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New York Times Columnist Makes Stunning Admission About President Trump!

Remember all that nonsense about “the adults” being back in power? What about a return to normalcy?

For years leftists and liberals acted like the reign of Trump was somehow the second coming of Hitler and the worst thing since the Holocaust.

Over and over again, they made all sorts of comments aimed at diminishing the Presidency of Donald J. Trump or painting it as some kind of aberration.

I guess they didn’t like a booming stock market, a stable economy, low gas prices, manageable inflation, and relative global peace.

Yet now, at least one columnist at The New York Times has provided a fresh yet ironic perspective on President Trump.

Kristen Soltis Anderson recently penned an op-ed featuring a stunning admission regarding President Trump—namely, voters now see a future Trump Presidency as a return to normalcy.

Soltis wrote: “If you think Trump is a chaotic menace and that voters in November will obviously agree, consider this a warning. Right now, a non-insignificant number of voters look back at the prior president’s term with some fondness, at least relative to today.”

Soltis continued via her New York Times piece:

Voters don’t want chaos anymore. In my assessment of the dynamics of this election, what I see and hear is an electorate that seems to be craving stability in the economy, in their finances, at the border, in their schools and in the world.

They want order, and they are open to people on the left and the right who are more likely to provide that, as we saw with the rejection of several chaos candidates in 2022, even as steady-as-she-goes incumbents sailed to re-election.

At the same time, The New York Times is also reporting: “Donald Trump is planning an aggressive expansion of his first-term efforts to upend America’s trade policies if he returns to power in 2025. “We will impose stiff penalties on China and all other nations as they abuse us,” he said at a recent rally.”


Breitbart provided these quick points from Anderson’s article:

Anderson’s observation highlights Biden’s failure to restore America to a state of predictable stability following three years of his chaotic policies:

Draconian pandemic mandates. Deadly Afghan withdrawal. Soaring cost of living. Growing instability in Ukraine and the Middle East. Record high invasion on the southern border.


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