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Trump-Hating Democrat Calls For Trump’s Removal From Ballot, Makes Embarrassing Mistake!

Say it with me: Eleni Kounalakis, shame on you! SHAME—we will get to more on this later.

Now is a good time to throw this out there, but I didn’t even like President Trump when he first announced he was running all those years ago.

Truthfully, I wasn’t much involved with politics back then, heard some of the wild things he had to say, and then bought into the MSM lies.

I didn’t once think there was this giant conspiracy by the deep state to do this much damage to America.

Perhaps it was blind optimism or maybe naivety; after all, these people live here—surely they wouldn’t want to wreck the country. They live here.

Then two curious things happened, a dear friend of mine slowly brought me into the MAGA fold, I still remember trolling Hillary Clinton supporters with him online in 2016—good times!

While this was going on, and before I was fully convinced to join the MAGA movement in 2016, something else was doing all the pushing to make me a Trump supporter—the piss poor behavior of liberals toward Trump and Trump supporters.

I saw firsthand how these folks literally went nuts and began to tacitly threaten my family and me because our political beliefs began to diverge from theirs. I’ll never forget it. I actually saw a whole town go mad.

I had read about mass hysteria before in books, but to see it in real life was truly something else.

My journey into the MAGA movement was a slow process, due to equal parts my dear friend Charles Mead’s convincing and the insane behavior of liberals in response to Trump.

I say all this to illustrate a deeper point—it is liberals and their absolutely deranged rhetoric and behavior when it comes to the topic of Trump that mints fresh, new Trump supporters. I am living proof of that.

There are many things I agree with President Trump about, there are also many things I disagree with him about and think he could have done a way better job or is just plain wrong, but I’ll probably never stop supporting him.

I’ll probably never stop supporting him because there is almost nothing I hate more than abject lying about a particular person, place, idea, or thing.

Not only do they lie through their teeth about Trump, but they are persecuting him and MAGA supporters in any way they can.

Never mind that the very people leading the persecution have done much, much worse things during their time in office. I’m looking at you Cheney you war criminal.

But back to Eleni Kounalakis. Have you ever heard of her? She’s a pretty important lady—she’s the Lt. Governor of California.

Like all other California Democrats Kounalakis suffers from Stage—IV TDS, the disease has eaten through her brain and her critical faculties have been damaged, it is truly tragic.

Kounalakis, a victim of her syndrome, has been extra vocal lately about removing President Trump from the 2024 ballot in her state. Part of me can’t even blame her, is it really Kounalakis making these statements, or is the TDS talking?

I can’t rightly fault sick people for being sick, what I can do however is shame them for their utter lack of knowledge when it comes to the Constitution—an unforgivable offense if you are a public official in America.

You see, during her tirade about why we have to remove Trump from the ballot to ‘save Democracy’, Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis shared some of her constitutional wisdom with us all. Daily Caller provided her statement:

“The Colorado decision can be the basis for a similar decision here in our state.

The constitution is clear, you must be 40 years old and not be an insurrectionist.”

Of course, neither of these things are even true! The constitution clearly states that one must be 35 years of age to occupy the Oval Office.

Moreover, the 14th Amendment doesn’t even apply to the President, and Donald J. Trump was never even charged with leading an insurrection.

How embarrassing that a public official trying to boot a guy off of the ballot isn’t even competent on the foundational handbook to do her job. Shame on you Eleni Kounalakis, SHAAAAAAME!

Let’s see what sober, conservative figures, who actually understand the Constitution had to say about Eleni Kounalakis:

Fox News provided just one of the statements Kounalakis has made, of course she cited ‘democracy’:

She also said this is not a matter of political gamesmanship, but instead is a “dire matter that puts at stake the sanctity of our constitution and our democracy.”

Colorado’s disqualification was made under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and tied to the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.


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