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[WATCH] CNN Host Appears Ill On Air, Network Abruptly Cuts From Broadcast

CNN abruptly cut from a live broadcast Thursday night due to anchor Wolf Blitzer appearing sick on air during an interview with Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD).

Blitzer was speaking with the Maryland congressman on “The Situation Room” about the U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments over Donald Trump’s ballot eligibility in Colorado.

As Raskin spoke, it appeared Blitzer was in physical distress.

The network pulled the live broadcast and suddenly went to a commercial.

After the quick commercial, CNN’s Paula Reid took over the broadcast.

“Wolf had to step away,” Reid said.


According to Mediaite, it appeared Blitzer vomited before CNN cut to commercial.

Per Mediaite:

As Blitzer listened to Raskin on The Situation Room, he could be seen exhibiting a number of pained expressions, seemingly struggling to stop himself from vomiting.

Nearly a full minute later, CNN producers appeared to catch on to Blitzer’s situation and cut his feed, leaving Raskin to continue with his remarks on his own.

Seconds later, vomit-like sounds could be heard before Raskin was cut off mid-sentence and the show abruptly jumped into a commercial.

After the break, CNN chief legal affairs correspondent Paula Reid appeared in Blitzer’s place and announced that “Wolf had to step away” and would “be back.”

Blitzer, however, did not return before the end of his show.

I’m fine! Thanks for the well wishes. I’ll see you back in the Situation Room soon,” Blitzer wrote on social media Thursday night.

On Monday, Blitzer said it was good to be back after a few days off.

“After a few days off, it’s good to be back today reporting the news in The Situation Room,” Blitzer wrote.

The Washington Times added:

The incident led to a mix of worried inquiries and lighthearted jokes from viewers on social media platforms, with some users creatively connecting Mr. Blitzer‘s sudden bout of illness to the political discourse.

One online wag quipped that “Raskin’s LIES are enough to make anyone vomit.”

The network said Mr. Blitzer “was not feeling his best” that afternoon in a statement to Will Sommer, a journalist with The Washington Post.


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