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The Newest “Official” Government Account Of How COVID Started Is Insane

Remember when COVID started back in 2020…and you were immediately banned and kicked off social media if you dared say it came from China?

Then they admitted “ok, it came from China”.

But then you’d be banned and kicked off social media if you said it was engineered by scientists.

And then the admitted “ok, it was basically engineered by scientists”.

Now comes the latest revisionist history….and I’m not saying I believe this one either, I’m just saying this is the latest claim from official government sources.


You ready for this?

Ok, here it goes….

The latest story they are trying to sell you is that, ok we created COVID over in China, but what we were doing is basically “gain of function” research trying to inoculate bats in caves over in China.  Why?  Well, because what if some day we had troops over there in China and they had to go into caves, and we’d want our troops to be “inoculated” against catching COVID from bats.  So we engineered it and then it escaped and got loose and basically infected the whole world.

Yes folks, that’s actually what they’re trying to sell you now.


Here is a quick summary from my friend MeetKevin’s site eHack where he explains it in cliff’s notes:

Government’s Coronavirus Research Documents. 01/29/2024 15:22 PT
✅ Government documents exposed by the “US Right to Know” group suggest scientists purposefully amplified coronavirus development in bats to spray bats in caves with vaccine-like particle mist to prevent soldiers, in the future, from getting sick in the area.
✅ Document shows debates over pay, wages, funding, tricking the funding system, lowering-safety standards to save costs, and risks.
😇 This was a quite wild look into how coronavirus research is/was conducted in 2018. It’s also scary.

📝Documents Shown in Video [16 Pages].
📝Document set from Video [1400+ Pages].
📝Article Sourcing Info
🔗 Link to this post.
📺 My Video on This.

The new disclosures come from a recent FOIA request, which stands for Freedom Of Information Request, which basically means someone petitioned the Government for this information and the links above are what they sent back.  Over 1400+ pages worth.

This short video breaks it down in a really easy to understand way:

So, I just have one question: Are you buying THIS version of the Government’s story?

I think with each new revelation we are getting closer to the truth.

I mean, we’ve come a long way from “it was just a bat in a wet market”, but I think the real truth probably lies much closer to it was created in illegal USA bio facilities in places like Ukraine and China and was custom designed with illegal gain-of-function research and either escaped from the lab or more likely was RELEASED from the lab in order to lock down the world and steal the 2020 election.

But hey, I’m just a “conspiracy theorist”.

Love to know what you think though…


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