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WATCH: Javier Milei Officially Inaugurated As President Of Argentina!

As a libertarian myself, this is a happy day. Hopefully, Milei will deliver on his promises and not succumb to the morass of politics.

Javier Milei has been dubbed the “Trump of Argentina” in the sense that he has been an upset to the system. Argentina, a deeply socialist country, just elected a libertarian.

This is the equivalent of a vegan country electing Colonel Sanders as the President. We libertarians are the furthest thing on the political spectrum from a socialist, literally the complete opposite.

The Austrian economist-turned-president has already slashed the number of government bureaucracies in Argentina from more than 20 to 9 and has even promised to shut down the Central Bank of Argentina.

Could you imagine if this happened here in America? It desperately needs to, but it never will unless the people get some sense and begin voting for libertarians in America.

Milei was sworn in as the President of Argentina today, and this marks a historic occasion, not just for Argentina, but for the world. I wish him the best of luck as he attempts to reform a deeply broken country.

Below is a video of Milei’s inauguration. The swearing-in ceremony begins at the 2:46:00 mark.

The Associated Press quoted Milei:

“We don’t have margin for sterile discussions. Our country demands action, and immediate action. The political class left the country at the brink of its biggest crisis in history.

We don’t desire the hard decisions that will need to be made in coming weeks, but lamentably they didn’t leave us any option.”

Students for Liberty asked: “Milei supporters proudly carry Gadsden Flags during his inauguration. Can you imagine something like this in your country?”

Of course, not everyone was happy, according to Breitbart:

Fernández de Kirchner served as vice president of the country, and thus the president of the Senate, for the past four years, ending her term at Sunday’s inauguration ceremony.

While appearing friendly with Milei personally, sharing laughs during the swearing-in ceremony, she took a moment to publicly insult the thousands of Argentines gathered in Buenos Aires for the inauguration with a vulgar gesture.


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