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Oklahoma State Superintendent Exposes Drag Queen Principal With Shady Past, Finally Resigns

Are you tired of the never-ending struggle to find time to take your kids to drag queen story hour at the library?

Do you feel like your schedule is overflowing, leaving you with no room for those essential trips to hear bearded-men in makeup reading and leering at your children?

Well, say goodbye to the headaches and hello to convenience as we introduce you to Drag Queen Principal!

No more stressing about fighting past pesky patriots protesting so your kid can see the transvestites in action.

Your child will now have daily access to witness the drag queen’s creepy antics with Drag Queen Principal!


Perhaps even win a trip to the principal’s office.

Well, it turns out the parents of students attending John Glenn Elementary School weren’t too happy to find out that their kid’s principal, Shane Murnan, was also a transvestite.

Apparently if you don’t take the kids to the drag queens, the drag queens will come to the kids.

ABC News reports:

A local principal is leaving his school after he was called out for his drag performances by State Superintendent Ryan Walters.

Shane Murnan, former principal of John Glenn Elementary School, put in his resignation months after this all started. Western Heights Superintendent confirmed Friday morning that he will no longer be the principal as soon as the school board makes it official.

Murnan has been under investigation by the State Department of Education for several months because he performs in drag.

“They don’t want their school officials publicly engaged in if you’re going to work with young kids,” Walters said.

Late last year, Walters set his sights on the elementary principal in the Western Heights School District.

The Department of Education announced they were investigating Murnan’s teaching certificate and the district’s hiring practices.

“I demanded the school take action and fire a drag queen who not only engaged in the most inappropriate and sexually charged events imaginable, but he also used social media to recruit students,” Walters said in a statement. “Exposing Murnan and forcing the resignation is a necessary step to protect kids in Oklahoma.

The school board meeting is set for Feb. 12.

There’s that word again:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the rainbow cult doesn’t reproduce, so they have to recruit.

As for the upcoming school board meeting, not sure what they’re going to discuss, seeing as the principal already resigned.

But wait, there’s more!

Turns out this this drag queen has a history of facing child p*rn charges.

What a surprise.

I’m sensing a pattern with these people.

And that was from September. Isn’t it reassuring that he was still working with kids these last 4+ months?

Turns out the lunatics on the school board were defending him.

And here’s someone calling State Superintendent Ryan Walters trash. Imagine that. Calling the guy protecting your kids ‘trash’.


What about your town?

Your kids’ school?

Is there a Drag Queen Principal coming soon to your town?

Surely they’re out there, lurking, applying for the job.

They can’t seem to stay away from kids.

Theme parks, libraries, schools.

Wherever kids are, the groomers turn up.

Homeschooling never looked better.


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