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Putin To Tucker: Why Is America Fighting For Ukraine’s Border While Refusing to Defend Its Own?

During Tucker Carlson’s controversial, highly-watched interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin last night, Putin raised the question we’ve all been asking:

Why is America fighting for Ukraine’s border while refusing to defend its own border?

Putin discussed the serious issues at the US-Mexico border with Tucker, asking him why the United States is focused on a border thousands of miles away from its own territory instead of dealing with its own, much bigger, issues on its own land.

Watch the clip from Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson here:

Putin was responding to a question asked by Tucker Carlson about Chuck Schumer and the Democrats’ efforts to keep funding Ukraine.

Here’s a partial transcript from the interview, via the Kremlin’s website:

Tucker Carlson: One of our senior United States senators from the State of New York, Chuck Schumer, said yesterday, I believe, that we have to continue to fund the Ukrainian effort or US soldiers, citizens could wind up fighting there. How do you assess that?

Vladimir Putin: This is a provocation, and a cheap provocation at that.

I do not understand why American soldiers should fight in Ukraine. There are mercenaries from the United States there. The biggest number of mercenaries comes from Poland, with mercenaries from the United States in second place, and mercenaries from Georgia in third place. Well, if somebody has the desire to send regular troops, that would certainly bring humanity on the brink of a very serious, global conflict. This is obvious.

Do the United States need this? What for? Thousands of miles away from your national territory! Don’t you have anything better to do?

You have issues on the border, issues with migration, issues with the national debt – more than 33 trillion dollars. You have nothing better to do, so you should fight in Ukraine? Wouldn’t it be better to negotiate with Russia? Make an agreement, already understanding the situation that is developing today, realizing that Russia will fight for its interests to the end. And, realizing this, actually return to common sense, start respecting our country and its interests and look for certain solutions. It seems to me that this is much smarter and more rational.

Meanwhile, the Senate has just voted to advance a $95 BILLION foreign aid bill to fund Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and Taiwan…without any funding for U.S. border security.

Per The Post Millennial:

On Thursday, the United States Senate voted to advance a $95.3 billion foreign aid bill that includes funding for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and Gaza.

The bill leaves out funding for border security, which has been a heated debate in both the House and Senate.

The Senate voted 67-32 in favor of advancing the bill, which includes 17 GOP senators voting alongside Democrats. According to Fox News, the package was moved forward in a cloture vote, described as “a motion to limit debate on a bill and move to a final vote” that requires a three-fifths majority. Senators will now enter into debate over potentially adding border security provisions to the package.

And, it wasn’t just Democrats who voted in favor of the foreign aid package.

Several GOP Senators flipped to pass the vote.

We covered that story here:

These Republican Senators Just Voted To Advance $95 BILLION Foreign Aid Bill WITHOUT Border Funding

This is insane...

Now, Putin is wrong about a lot of things.

But, ask yourself: How is it that the President of Russia is a bigger voice of reason on our nation's border issues than our own President or members of Congress.

Crazy times.


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