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BREAKING: King Charles Diagnosed With Life-Threatening Disease

King Charles of the British Royal Family has been diagnosed with cancer.

The life-threatening disease was discovered during a procedure to fix the King’s enlarged prostate, which was a separate health condition from the one he is facing now.

The British Royal is currently undergoing treatment, yet no other information has been provided about the progress of the disease or the specific form of cancer.

King Charles, who is 75 years old, reportedly spoke to his family members about his condition before going public and will be joined by at least some of his family members at Buckingham Palace, where he is undergoing treatment.

British television host Piers Morgan had this to say: “King Charles has cancer, Buckingham Palace has announced. He is undergoing treatment and has canceled all public engagements. Shocking news. I wish His Majesty a full and speedy recovery.”


Fox News reports:

Charles, who ascended the throne following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, was diagnosed with the benign condition on Jan. 17 after he experienced undisclosed symptoms.

Shortly after, he canceled engagements and was urged to rest ahead of the procedure.

Daily Mail columnist Samantha Smith exclaimed: “May God Almighty protect and sustain King Charles III through his cancer treatment. Heavenly Father, keep him safe and protect his divine soul, so that he may continue to do your work on Earth. God save the King. Long live the King.”

NBC News added:

The news comes a week after both Kate and King Charles were discharged from a private London clinic after medical procedures.

The king underwent a “corrective procedure” for an enlarged prostate, while Kate, 42, had unspecified abdominal surgery on Jan. 17.

Remember when I brought you this report and many scoffed?

REPORTS: King Charles To Step Down From Throne

REPORTS: King Charles To Step Down From Throne

I'm not sure why we're always talking about "Bingo Cards" these days but if you had King Charles stepping down from the throne on your Bingo Card for 2024 you might have just landed a big score!

New reports are buzzing today that King Charles has made the decision to step down and yield the throne to William as soon as this "difficult transition period" is over.

Here's what the NY Post had to say:

King Charles could be giving up the throne early in favor of Prince William just as Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II is, according to royal experts.

The 83-year-old sovereign — third cousin of the late Queen Elizabeth II — revealed in her New Year’s speech on Dec. 31 that she would be stepping down on Jan. 14.

The decision to abdicate her throne means that her son, Crown Prince Frederik, will now take the reins.

According to royal expert and biographer Phil Dampier, King Charles may be looking to make a similar move while William and his wife, Kate Middleton, are still young.

“It must make you wonder if, in five or ten years’ time, King Charles might think about doing the same if his health suffers or he just thinks it is a good time to pass on to William and Kate while they are still young,” he told the Daily Mail.

“Our late Queen would never abdicate because of what happened in 1936 when her uncle abdicated and her father came to the throne. But times change.”

Dampier’s comments were echoed by royal expert and commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, who said that Queen Margrethe’s decision to abdicate early could be to ensure that the monarchy kept up with the times — something Charles has expressed interest in implementing into his own Firm.

Queen Margrethe II smiles as she delivers her New Year's speech.

Fitzwilliams told the outlet that Margrethe may have “calculated that an aging monarchy was not a good idea, especially if she had reigned for another decade or so.”

King Charles and the Queen of Denmark...strange times we are living in!

Grok confirms:

But can I be honest with you?

I don't so much care about the "Royals".

I don't get why so many people, especially here in America, seem to worship them.

I don't.

In fact, I'm much less interested in who is sitting their rumpus on the "Royal Throne" and much more interested in finding out why "King" Charles has Sausage Fingers:

EXPLAINED: Why Does "King" Charles Have Sausage Fingers?

Yes folks, this is a real article.

Yes, this is a real investigation.

I know many of you don't much care about the Royals, and neither do I.

But I saw something today that was so strange I had to share it with you, and it's all about King Charles' hands and feet -- and why do they look like sausages?

Not even sausages but "mini" sausages...

Please stick with me, because I'm very serious about this and you might agree once you see them.

Also, this is not something Photoshopped or fake -- other news organizations are also exploring this strange phenomenon.

You may have seen these photos circulating around, but if not you are about to be shocked.

At least I was.

It's actually kind of funny....everyone talking about how the Monarchy is in "good hands".

They keep using the phrase "good hands".

Which I guess led someone to actually zoom in on his hands, and well, see for yourself:

Yes folks, that's a real photo and not altered.

The most common response is they look like mini sausages:

Or perhaps this is more accurate?

But the photos are real:

Here are a bunch more pictures so you can see in several different settings...

And it's not just the hands, it's the feet too:


Is this what a lifetime of no manual labor or physical activity gets you?

Is there gout in those fingers?

The feet look just as bad!

And here is a zoom in I took from a live video yesterday...

They look about the same as in all the photos:

Now let's dig into what's actually going on here medically...

Because we're not the only people talking about it.

Check this out:

Here's what the Daily Star reported:

A doctor has weighed in after the internet exploded with speculation over King Charles III's red and swollen fingers.

Dr Gareth Nye has spoken out on Charles's hands following the death of the monarch's mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Images of the new ruler's hands have been circulating online since the Queen passed away yesterday (Thursday, September 8), aged 96 at her residence in Balmoral.

The Queen's advanced age when she passed meant that her son and heir Charles was far from a young man when he ascended to the throne aged 73.

Taking to Twitter, user @Anaiishhh1said: "Have y’all ever seen Charles’s fingers".

Meanwhile, @leahgaraas added: "A reminder that these are King Charles III’s fingers".

Adding authority to the debate, Dr Gareth Nye, Senior Lecturer at the University of Chester, has spoken to the Daily Star to offer some expert advice on what the King's swollen fingers could really say about his health.

He said that while "loads of conditions" could lead to swollen fingers, he said some were more likely than others.

One possibility was oedema, or fluid retention. Dr Nye said: "Oedema is a condition where the body starts to retain fluids in the limbs, normally the legs and ankles but also in the fingers which causes them to swell.

"Oedema is a common condition and mostly affects people over the age of 65 as the ability for fluid control is restricted," he added.

"To see if this is the cause, pressing the swollen area for about 15 seconds would cause a depression in the area."

Another condition Dr Nye said was a possibility was arthritis.

He said: "Arthritis- another common condition in the over 60s. It often affects three main areas in the hand - the thumb joint or either joints in the fingers. also weighed in:

Pictures of the outing showed that Charles had painful-looking swelling in his feet, as well as hands.

The royal’s enlarged extremities could have been down to heat or due to the effects of a long-haul flight.

Inactivity and changes in atmospheric conditions while flying can result in swelling and water retention in some parts of the body.

After one long flight to Australia in 2012, Charles joked about having “sausage fingers” once he had landed.

Swelling in the arms or hands is caused by a build-up of fluid and can often subside on its own.

Known as oedema, the condition can be the result of staying in the same position for too long, eating too much salty food, being pregnant or taking certain medicines, according to the NHS.

Symptoms include swollen or puffy arms or hands and shiny, stretched skin.

Swelling can be eased in a whole host of ways, including lying down and using pillows to raise the swollen area, as well as moving and massaging affected areas of the body.

Exercising, drinking plenty of water and keeping arms or hands moisturised can also help.

So it looks like most experts are saying it's oedema, and it doesn't look good for him!

You can watch a live video of him from yesterday and judge for yourself:

Here is a portion of a message he gave yesterday:

Of course, never forget when he did THIS to President Trump...

Yeah, we saw it:

And is he beloved by all?

Not quite.

Check out this clip of someone shouting "guillotine, guillotine!" apparently towards Charles live on the air:

Backup here:

Curious what you think about the Royal Family...

Do You Worship The Royals?

Up above I brought you an article about "King" Charles' Coronation.

Yes, King Sausage Fingers himself.

What a joke!

What a waste of money!

What a waste of time!

Sorry, but I am not putting some human being up on a pedestal as "King" and worshipping them as some diety.

Give me a break!

And I know most of you don't either.

I have received MANY comments like this one (names removed for privacy):

I've had a ton of those.

Thank you to everyone who has written.

But I do occasionally get emails like the one below saying how I was "disrespectful" (name again withheld for privacy):

No doubt this person probably stayed up all night long to watch the demonic Coronation.

To be fair, it's like 95% positive, 5% negative when I talk about the Royals.

Most of you are with me and you realize the stupidity of worshipping another human being as a "Royal".

What the hell makes them "Royal" anyway?

What a joke.

But I just have one simple question to the 5% who think this family somehow deserves to be literally called Kings and Queens:  WHY?

Why do you worship human beings?

Why do you voluntarily just give your human sovereignty over to some fools who play dress up in these ludicrous costumes and try to tell us how much more important they are than us?

Then they just inbreed for their whole lives.

These inbreeding ingrates are who you worship and literally put up on pedestals?

Those pedestals would be their thrones.

You literally put them up in thrones and give them crowns and worship them as your leaders?


Anyway, that's my rant.

Curious to know if you're in the 95% or the 5%....let me know!

UPDATE: Noah here and I can't believe I didn't think to tie this in...

But I'm back now and updating this article.

You want to know the best twist of all?

YOU and I are the true Royalty.

At least if you're Christians, that is.

You do know what your Bible says about that right?

1 John 3:1:

See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God; and such we are. For this reason the world does not know us, because it did not know Him.

Galatians 4:7:

Therefore you are no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, then an heir through God.

2 Corinthians 6:18:

“And I will be a father to you,
And you shall be sons and daughters to Me,”
Says the Lord Almighty.

There are a lot more, those are just a few.

So quick refresher if you're still not following....if God the Father is the King and if we're sons and daughters of the King, then what does that make us?


And isn't that poetic?

Here was my original post from yesterday:

The Grim Reaper Visits "King" Charles' Coronation

Why are we still coronating kings?

Why do we spend hundreds of millions of dollars celebrating some doofus wearing goofy clothes to literally lord over everyone else?

Not only do we tolerate it, we celebrate it!

I don't.

And maybe you don't either.

But the world is obsessed with the "Royals".


Why do so many people gleefully celebrate these people ruling over everyone else?

What makes them special?

Clearly not their intellect.

And clearly not their self control and penchant for NOT abusing young girls (cough, cough: Andrew, and cough, cough, probably ALL the rest of them too!).

So what exactly are we celebrating here?

I guess that's a bit of a rant but I just can't help myself when covering these losers.

And save your hate mail.

Do not send me your emails saying "how dare you insult the Royal Family".

I'm not reading them.

Don't bother sending.

We fought a war to get away from these people.

Even if we hadn't, I'm damn sure not celebrating ANY human being thinking they are more "Royal" than I am.  Or than you are.  Absolutely nonsense and blasphemy.

Ok, rant over.

Now on with what I wanted to show you, which does actually tie in.

So the most interesting part of the entire coronation was when what can only be described as a Grim Reaper passed suddenly (and unexpectedly?) by the door.

Take a look:

Another view here:

And here:

Rumble backup:

Still frame:

But it's not just Twitter nonsense....

The NY Post picked up on it:

Here's more from the NY Post:

Who invited this creep?

Eagle-eyed Twitter users spotted what appears to be a cloaked figure scurrying in the background of King Charles III’s coronation, likening the unknown individual to the grim reaper.

A person wrapped in hooded, black robes carrying a long rod, akin to a scythe, was caught dashing in front of the golden arches within the cathedral Saturday.

“Anyone else just notice the Grim Reaper at Westminster Abbey?” a person wrote on Twitter, grabbing 2 million views.

“I noticed him! Who’s he looking for?” one person responded.

“Anyone else see the Grim Reaper make an appearance at the Coronation?” tweeted another, as users quipped it could be Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, in disguise. She was reported to be staying home in California.

The footage even reached TikTok, where one at-home viewer scored 8.8 million views on the “reaper’s” quick cameo.

“NAH IT CANT JUST BE ME THAT SAW IT,” the caption read, in part.

“Diana getting her revenge,” offered one viewer.

“Dianas invite defo arrived,” joked another.

“Lizzy came back with backup this time,” chimed in someone else.

“Lizzy wants her crown back,” agreed another.

The viral spectacle comes after two royal “superfans” — who claimed to have predicted the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip — warned of ominous coronation vibes.

“We’ve had visions, like slideshows in our heads, that security needs to be high,” Lynne Antink, 78, told Jam Press.

The Berkshire, England native and her son, Colin, have gained fame for their morbid predictions.

“My first vision was the crown falling, and I don’t know what this means, but it’ll either fall from the cushion or from the king’s head,” she revealed.

That wasn't all.

We also had a guard suddenly dropping (I'm sure he definitely was NOT vaxxed and that definitely wasn't the cause):

We also had this from The Telegraph (NEVER underestimate the intuition of animals):

Horse rears backwards into crowds during Coronation procession

A horse involved in the Coronation procession from Westminster Abbey reared backwards into the crowds after it appeared to be spooked.

The incident happened as the Gold State Coach, carrying the King and Queen back to Buckingham Palace, rounded the corner from Whitehall into The Mall.

One of the horses behind the carriage began walking backwards before crashing into the barriers separating the public from the procession route.

Military personnel were seen rushing over to help and a stretcher was picked up, but it was not needed and no one appeared to be injured.

A female police officer appeared to be given assistance from her colleagues, limping away from the area.


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