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WATCH: Trump-Signal Activated, Chicago’s Legendary ’51st Alderman’ Issues Dire Plea!

Everyone knows how it goes in Chicago, I don’t even have to tell you. It’s a real shame too.

The Illinois city is considered one of our foremost urban centers—a crown jewel if it weren’t for all the rampant crime, but Chicago is known the world over.

By now, many of the people in Chicago have become fed up with the business-as-usual routine in the city and are demanding radical change.

81-year-old George Blakemore, known as Chicago’s ’51st alderman’ is, perhaps, the loudest critic calling for change in the city.

Blakemore is widely reported to understand the city’s politics more than the elected members of Chicago’s local political scene and has long been one of the foremost citizens of Chicago who has taken an interest in local government.

This is why they bestowed the title of ‘honorary alderman’ on Blakemore—he’s a local legend when it comes to civics and everyone there knows of Blakemore. We can all take pointers and lessons from George Blakemore on civic duty.

During a recent Chicago City Council meeting, Blakemore took the mic and called on President Trump to come clean up Chicago! Watch the moment it happened below:

ABC 7 News had this to say about Blakemore:

Laura Washington, the longtime Chicago journalist and ABC7 Chicago political analyst, first encountered Blakemore at City Council when she was working in Chicago Mayor Harold Washington’s administration in the mid-1980s.

“George Blakemore is a classic Chicago character. He comes from the streets. He knows the streets, and he speaks for the streets,” Washington said.

“He’s always been the person who’s spoken for the voiceless, the person who’s not at City Hall.

He sees himself as a representative of the citizens who are not in the room and who maybe don’t understand government as well as he does.

He understands government better than probably 90% of the Chicago City Council.”

Media host Jesse Kelly shared this story from Chicago: “Talked to a Democrat woman from Chicago last night who proudly proclaimed she voted for Brandon Johnson. Someone at the table asked her about the crime and on my life she said, “Well, you might get robbed. But you won’t be targeted.” Just….man.”

Daily Mail provided some of Blakemore’s remarks:

‘To see another group come over here – it’s disgraceful, it’s un-American.’

He asked the council: ‘What about the black children? The black workers? They compete with us.’

Blakemore continued: ‘I am strictly advocating for black people. Call ICE on them.

‘Trump, come in here and clean this mess up. The most corrupt city in the United States is the city of Chicago.’


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