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WATCH: First Lady Melania Trump Gives Beautiful Speech

Immigration is the lifeblood that keeps this country alive and thriving.

Without the constant influx of new people hungry for freedom and success, the country dies to sloth and excess. Take a look at any first-generation legal immigrants and their children and you will see what I am talking about.

Too often the wealth and material success in America make people complacent, though we complain much, the material wealth in this country is staggering and enough to corrupt anybody.

As once-new immigrants also become established, ‘blue-blooded’ Americans, their zeal for the American dream likewise fades and they become complacent, their children become complacent, and newer immigrants are needed.

This is the way we have operated for hundreds of years now and one of the reasons we invented everything from the automobile to the internet—that and free enterprise. We are constantly letting new people in.

Of course, this doesn’t mean letting everyone in as Biden and his gang are doing through our porous Southern Border.

Immigrants must be thoroughly vetted, to start they have to want to be here, they have to want and aspire to be American—this means they aspire to our values. I can’t stress that enough.

We cannot end up like Europe, if someone comes to America they must like freedom, free enterprise, and liberty. They must want to take part in our way of life and seek to improve it, not diminish it.

They must want to live peacefully with their neighbors and wish to improve the community—even if it is just a tiny bit.

Melania Trump, an immigrant herself, touched on all of these themes and more in a recent address she gave at the National Archives.

The address, given to immigrants at their confirmation and naturalization ceremony, can be viewed through the first two videos below.

CNN highlighted:

The former first lady, who became a US citizen in 2006, described the difficulties of trying to familiarize herself with immigration law, conducting research and painstakingly gathering information and paperwork.

“The pathway to citizenship is arduous,” she said, adding that during that time, “My life turned into labyrinth of organizing paperwork.”

“Melania Trump gave a speech at the national archives where she said becoming a citizen takes time, stressed the importance of “guarding freedom” & “contributing to society” Stark contrast to the Biden admins effort to grant citizenship to tens of millions of foreign invaders,” said Johnny Maga.

One user provided a full video of the entire ceremony and presented this statement from former First Lady Melania Trump:

“You are now a part of a nation with a rich history of progress, innovation and resilience. Though you come from 25 different countries your dreams and inspirations intertwine with those who came before you since 1776 and together shape the future of this extraordinary country.

Be proud of yourself, stand your ground and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. You are American! Be a beacon of inspiration for your children and those who follow in your footsteps.

May your journey continue to be filled with endless possibilities, and may your contributions enrich the fabrics of this great nation. Congratulations again!”

Daily Mail touched on Melania’s journey to achieve the American dream:

The former model was born in Slovenia in 1970 and became a US citizen in 2006 before becoming only the country’s second foreign-born first lady.

She spent her childhood in the sleepy industrial town of Sevnica in a modest apartment.

Now she lives in the palatial Mar-a-Lago and spent four years in the White House, but will channel her experiences of migrating to to the U.S. and how she immediately ‘found success’.


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