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Trump Makes A Promise About Central Bank Digital Currency

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is one of the elite’s end goal. It’s total control.

Track what you buy, where you go, how much you spend.

And the ability to turn it off at their whim, as well as disable certain purchases.

Prevent you from buying ammo?

Make ivermectin a blocked item? I’m sure they have a nice long list of things to blacklist.


But President Trump won’t stand for that. He’s for freedom and I love that he brings attention to this topic. He seeks to cut us free from their bondage, whereas the bankers seek to shackle us even more.

Bloomberg reports:

President Donald Trump came out against the idea of a central bank-issued digital dollar, saying he wanted to “protect Americans from government tyranny.”

“As your president, I will never allow the creation of a central bank digital currency,” Trump said at a campaign stop in New Hampshire Wednesday night. “Such a currency would give a federal government — our federal government — absolute control over your money. They could take your money and you wouldn’t even know it’s gone.”

Any proposal for a digital currency issued by the US Federal Reserve would face significant obstacles, but has already generated significant opposition from conservatives, who claim it would allow the federal government to track purchases and use that power to ban products. Proponents of the idea say it will speed digital transactions and make it easier to detect fraud and money laundering.

The Fed has said it’s studying a potential digital dollar but hasn’t made a decision on whether to recommend the establishment of one.

Trump also said he would prevent the so-called de-banking of customers for their political beliefs. There are few examples of that practice in the US but a UK bank has been accused of closing the account of Nigel Farage, the right-wing populist leader who campaigned with Trump in Iowa. “That will never happen while I am your president,” Trump said.

Meanwhile at the WEF they’re talking about that very topic…

My favorite quote of the day was reported by Independent and its from European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde:

“If we should learn lessons from history, from the way he (Trump) led the first four years of his mandate, it is clearly a threat,” Ms Lagarde said during the interview.

Yes. Yes, it is. A threat to your slave debt-system.

I think we all know that we need to get back on the gold standard.

Trump said back in 2016 “We don’t have the gold.”

Where did it go?

I believe we’ll find out sooner than later what happened to it.


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