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Scientists Now Claim BREATHING Causes Climate Change

Hey you reading this…

Yes, you!

Are you holding your breath?

It seems thats what we have to do now to live in a climate-change-free world.

And you thought giving up meat and plastic straws was enough to save the world and stop the North Pole from melting into a puddle and flooding us all.

Daily Mail reports the following:

Exhaled human breath can contain small, elevated concentrations of methane and nitrous oxide, both of which contribute to global warming,’ Dr Cowan and colleagues say.

A total of 328 breath samples were collected…After analysing the samples, researchers found nitrous oxide was emitted by every participant, but methane was found in the breath of only 31 per cent of participants.

Interestingly, people with methane in their exhaled breath were more likely to be female and above the age of 30, but researchers aren’t sure why.

So now we’re back to global warming? Make up your mind, scientists.

This whole hint at ‘not breathing’ seems like their sales pitch on climate change isn’t working like they want it to.

Also their complaints that eating meat and using gas vehicles have given us an out or rather, exposes a weakness in their plans.


Well, if we complied with everything they demanded and only drank tofu juice out of paper straws while we rollerbladed to work we could say “We did it. We did what you wanted. Crisis averted! The earth is saved!”

But they can’t have that.

And they need us to beg for THEIR solution and keep the fear up.

Here’s one of their fearmongering tactics:

(They changed the color to red to imply that it’s hot all over, when its actually the opposite.)

They need a permanent crisis. One that only they can solve.

They need an ‘enemy’ that we can all rally together against…well, besides them.

So they have to vilify breathing.

That way they ensure that the “source” of the “problem” is always there for them to use.

And they NEED you to take them seriously or else they will call you names (climate denier!) and resort to threats & coercion.


But they wouldn’t do that…would they?

Yep, that’s a real article.  Here it is at Newsweek.

And if you think that’s just one person, here’s another:

Heck, even Wikipedia has a page demonizing climate change denial.

I tell you all this to show you the lengths these people are willing to go to push

their climate narrative. And how desperate they are.

Can you smell it? Their desperation grows as they suggest that breathing, that our very existence, is dangerous to our existence?

Read that again. Our enemies NEED you to submit.

“Let us pass these laws!”

“Let us restrict your movements!”

“Let us remove your dangerous freedoms!”

“Let us do what we want!”

“Let us!” is what they scream daily.

“Let us!”

So, fellow ‘deniers’, how will we respond to their threats and demands?

Theres’s only 1 answer and we will tell them with our God-given authority:

They afraid of us.

They afraid of change.

They’re afraid of a world without them.

Here’s an old clip from the 90s, with Paul Harvey (American radio broadcaster for ABC News Radio) warning about the Climate Hoax, including the ‘hole in the ozone’. Remember that?

And I leave you with the  Climate Change Olympics!

Our Players:






What country or continent will take home the gold? 🏆  Be sure to cheer on your team!

Will it be the USA?

Well done, USA, well done!! You’re heating faster than the whole ‘globe’.

Let’s check in on Europe.

Whoa! Outstanding, Europe. You’re twice as fast as the rest of the world.

Middle East, how’s things in your corner?


Amazing! You’re tied neck and neck with Europe. Not sure how both of you are both twice as fast as the rest of the world.

In any case, let’s see how Africa is doing.

Whoa! Africa blew the competition out of the water! Faster than the world! Beating even Europe and the Middle East, which are both twice as fast as the whole world… I’m not sure that’s possible…🤔

And our final contestant:

The Arctic!

Arctic, are you still cold?  Or are you a puddle?


Holy cow, folks!

In all my years of hosting Climate Change Olympics, I’ve never seen a closer and more confusing outcome.

Clearly it looks like The Arctic is also warming up twice as fast as the other contestants.

Which are also warming up twice as fast as the Arctic.

Let’s go to our judges to tally up the score and see who wins:

Well, it would seem the judges are unanimous. All four of them are confused.

Since thats the case, they all get a participation trophy. 🏆

And listen folks, if you want your country to win in the next round of Climate Change Olympics, be sure to do your part and start breathing more.

Really breathe it up out there.


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