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British Pianists Has Confrontation With ‘Authoritarian’ Chinese Nationals – “Are You A Communist?”

Brendan Kavanagh, a British pianist, has garnered attention online after a group of Chinese nationalists attempted to shut down his livestream.

Kavanagh is a YouTuber who broadcasts himself playing the piano in public settings.

Unfortunately for him, the act of his recording did not sit well with a group of Chinese nationalists.

Watch the whole confrontation here:


The folks at Fox News share more on the story here:

Brendan Kavanagh, a British pianist with 2.2 million followers on YouTube (@DrKBoogieWoogie), was live-streaming a public performance of his piano riffs when the group of Chinese nationals was incidentally captured in the background. The Chinese nationals asked him not to record them, insisting he did not have the right to share their images online.

Kavanagh refused and that’s when things got heated. The fight ultimately ended with threats of legal action and the police getting involved to deescalate.

Kavanagh told Fox News Digital in an interview that the clash at St. Pancras train station in London showcased “a clash of cultures,” which is why he thinks it “caught the imagination of the world.”

“So, basically, the problem started when I disagreed with the ‘shouty guy.’ And then he started acting in a very peculiar manner,” Kavanagh told Fox News Digital. “They all had communist flags (the Chinese flag). And I said, ‘Are you communist?’ And… that was gasoline to the fire. He was prevaricating.”

Kavanagh said he then tried to gesture towards one of the women who was holding the Chinese flag in the U.K. station.

“I put my hand down to take it because I wanted to get the flag to show it to the camera. I put my hand down like you would just say, give me the flag. And then he said, ‘Don’t touch her.’ Basically, [in my view] he tries to make out [that I was doing] some kind of assault.”

Kavanagh said he thought the “shouty guy” wanted a testy response, but he didn’t give in.

“I didn’t give him the reaction he wanted. He’s not used to, kind of, cool, calm Western reaction, but I think he wanted me to sort of go into hysterics. I just thought the guy was ridiculous,” he said.

What I find the funniest part of this video is that the Chinese nationalists are trying to say that the Chinese flag is not Communist.

I wonder if he knows the CCP stands for the Chinese Communist Party!

You can watch Brendan Kavanagh’s confrontation with the British police:

It appears that even the British police are defending the Chinese nationalists!

The New York Post shares more on the story:

Another woman with the group then tells Kavanaugh “we have image rights, I have my choice” and that “we don’t want to share our image”.

She claims she is a British citizen, prompting Kavanaugh to point out her Chinese flag. “You’ve got the Chinese flag, show the Chinese flag,” he says, reaching for the flag.

The man with the group then explodes in a sudden outburst of fury.

“Why you touching her? Stop touching her!” he screams at Kavanaugh, who looks taken aback. “Please, you are not the same age, please don’t touch her,” the man yells.

Two police officers soon arrive, with the male officer explaining to the Chinese man: “You’re in a public place. If they’re filming they have a right. If they’re filming and you’re in a public place, your face could be on that video.”

After speaking with the group, the female officer then asks to speak to Kavanaugh and requests he turn off his camera, which he refuses to do.

Our neighbors across the pond have not had it easy in recent years.

People have flooded them with radically different ideologies than their own, and you can see the degradation in their society.

There’s a reason why nations should protect their borders!

That’s why it’s crucial that our southern border is protected and that anyone we let in is adequately vetted.


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