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Non-Establishment President Secures Landslide Win in El Salvador, Maintains Presidential Position

The Establishment is dealt another blow as someone not from their camp maintains their seat of power as President of El Salvador.

You see, President Nayib Bukele, goes against everything the Left pushes.

He’s actually tough on crime!

So, naturally they’re attacking him and not covering his massive celebration that came after his landslide win.

I’ve never seen a firework celebration like this!


I expect this is a foreshadowing of what America will soon look like.

Yahoo News reports:

President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador, credited with driving down gang violence in the Central American nation, has been re-elected.

Preliminary results released after 70% of votes had been counted showed him securing a second term by winning 83% of the votes.

He had already claimed victory before the results were announced.

His popularity has soared following a crackdown on crime which drove down the country’s murder rate.

Under his presidency, El Salvador has been transformed from one of the most violent countries in the world to one of the safest in Latin America.

Miami Herald added:

El Salvador is holding its national elections Feb. 4 for president and legislative assembly. Unfortunately, we already know that the election will be neither free nor fair.

We also know that the presidential winner will be current President Nayib Bukele, who is running for re-election even though the Salvadoran constitution bars a president from an immediate return to power, no matter how popular he may be.

Bukele hand-picked a new supreme court and attorney general once his party took control of the national legislature in 2021. After firing the previous justices and attorney general, in violation of constitutional procedures, the new court reinterpreted the constitution to allow him to run for re-election.

His disregard for the rule of law in favor of giving him near total power has now extended to assuring that the 2024 election will give his party an absolute majority in the assembly and dominance of local government, too. It is designed to be neither free nor fair.

It will not be free because the country is being governed under a 2022 state of emergency established that essentially bars normal public campaigning. It effectively prevents party rallies and public demonstrations, and has included arrests of environmental advocates and some 82 attacks against journalists.

Recently, it also has meant the deployment of the army into rural communities where they are clearly an intimidating presence.

No wonder that a group of eight El Salvador civil society organizations joined in “Observa El Salvador 2024” last week to issue a report that raised concerns over the impact of the state of emergency, calling on the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to assure that “the respective military and police authorities…presence does not inhibit and generate negative effects on the population during the electoral process.”

The elections also are clearly not going to be fair. There is no level playing field in El Salvador. The TSE has not made public its agendas, meeting results or resolutions for a year…

All observers should be aware that even if no one is barred from voting on Sunday and the votes are counted accurately, Salvadorans will have been denied a “free and fair” election.

, who wrote that article, just said it’s not going to be a “fair” election 4 times in that short piece.

That’s how these journalist push their lies, by repeating a phrase or word over and over in their articles.

His article alone makes me want to go out and get a President Nayib flag.

You see, the Establishment doesn’t like it when someone takes out their criminals, their foot soldiers:

A clip from his victory speech:

Here’s another clip from an early speech:

“How could a nation not rise up when it puts God first?”


The opposition to the One World government continues to grow.

It’s us vs them.

There’s no stopping this world-wide revolution!


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