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The Future of Gold Is Bright But the Sharks Are Circling for Chum

There’s great news and horrible news in the precious metals industry. Even the most skeptical analysts are starting to admit that gold and silver offer more than just a “safe haven” against the economic turmoil engulfing America. They’re seeing gains today and predicting more gains into the future. Those who are either invested in precious metals already or who plan to do so now are seeing safety and security on the horizon.

Unfortunately, this surge in interest has also prompted gold “sharks” to spend heavily and put out their “chum” to entice Americans to purchase their products. They’re hiring celebrity spokespeople. They’re making logic-defying offers like “free” silver with “qualified” purchase. They’re even engaging in email spam, a practice that infuriates most Americans but is deemed acceptable by gold “sharks” who hope to catch the scent of unsuspecting prey.

Genesis Gold Group has always taken a different approach. As a faith-driven precious metals company, they hold their marketing and sales teams at a higher standard, offering education and a mix of gold and silver products designed for each individual client rather than the high-margin “shotgun” approach. They aren’t spamming. They aren’t making ludicrous offers of “free” stuff in hopes of finding the gullible. They’re just applying proper financial and Biblical stewardship to help Americans protect their wealth and retirement.

“These are dangerous times for retirees and investors who aren’t paying close attention to what they’re buying,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. “On one hand, the demand for precious metals is at an all-time high, as it should be. On the other hand, the risk of bad deals being sold during high demand times is rising.”

Unlike other precious metals companies, Genesis Gold Group does not pressure clients into buying the products with the highest margins. Instead, they personalize the “metals mix” for their clients with physical gold and silver to back their self-directed IRAs. They do this by educating their clients and offering a wide range of products to cater to their individual needs.

“An educated buyer is the best buyer,” Rose said. “This has never been more true than it is today.”

Part of the education surrounds an understanding of recognizing false-positives in the metals market. Precious metals prices spiked following the start of the banking collapse in March, 2023, but quickly retreated to standard prices. The current rally seems to have stronger legs as it’s based on a multitude of financial indicators.

In other words, the current spike is not a knee-jerk response to an event but rather a sustained reaction to the financial headwinds facing the U.S. Dollar.

According to Greg Guenther, chief strategist at Forge Research Group, it’s not unrealistic to expect the current rally to extend for a while.

“Once gold extends into blue skies, it’s highly unlikely the rally ends anytime soon. Remember, this breakout is years in the making. The bigger the base, the higher in space.

“Precious metals have taken their sweet time to get their act together. But I believe a bigger breakout will attract more eyeballs from mainstream investors and the financial media. That will have a snowball effect as more speculators add gold positions to their portfolios.

“This first move above $2K is only the beginning. Once we churn past some of this whipsaw action, a quick jump to $2,600 is possible before gold even thinks about consolidating.”

Genesis Gold Group clients are poised to take advantage of this surge. The physical gold and silver Genesis puts in their clients’ depository can be distributed directly to them when the time comes. Most have their physical precious metals distributions shipped directly to their door.

If you want to consider protecting your life’s savings with physical precious metals, contact Genesis Gold Group today and learn how a faith-driven company does better by you.

To work with Genesis Gold Group to own precious metals via your retirement accounts, click here to reach out today.

Oh, and did you know SUPERMAN loves them too?


Here is what conservative star Dean Cain (Superman) says about working with Genesis Gold Group:

When Genesis Gold Group was first built, co-founder Jonathan Rose knew two things were necessary in order to thrive in the extremely competitive precious metals industry. First, he knew they wouldn’t repeat the same deceptive marketing tactics “Big Gold” companies use to entice customers. Second, he knew they needed spiritual guidance if they were going to succeed in reaching Americans who want their life’s savings protected from the tumultuous markets.

“If we are going to live up to our namesake, we have to be truly driven by Biblical principles… not only as individuals but as a company,” Rose said.

Millions of Americans have grown increasingly concerned about the trajectory of our nation. It made sense for Genesis Gold Group to launch by combining over 50-years of experience in gold and silver with proper guidance from faith leaders. This is why Director of Philanthropy David Holland, was one of the first people they hired.

“As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I firmly believe good stewardship of a believer’s resources is important and a foundation for a close walk with Him,” Holland said. “It is not difficult to see, based on the lack of biblical values in both our government and financial system, that we are swiftly heading into unstable times.”

The challenges aren’t just coming from the economy or government. The precious metals industry itself is rife with “Big Gold” companies who are willing to use sketchy marketing tactics and over-the-top sales pressure to get Americans into overpriced products.

Self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals are becoming more popular for mature Americans who are concerned about inflation, unsustainable debt, the ongoing banking crisis, and “woke” ESG funds filling their retirement portfolios.

Click here to reach out to Genesis Gold Group today.

The challenge, as Rose noted, is that the vast majority of self-directed IRA products being pushed by “Big Gold” are not built with the customers’ best interests in mind.

“The process appears to be the same from one gold company to another but there’s a huge gap between how secular gold companies do business versus how we do it,” Rose said. “We guide our clients to back their retirement accounts with metals that are priced right and have the greatest opportunity for growth. Most gold companies look only at their own margins when filling their customers’ depositories.”

==>Click here to contact Genesis Gold Group today and receive a free Definitive Gold Guide and learn more about protecting your life’s savings from the various threats we’re facing today.

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