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DeSantis Supporters React To His Failed Campaign

After Ron DeSantis ended his campaign today, there was one thing I was most excited to watch….and that was how all the DeSantis supporters on Twitter would react.

If you don’t know the history here, it’s a story we’ve been covering for quite a while.

Basically, I suspect that a large number of DeSantis supporters are either ran or funded by George Soros or some other big name donor.  I can’t prove it but that’s my strong hunch.

Why do I say that?

Because like clockwork all throughout the campaign, they would all tweet the same message, in unison, all at the same time.

Over and over and over again.

Like they got their Talking Points Memo in an email and then they all scurried out to post it on Twitter all at the same time.

It was so obvious.

If you want examples, I’ve documented a ton here:

An Update On The George Soros Profiles FLOODING Twitter For Ron DeSantis (We Were RIGHT!)

So I was curious to see how they would all respond to DeSantis dropping out.

How many will jump ship?

How many will try to get back in the good graces of MAGA?

How many will simply go dormant?

Here was my prediction from earlier today:

How soon until George Soros deletes all his "Ron DeSantis Supporter" profiles?

Or does he just let them go dormant?

Even Soros money can't pay to keep them active indefinitely.

Watch the DeSantis profiles very closely. The ones that claimed to be real people supporting Ron. Watch and see as most will go dormant. They were never real in the first place.

We start with the chief honk among them, Bill Mitchell.

Bill is not a "Soros Profile", he's a real person who was Team Trump in 2016 and then got Butthurt about something and went to DeSantis about as hard and awkwardly as Ann Coulter did.

And he tweets about 400 times per day, almost like he has some sort of mania or something.

He blocked me long ago because he's a small man, but I can still get access.

Here's a small snapshot of the meltdown he's having today:

He's shifted to angling for VP, which I do NOT expect to happen.

No way.

But it's giving Bill hope.

Hope and Cope.

Cope harder Bill.....

So lame:

Calm down Bill, his eyes weren't "glowing":

It's like they're dating and Bill thinks he's pregnant or something.

Stop being a weirdo Bill.

Perhaps that's why some of you refer to Bill as the "Aging Lesbian".....

Note, I did NOT say that so don't send your hate mail here.

I'm just saying, some have coined him with that term:

Actually to be fair, here is Bill saying it himself:

I don't personally see it, but to each their own.

Now let's check in on the rest....

They seem to be taking different approaches.

This guy admits he feels as lame as Kendall Roy from Succession:

I think it's a very apt comparison for MOST DeSantis on!

I give the Sultan an A+.


This guy has resorted to "anger" -- lashing out at the GOP:

This guy is in denial, still clinging to the last DeSantis campaign video he will ever get:

This guy is on a Tweet meltdown, pushing out lame Tweet after lame Tweet, but here's one focusing on how Biden will now win (good luck with that):

This lady seems to have conceded to reality, which seems fairly logical:

Then we have the "Gay Republican":

This one is hilarious, clinging to hope he could still win because the campaign is only "suspended":

Looks like they got that idea from the (not an Aging Lesbian):

Some are trying to get back on Team MAGA:

Jenna Ellis angling to get back in MAGA's good graces?

Sorry Jenna, not happening:

And we end with Steve Deace who threw in with the wrong team:


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