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Former Speaker Paul Ryan Thinks Not Sending Billions to Europe is “Isolationist”

As Americans continue to pinch pennies at the grocery store, Washington bureaucrats carry on attempting to send billions of American tax dollars overseas.

For our own protection, or so we continue to hear.

But Americans on both sides of the aisle are waking up to the fact that the United States has quite a few problems it currently needs to deal with stateside.

That doesn’t stop bureaucrats from doing their best to further the narrative that we all need to contribute to the defense of foreign nations.

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, former GOP Speaker Paul Ryan claimed that those opposed to charitably donating tax dollars to Europe was “isolationist.”

Here’s the video of Ryan’s statements.

Those not interested in buying the narrative weren’t shy about calling out the former Speaker as the political shill he is.

It’s amazing how some people just don’t seem to get it.

Many Americans are still struggling to make ends meet after a disastrous year in 2020.

But the growing class of wealthy bureaucratic parasites prove they will do whatever is in their best interests time and time again.

Mediaite has more on Ryan’s ridiculous comments from his interview with the Washington Post:

Former GOP House speaker and current Fox Corp. board member, Paul Ryan, tore into both Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump for pushing “pro-Putin” and “pro-tyranny” sentiment in the United States.

Ryan spoke to the Washington Post’s senior congressional correspondent Paul Kane Wednesday during a live event for the paper’s “Election 2024” series. Kane asked Ryan to weigh in on the news of the day, dysfunction in Congress, and Carlson – who was fired from Fox News last April.

“What is it about Russia in which we continue to come back to this sort of reverb loop that started back in 2016, where they keep trying, apparently, and to some measures, they sort of keep succeeding?” Kane asked Ryan, referring to Tuesday’s news that the GOP’s key informant in their impeachment inquiry had ties to Russian intelligence.

“But Russia has been trying to penetrate our system for a long–before 2016. I mean for quite a long time. They got very active in those days, and obviously, now, as we know, that Russia tried to affect our elections,” Ryan replied, after noting he had nothing specific to add about the latest news.

“On the flip side of this, what makes Republicans angry, deservedly so in this particular case, is that the Obama Justice Department did abuse the FISA court. They did abuse the FISA laws on this matter, and we can go into the Steele dossier and all that stuff,” Ryan added, referring back to the Russia scandals of the Trump years.


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