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Nikki Haley Loses Las Vegas Primary In The Most Humiliating Way Possible

Is Nikki Haley really the best candidate on the GOP side in 2024?

According to voters in Nevada, the answer to that question would be a resounding no.

In fact, those voters have instead chosen literally NOBODY instead.

The option “None of these candidates” beat Haley by a vote of 60.4% to 33.2%.

Of course, President Donald Trump was not included on the primary ballot.


This may very well be the most embarrassing moment of Haley’s political career, but instead of finally taking a hint, she’s only doubling down.

Haley claimed that the Nevada caucus was a complete scam and personally blamed President Trump.

NBC News has more on Nikki Haley’s latest failure:

Nikki Haley faced no major challenger Tuesday in Nevada’s presidential primary.

She still lost, according to NBC News projections.

Nevada voters in the state-run primary had a choice to reject all the candidates on the ballot, and they did just that — with more people choosing to vote for “none of these candidates” than for Haley.

It was a stinging rebuke of Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and South Carolina governor — and one that some party leaders had encouraged. The outcome in Nevada was Haley’s third consecutive loss in an early-state primary contest.

How does Haley not see or hear the message being sent to her by voters?

Most of them agree that Haley is a democrat in republican’s clothing.

Haley responded to the embarrassing moment by claiming that the Nevada caucus was “rigged from the start:”

Haley has proven that she is the most clueless candidate left.

Even Ron DeSantis saw the writing on the wall weeks ago!

The one thing Haley did that is actually impressive in all of this is that she somehow found a way to unite republicans and democrats into a singular effort to troll her.

Nice job Nikki…

Fox News has more on that temporary alliance:

“Congrats to Nikki Haley on being the second choice of Nevadans to ‘no one’ and winning a grand total of zero delegates — and our apologies to Donald Trump, who will win the same number of electoral votes in Nevada this November,” Democratic National Committee spokesperson Alex Floyd said in a statement.

“Looking back, I wonder if [Nikki Haley] regrets not debating ‘None of these Candidates,’ who handily defeated her in Nevada?” former Obama strategist David Axelrod wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

A number of Trump’s staunchest supporters took to X to rub salt in Haley’s wound, including former 2020 Trump campaign official Marc Lotter, who wrote, “Nikki Haley lost New Hampshire by 11% to Trump. Nikki Haley lost Nevada by 30% to LITERALLY NO ONE! Nikki Haley is losing [her] home state by 27%. How does she go on?”

“Nikki Haley just lost to ‘none of these candidates’ in Nevada! And not by a little bit…by almost double! Nikki – I told you two weeks ago it was past time to drop out! Leave the race tonight! Save the further embarrassment in South Carolina! Let’s focus on Beating Biden!” Republican National Committee Youth Advisory Council Co-Chair Brilyn Hollyhand wrote.

Haley’s campaign is flatlining.

It may be too late for her to save face.



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