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WATCH: ‘Rural Rage’? The New ‘Deplorable’ Is Here

Here we go again, it’s looking like the year of ‘the deplorable’ has come back hard.

This time ‘deplorable’ has been replaced by something even more ridiculous—the ‘rural rage’ as former MSNBC host Chris Matthews calls it. Do you have the rural rage?

If you hate liberal establishment nonsense then you may just be afflicted!

Let’s be serious though: the political establishment and the ‘coastal elite,’ as they are called, deserve every bit of scorn they receive, there is no need for labels here.

Chris Matthews needs to lay the ridiculous and unwise rhetoric to rest. The only radical filled with rage here is Matthews, who actually likened the average patriotic American to a terrorist. Watch the moment it happened below:

Fox News quoted the former MSNBC host:

“But in a way, it’s like fighting terrorism,” he added. “I mean, you know, we think we just put the army in, or Israel just puts the IDF and they’re going to solve the problem.

It never solves the problem. Because you enrage people. And we did it with Afghanistan, and we did it with Iraq.

We enrage the enemy to the point where they’re more fiery than ever, and they hate us more than ever. Armies don’t make peace. And we think they do.”

David L. Wagner writes: “Chris Mathews isn’t blaming deplorables, evidently we now have rural rage – the great unwashed, uneducated segment of the US that doesn’t “understand” that the elites love us & are making our country & lives better. So straighten up, comrade.”

The New York Post provided this counter perspective to Matthews from Columnist Joe Concha:

“You know, common sense is like deodorant. The people that need it most never use it.

And Chris Matthews is Exhibit A here. Because in 2016, the turning point in that election is when Hillary Clinton referred to Trump supporters as a basket of deplorables.

And they missed the entire Midwest in Ohio and in Michigan and Wisconsin, that blue wall, they didn’t get the sentiment because they live in these elite bubbles in New York and Washington,” Concha said.


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