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New Protest Erupts! Thousands of Farmers Gather In Spain, Blocking Food Distribution

There seems to be no stopping the protest fire that’s spreading in the hearts of patriots and farmers in Europe.

The latest player is Spain.

May the odds ever be in your favor, Spain!

And so now it’s Day 2 for them.

These farmers are undoubtedly fueled by the recent victory witnessed by German farmers just a few days ago.


And so they have gathered together to fight back against the same oppressive system.


The Associated Press reports:

MADRID (AP) — Mirroring protests across Europe, thousands of farmers in Spain staged a second day of tractor demonstrations on Wednesday across the country, blocking highways to demand changes in European Union farming policies and measures to combat production cost hikes and severe drought.

The protests led to several main national highways being blocked. Access to the eastern port of Castellon and the southeastern Jerez airport were temporarily cut off. State news agency Efe said that 1,000 tractors were heading slowly towards Barcelona’s city center, causing major traffic jams on roads into the northeastern port capital of Spain’s Catalonia region.

The protests, involving several thousand people on tractors and in other vehicles, haven’t been backed by Spain´s three main farming organizations, which have called for separate protests in the coming days.

Several media reports have linked many of the protests Tuesday and Wednesday to conservative groups. So far there have been no serious incidents. The demonstrations are expected to continue over the coming weeks with a major protest in Madrid on Feb. 21.

The police try to stop them. Ha! Nice try.

They’ll just go around. Tractors, the original all terrain vehicle.

Reuters adds:

BARCELONA, Spain – Convoys of tractors converged on Barcelona’s city centre on Wednesday and farmers blocked roads across Spain in protests against high costs, bureaucracy and cheap competition that have spilled over from elsewhere in Europe.

On their second day of protests, Spanish farmers planned to disrupt traffic and meet with local authorities to explain their grievances. Around 15 major roads were blocked across Spain on Wednesday afternoon, traffic authorities said.

They say European Union rules to protect the environment make them less competitive than farmers in other regions such as Latin America. They also complain against what they say are increasingly burdensome bureaucratic measures.

“The price of products is always set by the businessman who buys them, and then they can buy from other countries that do not follow the same restrictions as we do,” 22-year-old farmer Joan Mata told Reuters while heading to Barcelona.

In Castellon on Spain’s eastern coast, farmers blocked the main entrance to the port with tractors, burning tyres and staging a sit-down protest. Police agents removed the protesters one-by-one without violence, ending the blockade.

Meanwhile the Dutch protest continues.

Their governments call to steal 3,000 farms has not been well received.

This was from Tuesday:


This attempt to seize all control of the food has happened before, by Stalin and Trotsky in Communist Soviet Union.

Do you know what the Holodomor is?

The genocide of upward of 10 million people in Europe, via starvation and

Funny how Hollywood never makes a single movie about that.

And our indoctrination camps (schools) don’t teach us anything about it.

Here’s a quote from Trotsky, one of the Communist leaders in Soviet.

AI shares this obvious info: “Trotsky’s ideas and writings have had a significant influence on leftist thought and revolutionary movements around the world.”

This same heartless mindset lives on today in those in power.


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