion, it usually never goes to a good place.

But that’s just my opinion, I want to hear from you!


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