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Plandemic 2.0? CCP Attempts Cover-Up Of Mysterious Outbreak

The headlines are playing out just as before.

A mysterious outbreak emerges in China, the CCP covers up the data, we hear about it scantly in the United States, and then the virus suddenly spreads wildly during an election year.

The original reports of COVID-19 in the United States began appearing around this time at the very end of 2019, yet it was scantly reported until the full-blown pandemic in early March 2020.

We have all seen this film before and right now we are in the third stage of this cycle with lawmakers here attempting to pass travel bans and preemptively deal with the next ‘pandemic.’

I say all this to warn the American people not to fall for this nonsense again.

There is no reason to lock down society or engage in mass vaccination because of a cold. Don’t let the tyrants win again and stay vigilant. Here’s what we currently know:

The Epoch Times claimed that the Chinese Community Party was engaging in a cover-up of the viral outbreak:

Just like three years ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) appears dismissive of the disease’s risk, telling a concerned World Health Organization that there are no “unusual or new pathogens” or clinical symptoms.

Beijing’s explanation, which the international health agency as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have quoted verbatim, has convinced few in China or abroad.

Senator Marco Rubio made calls for a Chinese travel ban: “While we wait for clarity on this respiratory illness, banning travel between the U.S. and China is commonsense. President Biden should act now.”

Laura Loomer speculated: “What are the odds that just one week after Joe Biden met with Chinese dictator Xi JinPing and Democrat Party mega donors, China is now announcing another Covid like illness that’s tearing through China? Just in time for the 2024 election. Joe and Xi did the same thing in 2020!”

CBS News had more on an incidence of a pneumonia-like virus in Ohio:

Officials also said the recent illnesses are “not suspected of being a new/novel respiratory virus,” but instead appear to be an uptick in the number of “typical pediatric pneumonia cases.”

“There has been zero evidence of this outbreak being connected to other outbreaks, either statewide, nationally or internationally,” the statement said.


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