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WATCH: President Trump Outlines Sweeping International Trade Deal At Coralville Iowa Rally

Who else is watching the Trump rally in Coralville Iowa right now?

The 45th President outlined a sweeping trade deal aimed at balancing the current trade deficit with China at his rally on Wednesday.

President Trump’s Reciprocal Trade Act seeks to secure truly fair trade that would levy the same exact tariffs on Chinese products that China levies on ours.

In some cases, these tariffs imposed by China and other foreign trading partners are at or exceed 100% of the sticker price for the imported goods.

In practice, this would mean every single time China levied a tax on a particular good or class of goods, officials under the Trump administration would do the same.

Take a look at President Trump’s remarks below, live, courtesy of the Right Side Broadcasting Network:

The Trump Reciprocal Trade Act is nothing new, here’s President Trump explaining the substance of the proposed trade deal as part of his Agenda 47 initiative.

Fox News quoted the former President:

“Joe Biden claims to support American manufacturing, but in reality, he is pushing the same pro-China globalist agenda that ripped the industrial heart out of our country,” Trump said in a policy video, titled “Pro-American Trade to End our Reliance on China.”

“Very simply, the Biden agenda taxes America to build up China,” Trump said. “My agenda will tax China to build up America.”

Here are the five pillars of President Trump’s America First trade agenda and the Agenda 47 trading plan.

Newsmax continued with President Trump’s comments:

“If India, China, or any other country hits us with a 100 or 200% tariff on American-made goods, we will hit them with the same exact tariff,” Trump vowed.

“In other words, 100% is 100%. If they charge us, we charge them — an eye for an eye, a tariff for a tariff, same exact amount.

“One thing is going to happen: probably they drop the tariff, but if they don’t, that’s OK. We’ll take in plenty of money.”


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