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Government Responds With Arrests, Confiscations To Euro Farmer’s Protest

This protest across Europe is uniting the people!

Just check out some of the clip below.

Here’s the countries involved:

And those behind the curtain don’t like it!


So, Deep State goons are now arresting those farmers and taking their equipment.

It was only a matter of time…

Even the Belgian farmers are showing up in Brussels to give their support along with the French and Germans.

And they’re even taking down the EU flag.

I love it!


ABC Business reports:

Tractors are being used to block highways across France and Belgium as farmers’ protests gain momentum throughout Europe.

Protesters are angry about rising costs, environmental policies and cheap food imports.

The protests — which have been happening in France for two weeks — aim to put pressure on the European Union (EU).

Now farmers say they are planning to go to Brussels, where EU leaders will be meeting on Thursday.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening.

Why are farmers protesting?

Farmers say they are not paid enough for their produce, are choked by taxes and green rules and face unfair competition from abroad.

Protesters say it’s becoming harder to make a decent living from their fields, greenhouses and herds.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine in 2022 energy costs have surged.

This has hit farmers who rely on tractors, harvesters and other fuel-guzzling equipment hard.

The war has also seen prices rise for other inputs that underpin intensive farming, such as fertilisers.

“Everything we warned of 30 years ago is coming true,” said Damien Brunelle, a cereal farmer in the Aisne region north-east of Paris.

“Our countryside is emptying. Everything we buy has gone up. But we’re not getting the same revenue.

Mr Brunelle said he used to get 400 euros ($660) per tonne for the wheat he grows. Now, a tonne brings him just 190 euros ($200).

“We plan — as farmers — to go to Brussels and set up barricades because the [leaders] are meeting on Thursday,” Belgian farmer Eddy Dewite said.

Fellow farmer Luca Mouton is calling for leaders to “think of the farmers”.

“Talk to the farmers rather than about the farmers, discuss what is possible,” he said. “We are open to dialogue.”

The protests across Europe come ahead of European parliamentary elections in June in which far right parties, who are attracting growing support from farmers, are expected to make gains.

The people are united against the tyranny and are channeling it through the support of these farmers!

The citizens are rising up!

The MSM won’t report on this:


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