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DeSantis Criticizes Trump, Vows to Fulfill Promises Left Unfulfilled by the Former President

We all cheered for DeSantis!


When he went toe-to-toe with Disney.

It was a beautiful thing to see. Witnessing the now-degenerate ‘family-friendly’ company being firmly put in their place.

Then things changed.


And today we see  Gov. Ron DeSantis lashing out at President Trump.

The Washington Examiner reports:

DeSantis spent much of the CNN Town Hall, hosted by Wolf Blitzer, criticizing Trump, whom he had just lost to in Iowa by a historic margin. He explained his loss by saying that Trump wields tremendous star power, but he attempted to downplay it by touting the percentage of voters who had chosen another candidate.

“He was the former president of the United States, he’s one of the most famous people that’s ever been involved in American politics,” DeSantis said. “And there’s obviously a lot of Republicans that appreciated his policies, but you still had roughly half of the Iowa caucus-goers that made another choice. And so that tells me that there is an appetite for a different leader, and I think what I represent is somebody that has delivered on those key conservative policies that we’ve all been wanting to see in Washington, D.C.”

The Florida Republican told voters that nominating Trump would result in a general election loss in 2024, as it would focus the election on unfavorable issues.

DeSantis continued:

“If Donald Trump is the nominee, the election will revolve around all these legal issues, his trials, perhaps convictions if he goes to trial and loses there, and about things like January 6th,” he continued. “We are going to lose if that is the decision that voters are making based on that. We don’t want it to be a referendum on those issues. We [want it] to be a referendum on the country going in the wrong direction and a candidate like me being a president can reverse the decline and here’s the thing.”

Even Vivek is telling DeSantis to drop out:

A fellow Twitter user makes a good point:

Ron doesn’t seem to have a clue, does he?

Or does he?

After much observations, there seems to be three main camps of those against Trump. Actually four.

Shills, fools, those blackmailed and those playing a role.

If you’re being forced to oppose Trump against your will, Ron, blink twice.


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