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The Best “Long Island Audit” Yet! “Are You Going To Arrest Me?”

Big thanks to a reader and friend for sending me this video.

This is the latest from “Long Island Audit” and if you don’t know what that is, allow me to explain.

I’ve definitely audited several Long Islands in my time on a beach chair overlooking the ocean (or wait, maybe those were Mai Tais?) but either way, it’s not that kind of Long Island.

No, these guys film interactions in public, government owned (public owned) places, often interacting with police who (allegedly) overstep the line of their authority, to show people the rights we all have but we’ve either given up on or never knew we had in the first place.

Like the right to peacefully be in a public space!

Imagine that!

Government owned buildings and places (like Post Offices and Sidewalks) are owned by WE THE PEOPLE!

Government owns nothing, it only has what it takes from the citizens.  So never forget that these are OUR places, not some imaginary thing owned by “Government”.

Government’s sole reason for existence is to serve and protect WE THE PEOPLE, and it seems like almost everyone has forgotten about that.

Which is why I love these videos so much.

Here’s more on Long Island Audit:

Long Island Audit is a YouTube channel and website run by Sean Paul Reyes that focuses on First Amendment audits. These audits involve testing and documenting the reactions of government officials and law enforcement to individuals exercising their First Amendment rights, such as recording in public spaces. The channel’s goal is to raise awareness about constitutional rights and promote transparency in government.

In a recent incident at Danbury City Hall in July 2021, Reyes was arrested for trespassing and creating a public disturbance. He was later found guilty of simple trespass and ordered to pay a $90 fine. This incident has sparked conversations about the importance of First Amendment rights and the role of public officials in upholding them.

Long Island Audit has gained a following on Twitter as well. In a recent X (previously Twitter) post, a user shared a video of Reyes interviewing a person named Too Apree, which highlights the channel’s dedication to documenting interactions with public officials and promoting open dialogue about constitutional rights.

In conclusion, Long Island Audit is a platform run by Sean Paul Reyes that aims to raise awareness about First Amendment rights and promote transparency in government through First Amendment audits and public engagement.

And now for the latest video which is so well done….

Fair warning first though, this might get your blood boiling!  I was about ready to stand up and fight someone by the end of it!

Major credit to this guy for staying so calm and calming standing on his Rights as an American Citizen.

Watch here:

Want more?

Keep reading:

Have You Heard Of A “First Amendment Audit”?

Have You Heard Of A "First Amendment Audit"?

I just found my new favorite thing!

And I can't wait to show you this.

Major shout out to a friend of mine (Hey Ted!) for introducing me to this.

I can't believe I didn't know about it before, but I had never seen this before so I am guessing it may be new to some of you as well.

It's called a First Amendment Audit...and it's awesome!

Basically, here's the premise.

You know how sometimes when people who are given small amounts of power they turn into....Nazis?

Oh you know what I mean....

The lady running the counter at the Post Office.

The TSA Agent running security at the airport check-in line.

The person running their window at the DMV.

And on and on I could go.

You get the idea.

You know them, you've met them before.

We all have.

They get one small little bit of power and they suddenly think they're Adolph Hitler back from the dead, running the box cars.

You're not the new Emperor of the World, you're a loser running a checkout lane at a completely jacked up Post Office.

Ok, rant over.

But we've all been there and experienced it.

And that's the setup for the First Amendment Audit.

Many people do them, but this one I'm about to show you is one of my favorites.

This guy goes into a Post Office and starts filming....

Now here's the catch: it's a Federal Building. and I own it!


Not only that, but there's a sign up on the wall actually saying that, saying that it's completely legal to video record in a federal Post Office.

So that's what the guy is doing.

But you would not believe the Karens that show up and try to get him to stop.

It's equally hilarious and maddening.

What a perfect lesson in the First Amendment.

And what a perfect reminder that given even a SMALL amount of power, most people will use it to oppress others.

So sad.

But so true.

And THAT, my friends, is why we have the First Amendment.

And that's why this guy does "First Amendment Audits".

I love it.

Please enjoy:



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